Opening Day Deer

I could have used that extra hour of sleep but I certainly wouldn’t want to miss opening day of the 2007 Ontario Deer controlled hunt. Climbing up into my tree stand at 5:30am with a frosty brisk breeze sure wakes you up in a hurry!
A lot of the forest has been stripped of it’s colourful foliage but its still thick in other areas, We need a good blast of winter!

Sunrise is almost here but even with a mist hanging over those bull rushes to the east I can see  an orange blob about 230 yards away, one of my hunting partners hunkered against a pine tree.

06;27, shotgun fire echoes to the south across two fields in a chunk of another private woodlot. 06;32 someone empties a semi-auto by the sounds of it.

Buck and two Does race over the rolling  meadow between me and my buddy, No shots ring out from us; they picked the perfect escape route.