How to plan a trophy hunt with Outdoor Connection #47

Host Peter Wood chats with Mark Reinert owner of Outdoor Connections. If you always wanted to book the hunt of a lifetime, tune in to contact Mark about your Trophy Hunt.

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Voice by Chuck Lefleur
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Pheasants Forever

I was chatting with Jim Marini about an upcoming Triple H Chapter of  Pheasants Forever fun shoot at the Silverdale Sports Centre.

The shoot will be held on Saturday September 29th at 10am.

Included with your $40 admission is a great Bar-B-Q lunch , 50 birds doubles or trap with your gun and ammo. Extra rounds of trap will be available for $5.00.

Proceeds of this shoot will be used in developing quality habitat for pheasants.

For additional information or advance tickets contact;

 Joan or Seth at Silverdale Sports (905)957-7326

Jim Marini (905)628-3015pheasant in flight

Bill Kay (905)679-6392

Canada in the Rough Team invade BassPro #046

This week host Peter Wood stops by Fall Hunting Classic at the BassPro Shop in Vaughn and finds the Canada in the Rough Team host Thomas Pigeon and Chef Michael Olson greeting all the young hunters with tips and stories.

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Voice by Chuck Lefleur
Music by Jon Schmidt from the Podsafe Music Network

Canada in the Rough Team invade BassPro Shop

Timing is everything they say when hunting or fishing. In this case I was fishing for some hunting articles at Bass Pro Shop in Vaughn during the Fall Hunting Classic when I come across the Canada in the Rough Team.

Host of Canada in the Rough Thomas Pigeon spoke with me for a few minutes and how important it was to get young hunters the right information for a safe and successful hunting season.

Canada in the Rough at Bass Pro Shop

Chef Michael Olso was also on hand to help me out with a few cooking tips and recipes.

Marketing Manager George Wallace and I  chatted for a few minutes about all the great sales, bargains and upcoming seminars to be held this week.

Check out the RippleOutdoors Podcast #046 for some of Thomas’s 4th  season on Canada in the Rough along with Chef Micheal Olson’s cooking tips.

13 points spell BIG BUCK TROPHY

 13 pointer I could only imagine the thoughts that surged through Francis Smith’s mind when the sun glistened off that buck’s monstrous rack.Francis said he become aware of just part of the bucks head and all of the rack about 180 meters away. The buck was likely taking a short afternoon breather during the rut.

Choosing this field of goldenrod, it was a secure location to easily spot receptive Does and other competing Bucks. It was the third afternoon of the 2006 Deer controlled shotgun hunt in Wildlife Management Zone 89B. A comfortable day for early November, not the type of day normal for this time of year with a wicked east wind and snarley snow. Nope just a light southwest wind, partially cloudy almost too nice out for deer hunting. Well ok, any day is a great day to hunt. I just never seem to hit those bluebird days unless I’m duck hunting!

Francis was scrutinizing this distant buck when movement to the right caught his attention. A hefty Doe that had been hidden from view while crossing the creek bottom had now appeared at the edge of the scrub brush and field.  The eleven other deer hunters Francis was co-hunting with had harvested seven deer up to this point. Mostly Bucks of various weights and rack sizes with a couple of chunky Does. Everyone but Francis had seen and talked about this monster buck roaming the area.

This crew of deer hunters consisted of blockers and the remaining six as pushers.  Blockers would quietly sneak into a pre-planned position long before the pushers began their brisk tramp towards them. Eventually the pushers would begin their quest of rousting any deer bedded down or hidden in thickets to begin moving in the direction of the patient blockers. Many a time in the past when it was my turn to be a blocker I suspected the drivers of my group of hunters had delayed the march in favour of a hot breakfast at the local dinner. But that was never proven. Having been a pusher occasionally I shall remain quiet on that topic.

Francis’s party of deer hunters varied in age. A few eighty-year old gentlemen hunters and some energetic teenagers averaged this group out to about forty years old. I would say all in all a great blend of experience and energy to have a successful Deer drive.

As to Francis’s trophy Buck, with the Doe now on the move he quickly drew a bead of his Ithaca on her vitals that was perhaps 35 meters away and picking up momentum. A single shot growled across the field of goldenrods.

The Doe was in full flight now with only her dignity injured. She made a clean escape without a second slug sent in her vacant vicinity.

The now startled Buck was up and dashing in the Doe’s last known direction, his nose raised to get her scent. Apparently the noise from an ounce of hot lead was of less concern than a departing Doe.

Francis picked a spot just behind the Bucks front leg as it stopped momentarily between bounds. At just over seventy meters Francis knew his shotgun was capable of dropping this trophy buck of a lifetime if he focused on the bead at the end of his barrel. He held his breath and squeezed the trigger.The second shot in what seemed an eternity but was mere seconds since the Doe had disappeared boomed out. He knew it was a solid hit.

The buck sprinted about 130 meters before dropping in the goldenrods. Pretty good shooting for open sights on a shotgun. But for a 78-year-old hunter I would say awesome and congratulations! Francis’s Deer tag was filled for the 2006 season. The rack scored by Randy Robins came out at a gross score of 189 and a non-typical score of 175 3/8. Awesome. Francis’s interview with me can also be heard in its entirety on the Internet Podcast at

Hamilton Waterfront Kids Fishing Derby a HUGE SUCCESS

Ryan holding Tyler's Largemouth BassI spent Saturday morning at Hamilton’s Waterfront Park with my Nikon D200 in tow. I was fortunate to tour the harbour with professional angler Ryan Hall. Normally when not fishing Ryan is found behind the counter at Fishing World on Barton Street. Today he offered his services and boat to kids under 14years of age to fish in the derby aboard his 19foot Triton. 

Tyler Bridgeman an enthusiastic and accomplished caster was elated to pick up some tips from Ryan. They fished hard along the south shore and with only 40 minutes left in the derby Tyler hooked into a 40 cm Largemouth Bass. 

Tyler’s Largemouth Bass placed second in the predator category! That’s AWESOME for a 7 year old totally hooked angler.

My thanks to the Hamilton Waterfront Park and all its great sponsors for having a Kids Fishing Derby and my personal thanks to Ryan Hall for donating his time to young anglers.

Anglers Asked NOT to Fish Local Trout Streams

I’m passing this important message from the Ministry of Natural Resources on to Anglers in the Brantford/Burford/Guelph/ Kitchener/Waterloo Areas. 

 The Ministry of Natural Resources is asking anglers to voluntarily refrain from fishing for trout in several streams in the Brantford and Burford area.  Fish populations, particularly brook and brown trout, are under stress from this summer’s low water levels and higher than normal water temperatures.  Species such as brook and brown trout need cold, clear water to survive. 

Anglers are asked to voluntarily stop fishing on Whiteman Creek west of Brantford, Mount Pleasant Creek south of the city, and upper MacKenzie Creek – upstream of the town of Oakland until conditions improve in these cold water streams.

Water levels on these streams are at or near record low levels. The low water levels combined with elevated in-stream temperatures have put trout populations in some reaches or sections of the streams at risk.  It is possible that the low flows and warm temperatures have already resulted in the loss of some fish and the situation could worsen if the hot and dry conditions continue.

The ministry is asking anglers to use other water bodies and to fish for species, such as large and smallmouth bass or carp, which are more tolerant of warmer water and reduced flows. 

For additional information contact:

Ken Cornelisee with the Ministry of Natural Resources (519)826-6849

Or call Bill Murch at the Guelph office (519) 826-4926  

Tell them Peter of Ripple Outdoors sent you! 

Hamilton Waterfront Kid’s Fishing Derby Aug.18th (#41)

Host Peter Wood chat with Werner Plessl the Executive Director of Hamilton Waterfront Trust about the Kids FISHING DERBY on August 18th.

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Hamilton Waterfront Kids Fishing Derby Aug18th

It’s short notice I know for busy families, BUT next weekend is the Hamilton Harbour Fishing Derby. It starts at 8am and runs till noon. There are 5 categories for the LONGEST fish caught.

Lots n Lots of Prizes for;

  1. Carp                                               cartoon fish
  2. sunfish & perch
  3. top predators
  4. bullheads & catfish
  5. other

Other fish you say? According to experts there are approximately 42 species of fish in the harbour. Salmon , Bass, Walleye and Pike to name a but few.

Weigh-in stations will be located in 6 locations around the bay with additional helpers along the shorelines.

Numerous Prizes for the largest fish will be awarded at 1pm @47 Discovery Drive at the foot of James Street North.

Free fishing tackle will be available for those kids that don’t have any. There will also be boats available to take youngsters out fishing with some of Hamilton expert anglers.

With so many major sponsors like 900 CHML, Wal Mart, OFAH, Fisheries & Ocean Canada and fishing experts like Fishing World, Jim’s Baits and Dofasco Angling Club providing support for this free fishing derby, families can spend the weekend down at the Hamilton Waterfront and have a great time.

It’s a FREE & FUN WEEKEND so get those kids down to the bay to fish!

For additional information phone Werner Plessl , Executive Director (905)523-4498 or log onto