Are you ready for the ice fishing season?

Tomorrow is the first official day of winter, but it has looked and felt like winter for the past two weeks.

I have read on various ice fishing chat boards anglers have been out on thin ice due to their enthusiasm, hopefully no one has plunged through for a soak-er or worse.

With Christmas just days away don’t take any chances on being a fatality for the sake of a few fish! After-all you want to be home with loved ones on Christmas morning to open up all that new ice fishing gear!

Take the next few days to get your gear in order, fresh line , sharpen hooks, charge up those flasher batteries etc.

Ensure your power auger stars and runs smooth. Check the blades on your hand auger as well.

Many anglers will need to renew their licence before Jan 1st, so put that on your TO DO LIST!

You may also want to check out the 2008 fishing regulations. Copies can be found at

My next few podcasts will all be on ice fishing tips, techniques and tactics.

The conclusion to Bob Izumi’s Ice Fishing Seminar held at Fishing World #063 will be published at noon today.

Get out and enjoy the ice season  and be safe!