The winning articles cover a range of positive messages about fishing : the simplest outdoor activity for a family, the value of a lifetime of fond memories, and the recognition that fishing is a life-long sport.

Third Place – “Take a Kid Fishing”, by Len Rich

Len’s article reminds us that fishing is the ultimate tool for teaching a child about natural resources and conservation. The best way to do this is to keep things simple and enjoy the moments. Len also reminds us that National Fishing Week is a special time to introduce a child to this “life sport” – enjoyment from childhood to old age.  What other sport can boast that?

Second Place – “How to get hooked on a lifetime of fond memories” by Peter Wood.

Most of you know how fishing is the catalyst to life long friendships and treasured memories. Peter shares his memories by taking you on a journey with some of his friends. He skillfully recreates in the reader’s mind his fond memories – it makes you just want to be there as his friend! He encourages everyone to take a special friend fishing and create more “Fish On” time together.

First Place – “Family Fishing is Child’s Play” by Gord Ellis.

In this article, Gord simply breaks down the steps to help a family successfully enjoy fishing. From using the KISS principle, to introducing the Tackleshare program, to capturing those special moments, to safety and licence issues, his formula ensures that every kid should and can try fishing. After all, it’s healthier than playing video-games. This article was well written, concise and to the point. We found it very well deserving of the first place award.