Boss Gobbler Down

Well it took a while to get this Boss Tom in my sights

Hot weather , bugs, thick foliage in southern Ontario hindered many gobbler hunters this season

It seemed the classic spring Tom mating season happened in March, long before opening day April 25th-2012

I saw lots of Jakes, few hens and numerous loud gobblers in the distance or behind thick foliage during most of the spring hunt.

Decoys were a mixed bag of opportunities. Some days Jakes couldn’t resist them while the Toms still strutted at about fifty yards.

An invite by fellow hunting friend Tom who also happens to be a great guide back up the the Simcoe/Kawartha areas helped me bag a great 24 pound Tom with a 10 inch beard and one inch spurs this week.

We used a Pretty Boy Tom, hen and jake to entice 5 gobblers, 6 jakes and 3 hens across a cow pasture.

They couldn’t resist the movable tail pulled with a string. Subtle calling and real hens that wandered in to check the decoy out sealed the deal on this Tom.

I spotted a huge Tom emerge from the far edge of the wood lot through my Vortex Razors, a bobbing red and white head was all I could see.

A few calls on my GobbleStalker Pot call and a few more call from a diaphragm call had his attention.

He travelled about 800 yards on the run to check out the Pretty Boy movable tail with some live hens we called in minutes before.

Last season I missed a huge Tom at 11 yards and wrote about it in

Ontario Out Of Doors- A Pattern On Turkey

I don’t want to go through that again!

Not This year!

Preparation in patterning the right loads at 10,20,30 40 and 50 yards through an extra full and full choke on my Browning Citori left no doubts in shot placement. Al I had to do was keep my head down and squeeze the trigger.

Peter's 24 pound Gobbler in spring hunt 2012


Check back for the awesome video footage taken by Tom.

Watch this Boss Tom run about 800 yards!

Gobblers Still Gobbling

So are the Boss Toms still active where you hunt?


Boss Toms Struts past the three Jakes enthralled by my decoy hen


Had a great looking and very vocal Boss Tom come in today about 10am.

Check out the video link on this vocal Tom    or click on the Video Hunting Tips page above


Three Jakes were busy coaxing my Dave Smith Hen Decoy for more attention


Considering it was a splendid morning for getting the birds to sound off when my GobbleStalker Glass Pot Call was sounding sweet with yelps, purrrs and clucks.


The Boss Tom just couldn’t resist checking my location out.

Boss Tom has Jakes in line


I passed on taking this Boss Tom, after all there is still two weeks of hunting left!

Watch for the video hunting tip here soon on turkey decoys and calling

Should Ontario Government Bring Back A Gun Registry

Talk from Police Departments across Ontario wanting to set up a back-door gun registry.


Conservative MP Vic Tows lays the law down,,,,,NO BACK-Door Gun Policy by Chief Firearms Officers

CFOs are interpreting the Firearms Act as a basis for unauthorized data collection, please advise me immediately,” Toews wrote in a letter Tuesday to RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson.

From the Ottawa Sun –


Take the poll and VOTE

Should provinces or local governments set up their own gun registries?

Archers Against Cancer 3D Target Shoot

Shooting For A Cure

Archers Against Cancer

2nd Annual 3D Target Shoot



              June  9th      10 am – 4 pm

             June  10th    10 am – 2pm


 4688 Kent Line Dresden

or GPS,-82.118168&spn=0.119736,0.110378&sll=43.243603,-79.889075&sspn=0.948356,0.883026&t=m&z=13

                                                                                                                    View Larger Map


All Proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society – Open to all Archers

Kids under 7 shoot FREE
Ages 7 -11 $6.00
Ages 12 and up $12.00

40 3D targets field course

Lots of prizes with lots of sponsors and volunteers donating their time and resources to ensure a fun safe shoot for everyone 

Bring your compound, traditional, recurve, crossbow or open class bow,

Archery Target Shooters and Bow Hunters will be challenged on this 40 target 3D shoot   


Organized By

Lambton-Kent Archers, Kingsville Wild Goose, Windsor Sportsmen Archery Club

For additional information

[email protected]

Check out the podcast and video links to learn more

Archers Against Cancer Video

Petition to STOP Liberal Government cuts to Land Stewardship Council

Liberal Government cutting funding to Land Steward Council, please sign the petition
Ontario Stewardship Councils are Important to Ontarians Petition | GoPetition


The Ontario Stewardship program is a very small program in terms of government spending less than 5 million, yet it provides huge returns for Ontario.

Councils on average lever $5 for every $1 they receive from the Ontario government .All of this money is used for stewardship initiatives that advance government priorities such as species at risk, clean water forests and maintaining healthy communities.

The intangible benefits of having of approximately 16,000 volunteers take part in more than 600 Ontario Stewardship projects every year; advancing government priorities within their communities are incalculable.

Do you shoot with both eyes open

Shooting a bow with both eyes open takes some practice just like anything other eye hand co-ordination

As a hunter seeing the whole target before zoning into that one spot I find shooting with both eyes open quicker and more accurate.

Think about it,,,with your dominant eye focused on your pins and the farthest from the target with your front eye closed you’re losing about 40 % of the view, Try hol up a finger and aim with one eye closed, now try it with both eyes open.


Big difference right?

It’s not for everyone but certainly worth the time to practice shooting with both eyes open next time your at a 3D event or just shooting in your backyard.

For years I shot with one eye closed  when using any firearm or archery equipment. I often saw the experts and pros shoot with both eyes open so I decided to try it.

I used a modified approach were I started with one eye closed, squinted with it then opened it as my sight picture became clear and focused.

Try it and it just might OPEN YOUR EYES!

Video of 3D Archery Shoot

Do YOU want to be a better bow hunter?

Grab your archery equipment and head out to your nearest archery club. Many offer both indoor and outdoor 3D shooting.

Spending a few hours shooting your bow at 3D targets like deer and turkey will certainly help your aim!

Choose the most difficult position and try shooting sitting, kneeling or from an elevated position if available.

When it’s your turn to shoot draw your bow, aim and release in as quick as time as you can without loosing accuracy and maybe your arrow!

Check out the Video Hunting Tip page for more.

Knowing your bow and sights is also key to making a great shot under (imposed pressure) and time.

When allowed ( on informal fun shoots) use your Rangefinder and binoculars to become more accurate. You can’t blame your equipment then,,,

A typical 3D course of fire involves about 30 targets.