Ice fishing derbies on Lake Simcoe

Plans for the 15th Annual Canadian Ice Fishing Championship (Feb 21, 21/09) are in full swing and that this premier event will still operate in 2009.

The 4th Annual Perch Trap Attack will run March 8/09 and the new Georgina Ice Fishing Derby is slated to run Jan 31 to Feb 15/09

icefishing for perch

If you Hike, Camp, Cycle, Fish, Hunt, Canoe or Kayak in Southern Ontario

Check out the SOO website; Fellow award winning writer Lloyd Fridenburg has developed a super website. Of course my site here Ripple caters to hunters, anglers and ATVing in Ontario

Lloyd’s site is constantly expanding relevant content, including six blogs, and six calendars – one dedicated to each of our six outdoor themes – Southern Ontario Outdoors is positioned to become the “go to” site for current, relevant information about outdoor activities in Southern Ontario.  Those living here or planning a visit, will make this site their first stop for local and regional outdoors information. 

The coverage area ranges from the Bay of  Quinte on Lake Ontario, south to Windsor and north to Bancroft, Parry Sound and Tobermory

The site is currently about 90% complete with Information being added and updated daily. We encourage visitors to leave comments on one of our blogs or join our interactive forum where they can exchange views and ideas with others about their favorite outdoors pastime.  This is a site that outdoor enthusiasts will want to bookmark and return to often; it will soon become the first stop for Southern Ontario outdoors information.

Visitors to a large geographical region like Southern Ontario often look for a destination to match their outdoor interests, so the site was developed from the perspective of activities as opposed to specific destinations…although with the addition of a comprehensive, interactive database (currently under construction) visitors are just a couple of clicks away from specific destination related information. 

We offer competitive advertising rates as well as free links to relevant “not-for-profit” clubs and organizations. 

Visit us Phone:  519-342-4943  Email:


Elliot Lake’s ATV,hunting and angling opportunities

This fall I spent a few days in Elliot Lake with outdoor guide Marty Descoteaux of Elliot Lake Outfitters while doing a destination article for Ontario Out of Doors magazine.

We fished, hunted and travelled by ATV over three days in absolutely splendid fall weather, The leaves were brilliant, this time the bugs didn’t bite but the fish sure were biting.

Northern grouse were easy pickings if you knew where to look. Marty did!


Read more

Hot tasty meals outdoors in minutes

If you spend a lot of time outdoors hunting, fishing or ATVing like I do I know you’ll appreciate a hot tasty meal when you finaly take that break from the action.

Having eaten cold sandwiches and outdoor trail mix just doesn’t cut it when you need a boost of energy but still crave that luxury of a full course meal. Especially when its cold out!

In the time it takes to build a small fire Read more


The winning articles cover a range of positive messages about fishing : the simplest outdoor activity for a family, the value of a lifetime of fond memories, and the recognition that fishing is a life-long sport.

Third Place – “Take a Kid Fishing”, by Len Rich

Len’s article reminds us that fishing is the ultimate tool for teaching a child about natural resources and conservation. The best way to do this is to keep things simple and enjoy the moments. Len also reminds us that National Fishing Week is a special time to introduce a child to this “life sport” – enjoyment from childhood to old age.  What other sport can boast that?

Second Place – “How to get hooked on a lifetime of fond memories” by Peter Wood.

Most of you know how fishing is the catalyst to life long friendships and treasured memories. Peter shares his memories by taking you on a journey with some of his friends. He skillfully recreates in the reader’s mind his fond memories – it makes you just want to be there as his friend! He encourages everyone to take a special friend fishing and create more “Fish On” time together.

First Place – “Family Fishing is Child’s Play” by Gord Ellis.

In this article, Gord simply breaks down the steps to help a family successfully enjoy fishing. From using the KISS principle, to introducing the Tackleshare program, to capturing those special moments, to safety and licence issues, his formula ensures that every kid should and can try fishing. After all, it’s healthier than playing video-games. This article was well written, concise and to the point. We found it very well deserving of the first place award.

Fishing World – Hunting & Fishing Gear up to75% off sale

While attending the BASSTALK Seminar at Fishing World, owners Mike & Jim announced an up to 75% off sale on hunting and fishing gear.

If you want to save some cash on hunting and fishing gear check them out between April 14-20th.

Phone 905-573-2288 or 2411 Barton Street E in Hamilton.

While your their sign up for the largest gobbler contest. Pays out for top three gobblers and also everyone has a chance to win a free shotgun in the ticket draw.

Get over there soon!

Don’t be a turkey and miss out!

Gobbler on the run

Talking Turkey with Michael Short of Let’s Go Outdoors Radio

I had the pleasure of talking turkey with Michael Short of Let’s Go Outdoors Radio Show.

Gobbler with hens

You can listen to our interview as well as Michael’s other weekly radio episodes on hunting and fishing.

Or to contact Michael Short, (780)987-0030.

There are almost 10-million Canadians who enjoy hunting, fishing, Read more

Shellbourne Fuels

I’m  pleased to announce John Shane founder of Shellbourne Fuels has chosen Ripple Outdoors to become an authorized distributor for his new product line of fuel enhancers.


Ripple Outdoors can now offer an quaility product that will help your reduce fuel costs and emissions resulting in substantial savings  for the outdoor enthusiasts who operates any type of gas or diesel motor .


John Shane is the founder and creator of Shellbourne Fuel Additive Products. After  graduating from Western University in London, Ontario  Shane worked for oil companies over a 12-year period, of which 6 years was spent in Research & Development at Shell Canada. He was a member of the World Petroleum Conference in Japan, China, and Thailand. In 1989, he applied his skills and knowledge to establishing his own manufacturing plant in Fort Erie, Ontario.

In October 2007 Mariner’s Choice International Inc has appointed John Shane as Senior Technical Advisor for its MC-Marine product line. ply stated Shane’s products decrease FUEL Costs through fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance, as well as significant environmental benefit of reduced emissions of up to 80%.

Shane stated “ It is high time that such products be made available in light of the global ‘carbon laundering’, a term coined by Andrew Simms, a director of New Economics Foundation as he recently discussed the ecological debt that is a worldwide concern (source: Reuters, Oct. 5/07). Our motivation is to put these products into the hands of every single company and every individual that operates any type of engine for the greater good.”

 “These are some of the most progressive fuel products available on the market, and they provide benefits that go beyond just improving engine performance. Cost savings are achieved through fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance, as well as significant environmental benefit of reduced emissions of up to 80% are benefits that cannot be ignored.”

These are benefits that cannot be ignored by anyone who operates machinery or vehicles.

With the high price of fuel and worries of emmisions Shellbourne Fuels has found a Eco-friendly solution.

For additional information on our products & pricing please email

Ice Fishing Derbies this weekend

With typical February weather keeping a deep freeze in Ontario the upcoming ice fishing events  should go ahead as planned.

Fishmaster’s on the Grand River Derby in Dunnville starts at 7am -2pm, prizes will be awarded at 3pm.

Barrie Home builders Ice Fishing tournament. Feb 23 2008 on Kempenfelt Bay

Fifty Point Ice Fishing Derby Feb 24th

Binbrook Ice Fishing Derby new Date is Feb 24th 2008

check for additional information

Fifty Point