A News Release from the MNR – Lake Erie Enforcement Team

CHATHAM — A Leamington commercial fishing company and a boat captain have been fined $3450 for using illegal gill nets.

The Family Fish Co. Ltd., which owns a Lake Erie commercial fishing licence, has been fined $1150. The captain of the commercial fishing vessel Mummery Bros., John Lablance, 38, of Wallaceburg, has been fined $2300. The seized gill nets are forfeited to the Crown. 

On July 25, 2007, conservation officers were inspecting Read more

Pheasants Forever Canada Conservation Dinner February 29th

In this weeks podcast episode #069 Jim Marini and I discuss what Canada’s Pheasants Forever Triple H Chapter hopes to accomplish in its first year.

To listen to Jim & I click here

If you support wildlife conservation or your a hunter you should be involved. Take 20 minutes to listen to this podcast and hear how you can help develop better habitat for upland birds.

This years conservation dinner will be held in Waterdown at the Bohemian Club on Hwy5.

For interested people in the Niagara Region their dinner will be held on March 29th. at the Hilton Garden Inn.

For information regarding Pheasants Forever Canada or to purchase tickets you can contact :

Triple H Chapter

Jim Marini  -  905-628-3015

Holger Nielson – 905-638-7191

Bill Kay - 905-679-6392

Niagara Chapter

Ian Magee – 905-773-1247 

[email protected]

Sandra Howe  – 905-682-2540

The Pheasants Forever website for all chapters is

Pheasant Hen in the grass

You can of course contact me for tickets to the February 29th Conservation Dinner

Ripple Outdoors email – [email protected]

Peter Wood 519-220-0223

Pheasants Forever Canada Conservation Dinner – #069

Host Peter Wood chats with Canada’s Pheasants Forever Triple H Chapter President Jim Marini about the upcoming conservation dinner.

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Voice by Chuck Lefleur
Music by Jon Schmidt from the Podsafe Music Network

Aurora Bassmasters Announce New Sponsorship

The Aurora Bassmasters are proud to announce that Lures & Tours  has become a sponsor of the club. Lures & Tours produces a pocket sized Destination Guide and online Business Directory that together put information on local businesses at the fingertips of anglers. Lures & Tours values angling as a positive influence on the economy all year round. In addition, Lures & Tours attends fishing events throughout the year on Lake Simcoe and surrounding lakes, taking photos that are shared with the public in the Lures & Tours website Photo Gallery. They look forward to assisting Aurora Bassmasters with their projects and events by providing photo coverage and broader internet exposure of the club’s activities in the coming year. The 2008 Lures & Tours Destination Guide will feature a full colour page highlighting the goals of Aurora Bassmasters.

My thanks to Wil Wegman for this press release.

Lures  n Tours 

PRESS RELEASE – Outdoor Writers of Canada Corporate Director

 Peter Wood


I am pleased to announce that our OWC corporate members have elected me as their new representative on the OWC Board of Directors. 

“I recently took advantage of a 36 year career in the steel industry to enjoy an “early retirement” to pursue additional opportunities in the outdoor media communications field.

Foremost I’m a hunter, angler, boater, camper, ATVer and have enjoyed an active outdoor lifestyle all of my life.

As an award winning writer, photographer and podcaster I have often used OWC Corporate members products while out in the field enabling me to complete my assignments.

I have also conducted many podcast episodes featuring OWC corporate members.

I will be your primary contact, liaison, and will represent the views of all our corporate members on the OWC Board of Directors.

As the OWC Corporate Director  and voting member of the OWC Board of Directors I’m here to be the voice of our valued corporate members.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me anytime.

Peter Wood

peter.wood [at] rippleoutdoors [dot]com



Toronto’s gun violence concerns legal firearm owners

I normally stick with hunting, fishing, shooting and other typical outdoors stuff.

BUT, with the all this  gun violence in Toronto threatening to become a province or country wide problem for legal gun ownership I have to voice my concerns.

Yes Toronto has a major problem with gangs, violence and illegal guns on its streets. Innocent people have been killed and still the laws are not severe enough for criminals.

There should be MANDATORY sentences if your caught using a gun in Read more

January’s heat wave gets BassTalk 2008 ignited

Wow! Go aways for 2 weeks on vacation and upon my return find no ice-fishing in the middle of January! When I left in late December hard ice was being reported almost everywhere.

After spending some fantastic days on a hot sunny beach in the Dominica Republic I had hopped to be checking ice thickness conditions and not the ice in my drink!

Listening to weather reports certainly changed those plans. Read more