Outdoor Writers of Canada Announces Writing Awards for National Fishing Week

National Fishing Week

Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association announced it’s award winners for National Fishing Week during the Outdoor Writers of Canada convention held in Peterbourgh June 6th.

The CSIA developed the National Fishing Week Writers Award for the best newspaper or magazine article/column that, promotes the benefits of sportfishing in Canada and/or National Fishing Week.

Choosing the winners this year is always a challenge for the Awards Committee when they have to review so many very well written articles received. The winning articles cover a range of benefits and memories about fishing : the simplest request from a child wanting to go fishing, the memories of a red and white bobber, and the easiest list of ideas for ice fishing with your family.

First Place – “Successful Family Ice Fishing” by James Smedley. ( I believe James won 1st place back in 2004)
In this article, James provides the reader with the most comprehensive list on how to approach ice fishing with your family. Creating lasting memories ice fishing doesn’t have to be complicated and he lays out the simple guidelines to follow. I encourage everyone to read his article to find out about the “Day of the lost Mystery Trout” and the long lasting memory it created for him about his family. Everyone who reads this How-to guide will be encouraged to try ice fishing with their family _ well deserving of a first place award.

Second Place – “Memories of a Bobber” by Peter Wood. (won last year)
I bet everyone in this room could share their own “memories of a bobber”. Peter explains how there is magic in that red and white bobber because sometimes the fanciest sportfishing equipment isn’t the most effective. His story reminds us that a simple red and white bobber probably got most of us hooked on fishing, so why not take the time during National Fishing Week to take a kid fishing and create your own “memories of a bobber”.

Third Place – “Fishing with ‘Pop’ ”, by Bob Scammell
Bob’s article reminds us that it’s never too early to take a kid fishing, especially when they request it directly. When that little kid is your granddaughter, how can you say no? Fly fishing – why not? During National Fishing Week – even better ! Bob reminds us how sad it is that many parents choose work over doing something special like fishing with their children over a long weekend. You soon realize that the least important thing about taking kids fishing is the fish – it’s about the time and the memories.

The CSIA Awards Committee wants to thank everyone who submitted articles and the OWC for their participation on behalf of promoting fishing across Canada. Help us celebrate the 10th anniversary of National Fishing Week during July 4-12th by taking someone new fishing.


Backyard Wildlife Products donates Cheque to O.F.A.H Hunters Education Program

Steve Elmy founder of Backyard Wildlife Products stopped by the Ontario Federation of Angler & Hunters headquarters to present a $1820 cheque to   David Pind, O.F.A.H manager of the Hunter Education Program.OFAH cheque from Backyard Wildlife



Steve raised money at the Toronto Sportsmen Show with an action shoot video console in his custom Backyard Wildlife trailer.



Loonies and Toonies were donated by both young and old for the Hunters Education Program.

To find out additional information O.F.A.H.  Hunter Education Program

The money raised will be used for by O.F.A.H Hunter Education  Program to help young kids become safe and informed hunters.

Steve is a long time supporter of O.F.A.H.

So check out Backyard Wildlife Products for wildlife supplements, food plots seeds, soil testing and mineral mixes.

2009 Lake Erie Angler Outreach Meeting

2009 Lake Erie Angler Outreach Meeting

Port Colborne  Wednesday, May 20  7pm – 9pm Parish Hall in St. Patrick’s Church,

123 King St

Status of the Lake Erie walleye and yellow perch stocks for 2009

Sport Fishery Diary Program 

Enforcement update Fisheries Science 101 –

What does MNR do to understand what is happening with the lake’s fish stocks and why we do it 

Update on lake trout restoration project, including lake bottom mapping and recent stocking of lake trout.

For more information, contact: John Cooper, Ministry of Natural Resources – Lake Erie Management Unit(519) 873-4613         john.n.cooper@ontario.ca                                                                                                                                                                                                

3rd Annnual Spring Fishing Derby at Binbrook

Well it’s that time of year, the 2009 Ice News Spring derby will be held on Sunday June 14 2009.

Once again it will be held at Binbrook Conservation Authority Park.

The derby will run from 8am- 1pm.

 Ticket cost are adults $15.00 kids $10.00 ,  BBQ , draw prizes and awards will follow.  Please note ticket sales will end at 8 am once the derby starts. 

For additional information  http://icenews.proboards.com:80/index.cgi

If you enjoy the outdoors vote MPP Frank Klees

I caught the interview between Host Thomas Pigeon and guest MPP Frank Klees during this week’s episode of Canada in the Rough TV show.

With the upcoming Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Leadership nomination in early June I wanted to offer my support for MPP Frank Klees.

During the Canada in the Rough interview I learned Mr. Klees is a dedicated and committed twenty-five year conservative member. He also operated a successful business 14 years prior to that. Frank understands what the outdoor person wants and how government decisions affect our lifestyle.

Klees understands what it takes to run a successful business and how government regulations can hinder or more importantly help a business prosper. Best of all Klees understand what an outdoor lifestyle means to individuals and families who share a passion for the outdoors.

The PC leadership convention takes place in early June so become a registered PC member and vote for the man who will continue to support your outdoor lifestyle. It may be the best $10 you spend this year.

If you want your vote to count do it NOW,

 yep, right NOW it’s that important.

It takes about two minutes to register as a Provincial Conservative member http://www.frankklees.com/join

It’s your lifestyle and your way of enjoying Ontario’s outdoors. This is YOUR chance to protect what we have now and in the future. It takes two minutes right from your chair and only cost $10 bucks!

Here your chance to preserve & promote your OUTDOOR lifestyle Join the Ontario PCs

GRCA parks getting ready to open

Grand River Conservation Authority Most Grand River Conservation Authority Parks will open for the season on Friday, May 1 at noon.The GRCA operates 12 conservation areas, eight of which offer camping, with about 2,500 camping sites.Opening on May 1 will be Byng Island (Dunnville), Brant (Brantford), Pinehurst (Paris), Laurel Creek (Waterloo), Conestogo (Drayton), Guelph Lake, Elora Gorge and Luther Marsh (Grand Valley.)Three parks have earlier opening dates. Belwood Lake (Fergus) opened on April 9 and Rockwood is opening Friday, April 24. Those two parks have stocked trout ponds so have opened early to allow anglers to start fishing when trout season opens at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, April 25. Shade’s Mills (Cambridge) also opened Friday, April 24.One other park, Elora Quarry, will open in mid-June.A season-long alcohol ban is in effect at Elora Gorge. Early season bans, from May 14 (Victoria Day weekend) to June 21, will be in place at Byng Island, Guelph Lake and Laurel Creek. Alcohol is banned in all parks during the Victoria Day and Labour Day weekends.

RBC Foundation contributes to the O.F.A.H./Mario Cortellucci Hunting & Fishing Heritage Centre

With a mandate to empower Canadians to make a difference, the RBC Foundation has donated five thousand dollars to the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters toward the completion of the O.F.A.H./Mario Cortellucci Hunting and Fishing Heritage Centre. The centre is nearing completion and is scheduled to open in Peterborough, Ontario later this year. Read more

Dundas Valley Longbeards Conservation Dinner

Our annual DVL dinner was a huge success with 154 dinners in  attendance on April 3rd.  DVL members and sponsors dedicated to local conservation efforts contributed valuable time and resources to this worthy cause.

Check out the nights activities on the DVL Club Tab to see photos and sponsors.

Thanks again to all the sponsors and hard working members.

Auctioning off the

Robert Beer auctions off the “Gobbler”

O.F.A.H. Applauds Prime Minister’s Comments

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (O.F.A.H.), the largest non-profit conservation based organization in Ontario, was delighted to welcome the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, to the O.F.A.H. 81st Annual General Meeting and Fish & Wildlife Conference in Mississauga on Saturday March 21, 2009.“The outdoor community across Canada contributes billions each year to the national economy, which helps to create jobs, supports local economies and funds conservation programs for fish and wildlife,” said O.F.A.H. Executive Director, Mike Reader. “A strong partnership between the outdoor community and the federal government is critical for the development and delivery of core programs in support of these activities. It was clear in his speech to almost 600 conference and youth delegates, that the Prime Minister has a Read more

Recommended Lake Erie Yellow Perch and Walleye Catch Limits for 2009

MNR press release;

YPSILANTI, MI – The binational Lake Erie Committee, comprising fishery managers from Michigan, New York, Ohio, Ontario  and Pennsylvania, today recommended a 2009 total allowable catch (TAC) of 12.012 million pounds of yellow perch and 2.45 million walleye. 

The yellow perch TAC represents an increase from last year while the walleye TAC represents a decrease.  The committee based this recommendation on the current strength of yellow perch stocks in Lake Erie and on the fact that walleye recruitment has been poor or moderate during the previous several years, with the exception Read more

Ontario’s moose tag draw system needs your help

Members of the public are invited to attend one of the Ministry of Natural Resources’ open houses to comment on Ontario’s moose tag draw system. The draw allocates moose tags to resident hunters. It is designed to give the greatest number of hunters an opportunity to hunt or share an adult moose while maintaining sustainable moose populations. Through the open house, the Ontario government is encouraging people to discuss how the draw system can be improved. Biologists will be on hand to lead discussions and answer questions. Read more


Press Release MNR

The Ontario government is inviting the public to comment on a new fisheries management plan, which includes rules related to catch limits and seasons, for the fishing zone located in the inland area of central Lake Ontario.

Public input is being sought on options in Fisheries Management Zone 17 for changes to:  walleye and panfish fishing regulations, extended fishing seasons and put-grow-take walleye stocking.  

The options are set out in a draft fisheries management plan, developed with the advice and guidance of the Fisheries Management Zone 17 Advisory Council. The draft plan has been posted on the Environmental Registry and comments will be accepted until May 19, 2009.

 The feedback will be considered in preparing the Fisheries Management Plan for the zone, which is scheduled for implementation in 2010.   

According to the 2005 Ontario Recreational Angling Survey, the lakes and rivers of Fisheries Management Zone 17 are the second most fished areas in the province, exceeded only by the Great Lakes.  The zone 17 advisory council was chosen as one of three pilot councils in Ontario. Under the Ecological Framework for Fisheries Management, Ontario hopes to establish councils in most zones across the province.

 LEARN MORE  • Read the draft plan and proposed management options or view the environmental registry posting (ontario.ca/environmentalregistry), Registry Number 010-5587.   

Additional information on the Fisheries Management Plan as well as the dates and locations of open houses can be found at ontario.ca/zonecouncils  (www.mnr.gov.on.ca/en/Business/LetsFish/2ColumnSubPage/STEL02_166747.html).

English News Release: http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/en/Newsroom/LatestNews/267915.html

FrenchNews Release: http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/fr/Newsroom/LatestNews/267916.html