Rice Lake Fishing Festival

The first tagged fish of the Rice Lake Fishing Festival was caught Sunday May 22, 2011 on beautiful Rice Lake!


SILVER LEAF COTTAGES, sponsor of tagged fish number 22, is pleased that their cottage and boat rental prize package has been caught!  Valued at $576, SILVER LEAF COTTAGES’ award certificate was presented to the winner this morning.  SILVER LEAF COTTAGES is excited to sponsor the very first tagged fish to be awarded at the 2011 Rice Lake Fishing Festival.


The fortunate angler, Linda Richardson, and her sister, Nancy Fredericks, both of Peterborough, caught the perch just around the corner from Elmgrove Cottages, where they keep a cottage for the summer.  They like to go fishing together, catch panfish, and fry them up for dinner each weekend.


“Get your button,” Linda advises, “because you never know when you’ll catch a winner.  The button also gets you in the draws!”


The Rice Lake Fishing Festival – www.RiceLakeFishingFestival.ca


(Photo taken at Elmgrove Cottages.  Left to right:  Winnie of Elmgrove Cottages; Linda Richardson, winner; Nancy Fredericks, winner’s sister; Andrea Brown, Rice Lake Fishing Festival.)


Festival Fast Facts


  • There are (4) species of tagged fish:  walleye, sunfish, perch and crappie, for a total of 50 tagged
  • The festival runs for 37 days from May 14, 2011 at 12am until June 19, 2011 at 12pm noon.
  • Registration is $20 per adult, $10 per youth under 16, and $40 per family (maximum 2 adult and 3 youth participants). Register online or at participating Rice Lake Tourist Association Member businesses.
  • Prize values of tagged fish range from $500 to $10,000.  See RiceLakeFishingFestival.ca for the prize list and associated tag number.

Over 50 businesses have sponsored the festival through tagging fish, media sponsorships, festival draw prize donations, and Kids Day prizes

Buck Fever USA Synthetic Deer Scent Available In Ontario Canada

Ripple Outdoors is proud to announce we are Ontario’s distributor of Buck Fever USA Synthetic Scents & Products.


Buck Fever USA now available in Ontario Canada


With the 2010 MNR ban on any natural deer product use in Ontrio Buck Fever USA products will enable hunters to continue to hunt using a quality  attractant that is safe, legal and never spoils and also comes at a great price.

Ripple Outdoors will now  distribute Buck Fever Products across Ontario’s  Outdoor Stores and outlets wanting to carry this product.

Get your orders in early – hunting season will be here before you know it!

For additional information please contact Peter by email


Or go to our contact page


Angler charged with fishing in town

Charged for a fishing violation within the Town of Cobourg.


COBOURG -It’s not often people go looking for a ticket, but that’s exactly what Cobourg resident Ron Reyns has done for the last two years.

The problem is nobody would give it to him — until Monday.

And beyond that, it took six officials to finally find one infraction to charge him with.

Reyns, who has been an avid fisherman for most of his life, says he’s fed up with Cobourg’s bylaws — or, as he claims, the lack thereof.

“The issue is kids not being allowed to fish down here (at the harbour), plain and simple,” Reyns says.

“The bylaw is kind of screwed up as far as I’m concerned. You’re not causing any damage, you’re not causing any harm to anyone. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Time and time again over the last two years, Reyns has been testing local authorities. Monday he stated emphatically that he is fully respectful of police and the bylaw officers; it’s the bylaws that are the problem.


To read the complete article




Archery Korean Long Distance Shoot

Media Release – Steve Tomson is hosting an unique Korean Long Distance archery shoot


Kawartha Traditional Archery forwarded this media release – check it out!


The details are below please let Steve or Anne know you are coming so they can plan their food.

I believe he is going to teach how to make a good flite arrow as well.

No charge just come and enjoy something different.

The  shoot at our farm will be Saturday June 4,2011. It’s a long distance shoot; 500ft. target to target using traditional Korean targets.

Any traditional archery bows can be used and the field will be open for practice in the morning and start time for the event is 2pm.

After we have a potluck BBQ so bring a salad and dessert and chairs. We will supply the meat usually chicken or pork.

We will also discuss any interest in possibly starting a flight shooting group here in Ontario.

That’s a very different type of archery. It’s a fun day, no charge, anybody is welcome. Just let us know if you are planning to come, so we can arrange enough for the BBQ.

Steve and Annette Thomson

RR#7, Woodstock, Ont.

N4S7W2.  (near Innerkip)

(519) 469-3467

[email protected]

Questions to ask an Alaskan guide and how to clean a shotgun Podcast 1122

Amber Dibble head guide for Pioneer Outfitters in Alaska reveals top questions to ask before the hunt. In G&G segment Brandon Butler of Battenfeld Technologies tells the best way to clean your rifled shotgun barrel.
Episode Resources

Ripple Outdoors

Don’t invite black bears to the cottage

Garbage is the number one reason bears are drawn onto properties.


What cottagers can do:

Never leave garbage behind. If you must leave before garbage day, or if you do not have curbside collection, take your garbage with you when you go.

Take it to an approved waste disposal site.

Fill bird feeders only through the winter months.

Never purposely feed bears (or other wildlife) or try to approach them.

Put garbage in containers that have tight fitting lids, and only put it out on garbage day, not the night before.

Store garbage in a bear-resistant container, secure shed or garage. Do not store garbage in plywood boxes, old freezers or vehicles.

Do not stockpile garbage. Take it to an approved waste disposal site regularly.

Keep meat scraps in the freezer until garbage day.

Remove grease and food residue from barbecue grills, including the grease trap, after each use.

Do not put meat, fish or sweet food (including fruit) in your composter.

Pick all ripe fruit off trees, and remove vegetables and fallen fruit from the ground.

Encourage your neighbours to practise Bear Wise habits.

If you rent your cottage, tell your tenants the importance of being Bear Wise.

You are responsible for your own personal safety.

Take precautions when you are outdoors.



Before you go:

Remove your garbage. Take it home or drop it off at an approved waste disposal site on your way out.

Use a strong disinfectant to eliminate all odours from garbage and recycling containers and lids.

Never discard cooking grease outside. Instead, place it in a container with a lid, transfer it to a plastic bag and include it with other properly stored garbage.

Take your barbecue with you when you leave the cottage, or store it in a secure shed. Make sure it is clean.

Do not leave any food or food scraps outdoors for pets or other wildlife.

When packing up, remember to remove all the food from the inside of your cottage.

A box of pudding or fruit flavoured dessert mix is all it takes to attract a bear.

Do not leave scented products outside. Even non-food items like suntan lotion, insect repellent, soap and candles attract bears.

Close and lock all windows and doors.

If you are away for an extended period of time, have someone you trust check in and look for signs of a bear visitor or break in.


To report a bear problem,

call 1 866 514-2327.

In a life-threatening emergency,

call 911 or the local police.


Muskie Trade or  Swap Meet will feature presentations by 3 Bait Makers.

Bring your beat up lures to the meeting. Dave from Bare Bones can give them a new and exciting paint job.
Some of my favourite patterns he does are: Naked Lime, Greasy Cisco, Alien, Pac Seul Lurch, Carpe Diem, G I Jane, Cranky Nitro, & Walleye Verde…just to mention a few.
Shawn from Hose Baits will be showcasing his “Fattie Series” and “Flat Shads”.
I Love those fatties!
Jonny T from Frantic will be unvailing his new  Lineup of “Tightline” in 6″ to 14″ and his incredible new topwater, ” BOTTY CALL” 6 & 8″ modelsthis new one is a fave of mine. Everbody should have one of these in their arsenal !

C’ya all at 7:30pm Wednesday May 18th

Brick Brewery ~ 181 King St S. Waterloo ON