5 Ways To Attract Deer To You’re Hunting Property Seminar

Want to discover 5 ways to attract deer to you’re favourite hunting property?

Location –  Monday June 16 7pm at the Windsor Sportsmen’s Club

 This One Hour seminar (valued at $197) for FREE.


2401 Dougall Ave Windsor, ON N8X


Five Ways To Attract Deer To You’re Hunting Property

Top five ways to entice and keep deer on your property year round for under $100

The #1 item you need that doesn’t cost you a dollar to ensure deer stay year round on 25 acre location

What deer crave most each spring to ensure healthy fawns and really big antlers.

How to make a hidey hole work effectively each fall.

How to choose the perfect tree-stand location before the hunt begins.

What deer love to eat once the frost hits the ground if you’re a late season hunter.

Why a BUCK Trap works year round.


Peter Wood Spypoint Pro-Staff with archery gear

Peter Wood – Host of Ripple Outdoors Hunting Show

Spypoint Pro-Staff with archery gear

Gobble Stalker Pro-Staff

Rack Stacker Pro Staff

Buck Fever Canada Distributor


For additional information.. Contact Bob ——–>bowbob59@cogeco.ca

I look forward to seeing you there Monday night.

There will also be a door prized (valued $40) given away to the attending audience