Outdoors in Ontario, why its important to you

Host Peter Wood closes out 2010 with some thoughts on why the outdoors is important and why you should belong to conservation organizations.

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Young Hunters celebrate holidays with a Rabbit Hunt

Two young hunters from Niagara area had a great rabbit hunt.

From what I heard their energetic beagle was running rabbits with successful results for the two young hunters.  A day’s outing on the farm kept these lads on their toes as the hunted rabbits.

Great to see such awesome results for a rabbit hunt being enjoyed by some young energetic dedicated hunters.

Rabbit hunt a huge success for young hunters

Antlerless Buck – pass or shoot – take the survey

Most deer hunters are faced with this situation at some time.

Do you fill your bow only buck tag on a buck that has already dropped his antlers?

Spending many sub zero days on stand or in a blind can make for a long sit especially if the wind is howling and deer are hunkered down.

While a lot of hunters only purchase one tag; many deer hunters also purchase numerous tags to seal on a downed deer in a single season.  Ontario has numerous wildlife management units enabling hunters to have up to seven game seals.

How about you?

Last year I posted a podcast on Deer Tag Soup, were you one of those deer hunters who enjoyed a bowl like me?

This year I had two awesome bucks feeding on some Rack Stacker Deer Feed and Fixation Deer Attractant at the back of my property. See Bucks shed antlers early in a previous post.

I have venison in the freezer from our controlled shot gun hunt and was hoping to fill my bow tag with mature trophy buck.

That brings me back to my original question?

Would you fill your tag on an antlerless buck this late in the season?

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

Buck sheds antlers early in Ontario

Finding antler sheds before the season ends makes me wonder of the health of the deer herd.

Has anyone else found deer sheds yet?

This is the second year a local buck chose to drop it’s antlers on my property. Now three and a half its looking to be a an awesome looking buck.

A rough check on this years shed score roughly at 150 if both antlers are symmetrical.

Spy Point Trail cam photos show this buck just got lucky with no head gear now.

He walked up to a pile of Fixation near my feeder last night with no antlers.

Often bucks loose antlers fighting and sparring but this dropped antler was in pursuit of some Rack Stacker Deer Feed. I will be on the lookout for the right side antler.

I still have a shooter buck visiting my feeder according to my Spy-Point-Camera.

Hopefully he will be sporting his headgear when I’m there with my Bow-Tech

Possible 170 class buck checking out my Rack Stacker Deer Feed

Ice Fishing Safety Seminar#235

Wil Wegman talks ice fishing safety during his ice fishing seminar at Rack n Reel in Barrie. To listen to the complete seminar check Ripple Outdoors Podcast#184.

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Voice by Chuck Lefleur
Music by Jon Schmidt from the Podsafe Music Network

My First Hunting Trip: Made Me the Man I am Today

This trip taught me more lessons than any one adventure in my life ever could have.

By Adam May courtesy of CFI website.

Eleven years ago this month I got in my grandpa’s truck and embarked on what would be my first hunting trip – I was thirteen. I had prepared for this trip for months before, taking all the necessary courses and tests to become officially licensed. At that age I could merely become an apprentice limiting me to be with a partner and only have one firearm between us. That was of no concern to me or my grandpa.

The Highland Hunt Club (located outside of Vankoughnet, ON) was founded by my great grandfather and a friend, and was to be passed down throughout the two families. I went to camp with my grandpa the day before deer season officially opened in the area, and an afternoon before the rest of our gang was to join us. I was itching to get some hands on experience, and my grandpa wanted some alone time with me free of distraction.

We set up a makeshift target range, and I was handed a 30/30 bolt action rifle. He told me that gun had been passed on throughout the family, and he couldn’t be any prouder giving it to me to continue the tradition. I was honored. I tried to remember my training. I showed proper muzzle.

To read more

To read Adams full article on the CFI website

Trombley Tackle Box Christmas Sale

Deer hunters and ice anglers should stock up at Trombley’s TackleBox Christmas sale.

There are a lot of great bargains for Christmas shoppers looking to fill their favourite angle or hunter wish list.

Now is also the the time to get those wild life feeders going with all this heavy snow fall on the way.

Deer are starting to yard up and looking for food. Hopefully your deer tags are filled by now cause its getting late in the season and real cold out there.

I still have one last tag saved for a trophy buck feeding on one of my Superb-uck food plots.  A bag of Rack Stacker Deer Feed and Fixation just might help close my 2010 season that much sooner.

Hard water anglers should check out the fishing isle for some awesome bargains on ice fishing tackle to.

Trombly’s  Tackle Box
595 West Street South,
Orillia, Ontario , L3V 5H7

Importance of hunting in the 21st century podcast#233

Conclusion to Dr. Scott Petrie, Executive Director of Long Point Waterfowl presentation of the importance of hunting in the 21st century held at the O.F.A.H Heritage Centre.

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Voice by Chuck Lefleur
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