2011 QDMA Whitetail Report

Deer hunters need the most up to date information on deer.

If your a QDMA member you know the value of the Whitetail Report that comes out every year with  fact filled information on deer.

QDMA - Kip Adams, one of the expert authors of the 2011 Whitetail Report

QDMA - Kip Adams, one of the expert authors of the 2011 Whitetail Report

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Crown Land – Keep it Public

If you use crown land take two minutes to keep it public


This is IMPORTANT. It will only take a couple of minutes.

1.) We are asking EACH and EVERYONE of you to please click on this link

or copy and paste into your browser

http://ontora.ca/ontora-meeting-with -mnr-minister/

ADD A SHORT COMMENT at the bottom of the article – right now.

You do not have to be logged in or anything. Just go to the link and add a few words before we meet with the MNR Minister on Friday. It doesn’t matter how well you can write, just write something (hopefully something about restoring equal public access to Crown Land).

Write it in English, French, Finnish, Ojibway – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we get LOTS of participation. Besides, this is your chance to get your personal opinion in front of the Minister of Natural Resources.

2.) As soon as you’ve added your comment, call 2 of your fishing or hunting buddies and have them do the same. They don’t have to be members of OntORA!

Call anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to help try and change the current system of MNR management. Ask them to immediately go to the above link and add their opinion. Stay on the phone while they add their comment, so you know that it gets done.

OntORA’s executive has been working hard on many fronts, and we now have an opportunity to meet with the Minister. This is a start to possibly creating some changes in the way our natural resources are managed. However, the OntORA executive are only a few people, and we can only do so much on our own. We need your support and participation!

The time has come for everyone to step up and tell the government what they think about the MNR’s policies. You cannot be afraid to put your name and thoughts out in public. If you are afraid to speak up, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

EVERYONE who receives this email PLEASE go to the link and add a short comment. Even if you want to say the same thing as several others have already said, still add an additional comment! We would like to see 200 comments on this article by tomorrow morning.

Please do your part, NOW!

QDMA Canada Members

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Today, visitors to the QDMA Canada website – www.QDMA.ca – will notice a change: The site has a brand new, enhanced look.

“Our goal was to create a more user-friendly, bilingual site that would enable visitors to easily view featured articles from Quality Whitetails journal, learn about upcoming functions in Canada, shop the QDMA store, and peruse the best deer and habitat management information available on the web, ” said Matt Ross, QDMA’s Certification Programs Manager, and employee liason to Canada. “It mirrors the appearance of www.QDMA.com, but offers information relevant to QDMA Canada members.”

In addition to an entirely new look, the website boasts updated features and a user-friendly layout that will make navigating the site easier than ever. It’s also available in French and English versions, simply by the click of a button! QDMA’s restructured e-commerce portal – the all-new QDMA Shed – is also directly linked on the site, and offers the latest QDMA apparel and merchandise. The addition of the QDMA Canada Calendar makes finding a REACH Banquet, field day, or other QDMA event in your area simple. Post your photos and management experiences on the QDMA Community Forum, which also features a new look, and check out dozens of articles pertaining to deer management and hunting from Quality Whitetails journal.

Federal Liberal Leader still doesn’t get it

Liberal Leader still doesn’t get it on gun control.

Comments made by federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff in the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Tuscon, Arizona demonstrated that when it comes to gun control in Canada, Mr. Ignatieff still doesn’t understand what the phrase means, or the abject failure of the system brought in by a Liberal government in the 1990’s.

“In reacting to the shooting of several people by an apparently deranged individual, Mr. Ignatieff used the opportunity to tout the virtues of the gun registry in Canada, not only displaying appalling judgement, but a continuing and deliberate failure to recognize the difference between licensing and registration,” said O.F.A.H. Manager of Government Affairs and Policy, Greg Farrant. “Clearly people who have mental health issues should not have access to firearms, which is what the licensing of firearms owners is all about. The licensing system in Canada involves courses, testing, screening and background checks by law enforcement before a license is issued. People who should not have firearms are routinely refused a license once the mandatory checks have been completed. Licensing focuses on the individual, and determines whether or not an individual can own a firearm. It is completely separate from the gun registry that the Liberal party continues to defend, which focuses on the firearm and does nothing to stop anyone from illegally obtaining a firearm and using it to commit a crime.

“The sooner Mr. Ignatieff acknowledges this basic principle, the sooner we can move to eliminate the time, energy and money that is wasted on the long gun registry, and instead, use these resources to create programs that deal with mental illness and prevent prohibited offenders from obtaining guns in the first place, something the registry does not and cannot do. Suggesting that gun control and registration are one and the same is ridiculous.”

The O.F.A.H. is particularly disappointed that despite Mr. Ignatieff’s claim that he does not want to make this a ‘big political issue’, by commenting on the Tuscon tragedy on the eve of his departure for a cross-country pre-election tour, he has shown that when it comes to politics, nothing is sacred.

Ignatieff’s comments demonstrate he still doesn’t understand Liberal-created gun registry

With over 100,000 members, subscribers and supporters, and 670 member clubs, the O.F.A.H. is the largest nonprofit, charitable, fishing, hunting and conservation-based organization in Ontario, and the voice of anglers and hunters.

For more information, visit www.ofah.org.

MNR Ministry Seeks Public’s Help In Cases Of Unlawfully Shot and Abandoned Moose

The Ministry of Natural Resources is seeking the public’s help in solving cases.

The unlawful shooting and abandonment of moose across Ontario.

A number of investigations are currently ongoing. The ministry has evidence that the hunter or hunters were aware the animal had been shot and killed, and that the moose carcass was abandoned intentionally.

Individual hunters are only permitted to lawfully hunt an adult male (bull), adult female (cow) or a calf depending on the moose tag they possess. Hunters who mistakenly shoot a moose to which they are not entitled are encouraged to contact a conservation officer immediately to have the circumstances of the situation investigated.

Moose hunting in Ontario is highly regulated, and the majority of hunters respect the laws established to ensure the future of this activity. Moose hunters bring a significant economic benefit to many small communities across the province and travel great distances to participate in the hunt.

If you have any information about these cases or any natural resources violation, please call 1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667) toll-free any time or contact your ministry office during regular business hours. You can also call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Lake Simcoe Ice Fishing Seminar

Wil Wegman Returns to Host Ice Fishing Seminar in Georgina

Lake Simcoe: Former Focus on Fishing newspaper columnist for the Georgina Advocate and award winning outdoor writer Wil Wegman will be hosting another ice fishing seminar in the Town of Georgina. He will present on Tuesday January 18th from 7pm to 9pm at De La Salle Chapel Hall, 1940 Metro Road East in Jackson’s Point.

Wegman, who won the 2006 Perch Trap Attack on Simcoe was also a member of Team Canada at the World Ice Fishing Championships in 1991. He taught ice fishing courses at Seneca College for 20 years and has presented his popular ice fishing seminars from Sudbury to Toronto and from St Catharines to Ottawa.

His ice fishing articles have been published in Ontario Out of Doors, Outdoor Canada, Real Fishing, In Fisherman, Lake Simcoe Living and Just Fishing magazines.

Wegman’s power point presentation will focus on ice fishing Lake Simcoe with particular emphasis on how to catch more yellow perch, northern pike, whitefish and lake trout during the winter. “Lake Simcoe is a huge body of water and receives more fishing pressure than any other inland lake in the province. With all that hard water and all those other ice anglers, it can be a daunting lake to try and figure out. I hope ice anglers walk away from the evening having learned a thing or two to help them understand the lake and its fish a little more,” he said.

With that knowledge and the tips and tricks Wegman will reveal on how to catch those fish … ice anglers of all skill levels are sure to find the evening both entertaining and rewarding. I’m especially happy that Lowrance Electronics and Navionics rep Gerry Heels will accompany me and offer anglers some incredible insight into the sonar units used for ice fishing. He will also provide great tips on how to maximize the performance of these units while using the latest Navionics map chips during the winter”, said Wegman.

An incredible array of draw prizes will be awarded, including a few specially earmarked for those youngsters under 16 and for all the women who attend.

Admission is free … however everyone is asked to bring an assortment of non-perishable food items for the local Georgina Food Bank

Red Fox After Turkey Hens

Coyotes are always hunting  for wild turkeys, but how about Red Foxes?

My SPY_POINT trail cam closest to my Moultrie feeder filled with Rack Stacker Deer Feed in the feeder friendly formula.

It attracts a lot of forest critters every day, 24/7 in fact.

A hungry Red Fox was caught on the SPY-POINT chasing some worried hen

turkeys. You have to look hard but the fox is in the bottom left corner.