Uxbridge Huck Finn winners enjoy fishing trip of a lifetime

I recently had the opportunity to tag along with good fishing buddy Chris Hockley, a tournament angler and award winning writer. Between you and me he is an exceptionaly truly down to earth nice guy too. But don’t let Chris know!

During the summer at the 2007 Uxbridge Huck Finn kids fishing day numerous kids enjoyed the day fishing.

As one of the organizers for the tournament Chris and his Blitzcreek Pro Fishing  Service gave away all expense paid fishing trip to one of the 1200 kids attending the event  The event itself attracted approximately 2000 people. Pat Higgins of Canadian Tire Uxbridge is the founder of the event and runs it every year.  700 trout were stocked in the local pond for the kids to fish in.  Each year fish  are tagged for special prizes.  The rewarding thing is not only are the fish caught each year but the tags from those that aren’t end up being caught the next season all in all a great event for the kids and the community!!!  

Lucky winners; brothers 6 year old Luke & 4 year old Ryan along with grandparents Oz & Darlene boarded Terry Ward’s 40 foot Super King berthed at Bluffs Harbour in late September. An absolutely gorgeous sunrise greeted us as we slowly edged our way out past geese, swans and mallards at the harbours mouth.

Trolling lines were soon set by Terry as the kids explored his 40 foot fishing machine decked out in teak and stainless steel. This was truly an awesome boat.

Lake Ontario was dead calm with the only ripples come from the boats wake. After what seemed an eternity to the boys ( maybe 20 minutes), Ryan & Lucas each chose a “lucky lure” as Terry changed over the other down-rigged lines.

The first “fish on” had both boys running to the stern as grandpa Oz started to reel it in. Lucas helped out as Ryan searched for the net!

 Everyone aboard had a fantastic time with the few fish caught. Kudos to Terry for finding fish willing to bite on a blue bird day. Chris was engaging as ever and the young fishermen had a blast. Grandparents Oz & Darlene were delighted to participate during this special day out on Lake Ontario.

Afterwards it was mentioned Lucas wanted to buy a boat just like this one for his dad so they could get out and fish anytime they wanted!

Me, well I had the time of my life taking photos of novice anglers catching Rainbows and Kings and enjoying the view from Terry’s awesome boat on a dynamite day with a great bunch of anglers.

Lucas Chris Ryan