Show notes for Pre & Post Buck podcast#123

Show notes for Pre&Post Bucks podcast #123

Many wildlife biologists agree that the diminishing ratio of daylight to darkness is the primary factor in triggering the rut.

For those that want to know the technical term its called “ Photoperiodism”

These shorter days induce hormone-level changes in both bucks and does. Because daylight hours diminish more rapidly in northern latitudes, rutting activity is generally more concentrated in the northern part of the whitetail’s range. As Ontario is at the northern end of a whitetail range we experience the rut early.

Photoperiodism is only part of the rut story. 

 buck at scrape

Moonlight intensity—specifically a bright full moon waning to a dark new moon—affects the timing of the rut. When daylight and moonlight reach a certain level, the doe prepares to enter estrus. 

Daylight triggers it but it’s the bright full moon that sets it off. Read more

GRCA tree-planting program

Here’s a chance to give a holiday gift that keeps on growing – a tree.

A $30 donation to the Grand River Conservation Foundation will cover the cost of planting a tree as part of the annual reforestation program of the Grand River Conservation Authority.
For your $30 you will receive a thank you letter, a tax receipt and a beautify holiday card suitable for giving to that hard-to-buy-for friend or relative. Or, the foundation will Read more

Elliot Lake’s ATV,hunting and angling opportunities

This fall I spent a few days in Elliot Lake with outdoor guide Marty Descoteaux of Elliot Lake Outfitters while doing a destination article for Ontario Out of Doors magazine.

We fished, hunted and travelled by ATV over three days in absolutely splendid fall weather, The leaves were brilliant, this time the bugs didn’t bite but the fish sure were biting.

Northern grouse were easy pickings if you knew where to look. Marty did!


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Hot tasty meals outdoors in minutes

If you spend a lot of time outdoors hunting, fishing or ATVing like I do I know you’ll appreciate a hot tasty meal when you finaly take that break from the action.

Having eaten cold sandwiches and outdoor trail mix just doesn’t cut it when you need a boost of energy but still crave that luxury of a full course meal. Especially when its cold out!

In the time it takes to build a small fire Read more

Big-O meets a new buddy

My hunting buddy Big-O met a new friend this week during the controlled shotgun hunt for deer.

Now anyone that knows BIG-O including this new feathered friend, must know that “O” has a bagful of bird food munchies where ever he goes.

BIG-Os buddy