Migratory Bird licences are now available

Not sure why the Canadian Wildlife delayed issuing migratory bird licences this past month, but they are now available at your local Canada Post Office. The cost this year for a “duck stamp” is $17.50.

Goose hunting begins in southern Ontario September 4th in some areas with the rest of the province starting September 1st.

Good luck, good hunting and be safe.


MNR Press Release;

A commercial fishing boat captain has been fined $2500 for not reporting fish caught over his quota and discarding the dead fish in Lake Erie rather than turning them over to a conservation officer.Lino Cabral, 51, of Wheatley, captain of the commercial fishing boat Teresa Maria, pleaded guilty to violating the conditions of his commercial fishing licence. Read more

Black Bear shopping for Rack Stacker Pail

On July 20th I planted some Backyard Wildlife Sweet Success seeds up north in my secret location along with a pail of Rack Stacker Fountain Mineral hoisted up between two trees.

Checking my Moultri Game -Spy I 60 trail camera this weekend I was surprised to see this photo.

Bear at Rack Stacker pail

I just may have to raise that rope another foot or two!