Bear Wise Hunter Battles With Big Brazen Bear

Rod Masnica describes how he killed a huge nuisance bear that had occupied the backyard and porch for six hours.



Rod's Masinca with his big black bear

With the 2004 cancellation of the Ontario spring bear hunt nuisance calls escalated to over 71, 360 phone reports to the Ministry of Natural Resources by 2010. This was Rod’s third nuisance bear to invade his property.

His neighbour reported sixteen sheep had been killed the previous fall.

A fat bear after hibernation, so what did he eat last fall?


I also talk with the Ontario Ministry Natural Resources Sr. Fish and Wildlife Technical Specialist Scott Bird to learn the guidelines of Bear Wise Nuisance Program.

Check out Hunt Talk-1129 to listen to my interview with Rod and Scott.









This was a huge nuisance bear almost ten feet tall and estimated between 600-800 pounds taken with a crossbow.

1o foot tall black bear


Bears teeth worn down , how did he get so fat?



Estimated to be over 25 years old this bear’s teeth were worn down








To learn more about the BEAR WISE Program if you have problem bears in your backyard!

Nuisance Bear Reporting Line  1-866-514-2327

(TTY) 705 945-7641.