2012 Apocalypse Shortens Deer Hunt By Ten Days


Will the 2012 end of the world Apocalypse shorten your deer hunt by 10 days?


Will the 2012 end of the world Apocalypse shorten your deer hunt by 10 days?

Ok so the anti hunters will be happy of course and naturally the deer would be overjoyed.


But how about You?


Will you have all your deer tags filled before the end of the world apocalypse occurs?

It’s destined to begin December 21 2012. According to the ancient Mayan calendar thats the day it all happens. Or should I say ends?

With deer hunting season for Ontario’s bow hunters set to start on October 1st that leave only sixty days to get ready!

Will you be ready by then? There’s so much to do before opening day of the hunt for most of us and it’s a shortened season!


Have you even made up your TO DO LIST?


Lets see where to begin:

Food Plots – Choose location, do soil sample, till ground, kill weeds, plant Rack Stacker Superb Buck and Sweet Success, check, check and check.


Cut down weeds again, check directions on weed killer again.


Reseed for late season hunt with Rack Stacker Field Edge high yield plants, as yet I’m undecided due to shortened hunting season. Perhaps I should plant at least one late season plot,,,,,just in case those ancient Mayans were a tad off on the 2012 end of the world Apocalypse date. After all their calendar was carved in stone a long long time ago.



Tree Stands Setups – Choose trees depending on prevailing winds and food plot locations. Set up stands during a midday rain. Trim branches for those tight shots.

Ensure a route to stand location will not flood human scent to nearby bedding areas travel routes of wandering deer.


AS a Pro-Staff for Spypoint Trail cameras I already have my Tiny W2 , Live 3G and BF 7 trail cameras out in the field.


Peter Wood Spypoint Pro-Staff with archery gear







Always ensure fresh batteries and formatted cards used.

Remember to LOCK all cams up with python cable.





Don’t want your priceless Spypoint Trail cams stolen do you by some unscrupulous deer!

Did you loose your Spypoint Trail Camera to a deer?


Time is short so we need to get our deer hunts in before the 2012 end of the world Apocalypse on December 21st.


How would you know where and when to hunt with out photos and videos from your trail camera?


Of course you need to set up your Buck Traps at each location with Buck Fever pre/post Rut and forehead gland spray.


Once thats done your well on your way to getting some great pictures or videos with your trail cameras in place.


Ok SO,,,,,How are you doing with your TO DO List?


There’s more to do yet!


You need to get started before you even start to plan packing your own BUG OUT BAG for the 2012 end of the world Apocalypse year end disaster starts. But thats another post.

What about bow practice?

Have you even picked up your bow to check it over?

How is the string?                        Is it frayed or worn?


Now is the time to install that new high tech Scorpion String designed to help you shoot faster, smoother and more accurately.


I know a new string infused new life on my four year old BowTech Guardian. I also removed that annoying peep sight twist by teaming it up with an Eliminator Pro Sight system. Check it out and you shouldn’t miss on those big bucks anymore. Try either one, vertical or horizontal pins they both work great.

Arrows, what arrows are you using? Buy a dozen of what ever you shoot best and get shooting at some local 3D shoots ASAP.

What did you decide on to use for a hunting broad head?

Mechanical or fixed blade?

Lots of controversy on what broad head works best, best you check them out soon.


Just make sure you practice a few shots before October 1st!


Ok were running out of time here,

What about your hunting clothes?

Cleaned in neutralizer soap and store in a scent free container, right?

Rocky Rubber boots also stored away along with your Game Plan pack and any other gear you plan on using.

If you need more help check out the free chapter on scent control in my upcoming ebook on deer hunting


So will you be ready for the 2012 Apocalypse Shortened Deer Hunt By Ten Days?

I hope so cause Deer Tag Soup is just not an option.

 Good Luck with your shortened deer hunting season!

and hey,,,,,,Just in case don’t forget to order your extra deer tag seals from the MNR

You can call 1-800-288-1155 anytime to order an extra deer tag seal for just $45.04 each


You can also listen to my Hunt Talk Podcast on the Shortened Deer Hunt

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