Yo-Zuri Series of Bass Lures

The bass-busting Yo-Zuri® Sashimi Series with Color Change Technology and Wave Motion Vibration are so innovative,
they have two International Patents.


The new Sashimi baits from Yo-Zuri have two features that bass find totally spellbinding. The internationally patented Sashimi Color Change Technology and Wave Motion Vibration spark an instant bite response.


The most impressive feature of the Yo-Zuri Sashimi Series baits is the ability to change colors every time the lure moves. When it swims by a predator, it changes color just like a panic-stricken baitfish–triggering an aggressive reaction strike! The Patented Yo-Zuri Sashimi Series are the only lures in the world that can duplicate this color changing behavior.


All Sashimi Series lures have a patented ribbed surface that creates distinctive wave motions and vibrations that fish can detect with their lateral lines from a long distance.


Added to the already amazing line up are:



The wobbling-rolling action of the three new Sashimi SHALLOW, MID, and DEEP CRANK™ Baits hunt fish everywhere in the water column, from shallow to deep. Their large round buoyant bodies and round lip designs help you to fish structure and eliminate snags.



The flashing profile of this flat-sided crank bait and “coffin” lip design adds to fish attracting appeal of the Yo-Zuri Sashimi FLAT CRANK. Perfect for use around structure such as stumps and rock ledges, this lure bumps & grinds while deflecting potential snags. The Sashimi Flat Crank maintains a consistent depth once it reaches its maximum depth, attracting fish with its tight wiggle.



This absolute top-of-the-line, topwater, “Walk the Dog” lure should be on your “must have” list. Sashimi Color Change Technology and internal cadence rattles create incredible drawing power big bass can’t resist. Even when the action is paused, the tail feathers pulsate like a naturalistic tail for even more heart stopping topwater strikes.



The new Yo-Zuri Sashimi Popper’s big mouth creates a huge splash, and then its ribbed body sends out higher-pitched Wave Motion Vibrations. That combined with the Sashimi Color Change Technology makes this popper irresistible. This perfectly balanced popper with a pulsating tail feather has a duel-action technique; traditional “Pop & Stop” or “Walk the Dog”. This popper’s round buoyant body sits horizontally for best presentation and easy target.


SASHIMI Minnow and Jerkbait

A new bright Metallic Finish is now available on the Sashimi Minnow and Jerkbait, adding another advantage to these already productive baits.


The Yo-Zuri Sashimi Minnow is a floating lure specifically designed for a variety fishing styles; stop & go retrieve, “twitching” technique, cast & retrieve. The Color Change feature mimics the natural behavior of terrified or stressed baitfish. The pulsating tail feathers add to the lifelike details that foster aggressive strikes.


The Yo-Zuri Jerkbait is a suspending lure with an irresistible minnow shape. The color pattern changes along with the movement of the lure, which attracts fish from long distances—especially in clear water. Perfect for stop & go retrieve and / or pause / jerk, / pause technique. The tail feathers pulsate to tempt even the most wily predator.



The most fish attracting, true-to-life Shad lure ever created, now features a new Metallic Finish that will bring fish in from long distances or in stained water.  The Sashimi Color Changing behavior duplicates that of a panic-stricken or injured Shad. Complete with pulsating tail feathers and a ribbed body that emits a fish attracting “look what’s for diner” wave motion.



New to the Sashimi Rattl’n Vibe extensive line up are three brilliant Metallic Finish colors. This lipless vibrating style of lure has a distinct high frequency rattle sound. The weight and bb’s inside the Vibe increases the distance the sound travels under the water while adding casting weight and emitting a natural shad in distress sound. This style of Sashimi color-change lure is a Bass catching machine and can be fished with different retrieves; fast, slow, stop & go, or even vertical jigged or ripped upward.



With the addition of three new Metallic Finished colors, this proven lure has a bright future. The super strong joint mechanism creates a natural fish swimming action that looks alive. The Sashimi Jointed lure has an alternating body/tail Color Change while swimming. Built to last with premium hardware, split rings, hooks and wire construction.



All of these bass-busting baits are constructed of super-tough materials that can withstand the bumps and knocks of running around the structures that hide big fish. All are equipped with rugged split rings and a pair of scalpel-sharp treble hooks.


For over 50 years Yo-Zuri has been recognized as the fishing tackle industry’s leading manufacturer of quality fishing products—for professional fishermen and enthusiasts worldwide. For more information, visit www.yo-zuri.com.

2012 Apocalypse Shortens Ontario’s Deer Hunt Podcast

Will the 2012 end of the world Apocalypse shorten your deer hunt by 10 days?

Ok so the anti hunters will be happy of course and naturally the deer would be overjoyed.

But how about You?

Will you have all your deer tags filled before the end of the world apocalypse occurs?

It’s destined to begin December 21 2012. According to the ancient Mayan calendar thats the day it all happens. Or should I say ends?

With deer hunting season for Ontario’s bow hunters set to start on October 1st that leave only sixty days to get ready!

Will you be ready by then? There’s so much to do before opening day of the hunt for most of us and it’s a shortened season!


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Volunteers needed for Big Boyz Fishing Derby Setup

Need Your Help Thursday Evening to set up the tent

Big Boyz Volunteers Needed
Volunteers needed to help with the tent set up on Thursday, July 26.  Meet at the boat launch at 6:00 p.m. 
Help needed every day of the tournament at the club tent with weigh-ins, ticket sales, etc. 
Contact Larry McDonald @ 825-4576 if you can spare some time to lend a hand.

Sport shooters banned from Summer Games stage due to Toronto’s gang violence

 Competitors unfairly associated with gun violence in the GTA when the true problem is gang violence

Two award winning teenaged sports shooters have been told that they are no longer welcome as sporting rifle ambassadors at the Ontario Summer Games and told they must not appear on stage at the World Record Camp Games’ due to the, “untimely shootings that have taken place in Scarborough and the City recently”.

“We have great sympathy for the victims of recent gun violence and their families who are left to cope with the loss, and support every reasonable measure that can be taken to stem the violence on our streets.  However, by banning these two young recreational shooters from their official duties as ambassadors at the Ontario Summer Games, the organizers are suggesting that there is a relationship between legal, law abiding recreational sport shooting and recent shootings, which is ludicrous”, said Greg Farrant, OFAH Manager of Government Affairs & Policy. “Given the fact that sporting rifle and skeet shooting are two of the events at the Summer Games; given the fact that we are on the eve of the Olympic Games in London, where shooting sports are medal events; and given the fact that both Susan Natrass and Linda Thom, two of Canada’s best recreational sport shooters have brought honour to Canada in the past by their performance at the Olympics and World Championships, the stench of hypocrisy in this case is overwhelming. When recreational shooting at a sporting competition for young athletes is in some way equated with the use of illegal guns on the streets of Toronto and other major centres across North America, Summer Games officials have clearly crossed the line of political correctness”.

There are roughly 450,000 trained, legal, law abiding licensed hunters and more than 200,000 recreational shooters in the province at any given time.  Every year, thousands of men, women and youth complete the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and the Hunter Education Course sanctioned by the federal and provincial governments.

“What should have been a thrilling and enjoyable experience for these young athletes has been tainted by a decision that has no foundation in logic, and smacks of bureaucracy in action.  Instead of celebrating their successes, and recognizing their achievements on behalf of the province and country, they are being vilified for something completely unconnected to what they do.  Recreational sport shooters and hunters are not the culprits here.  The vast majority of crimes committed with a gun involve illegal handguns obtained on the streets by unlicensed, untrained and uncaring individuals intent on settling scores.  Both the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto, co-sponsors of the Games, should be focusing their efforts on ways of addressing street violence, supporting stiffer penalties for crimes committed with a gun, and working with the federal government to stem the flow of illegal guns into this country instead of engaging in punitive measures that do nothing to address the problem”, said Farrant.

How To Eliminate Peep Sight Twist

Are you one of those of bow hunters that have a love-hate relationship with your peep sight?



Has your peep sight twisted just when you’re about to take a shot?

Has your peep sight filled with moisture from snow or rain?

 Have you found bits of dirt or foliage in your peep sight?

Are you one of those archers that experiences difficulty achieving the same anchor point each time you draw your bow?

Every archer knows that a consistent draw is the key to accuracy.

Have you found using a peep sight in low light conditions just doesn’t work?

Have you ever damaged you’re sight pins while traveling?

Now there is an easy way to eliminate all those peep sight problems.


 Remove it !!!


Eliminate all those problems and install an Eliminator Pro Sight.

eliminate your peep site with an Eliminator Pro Sight

Not only with your accuracy improve but you will eliminate hand torque on your riser and obtain the same full draw position every time.

If you are left eye dominant and a right hand shooter or right eye dominant shooter using your left hand this sight will also eliminate those problems.

Eliminator Pro site installs on left-handed or right-handed bow and can be easily removed and installed again while still maintaining pinpoint accuracy.

When traveling by airlines you can easily remove your Eliminator Pro Sight and quickly reinstall before your hunt, preventing any in-flight damage.


With two styles to choose from

For hunters who prefer a horizontal site

When you want Vertical Pins

                 Available In Black or Camo

check out the Eliminator Pro Sight Podcast

Wild TV Grizzly Awards Canada in the Rough Team Twice

The  3Rd Annual Grizzly Awards honor the best of the hunting and fishing programs on the WildTV Network


The voting is in for the 3rd Annual Grizzly Awards honor the best of the hunting and fishing programs on the WildTV Network by allowing the viewer’s themselves to be the judges through online voting. This year, WildTV presented 10 awards. Canada in the Rough was nominated for 3 and awarded the “Best Host” and “Best Show Overall”.

“We couldn’t be more excited and feel more honored than we did Saturday night at the awards ceremony. We have a very dedicated team of professionals that make great sacrifices to produce Canada in the Rough and it is certainly rewarding to be recognized in this way.” remarked Paul Beasley, Co-Host of Canada in the Rough.

“Without the support of our families and our premium sponsors, Canada in the Rough could not perform at this level. The honor of receiving these awards is as much a tribute to their support as it is to the collective efforts of our team members,” stated Kevin Beasley, Co-host of Canada in the Rough. “We would like to thank Ram Trucks, Rocky Outdoor Gear, Sako Rifles, Beretta Shotguns, Bass Pro Shops, Yamaha ATV’s & Outboard Motors, Federal Premium Ammunition, Excalibur Crossbows, Elite Archery, G3 Boats, Advanced Taxidermy, Burris/Steiner Optics, Carbon Express Arrows, Gorilla Treestands, UWAY Trail Cameras, and BOG Gear for making Canada in the Rough Canada’s most-watched hunting documentary television show. And we can’t forget, we have to thank our viewers for their votes and their support as well.”

Keith Beasley, Co-Host of Canada in the Rough went on to say, “Filming for Season 9 is well under-way and we have many more incredible adventures from coast-to-coast-to-coast coming to your television soon!”

Canada in the Rough features the majestic mountains of British Columbia, the endless horizons of the open prairies, the mysterious bogs of Newfoundland, the mystical boreal forest of Ontario’s Canadian Shield and the desert-like beauty of the high Arctic. We take our cameras across our vast and wondrous land to bring you a hunting experience you won’t find anywhere else. Canada in the Rough is as unpredictable as the hunts it documents. Each week we feature an extraordinary hunt for a different game species. Each episode strives to educate, inform, and entertain through a unique balance of a hunting experience combined with both the human and biological interactions with the species we are hunting. Canada in the Rough airs nationally across Canada on Global and WildTV and in the United States of America on The Sportsman Channel.

Anglers Illegal Fishing Fined $6,000

 Four Greater Toronto Area residents have been fined a total of $6,000 for illegal fishing activities.

Anglers Illegal Fishing Fined $6,000

Baiju Kootakil of Mississauga and Nimesh Atholi Kandy of Scarborough both pleaded guilty for catching and retaining 16 smallmouth bass out of season and were each fined $1,500. Ricanor Zapatero of Toronto and Merigin Delos Reyes Acierto of Thornhill both pleaded guilty and were each fined $750 for catching and retaining an over limit of fish and an additional $750 for possessing fish of a prohibited size.


The court heard that on May 26, 2012, at the Trent River in the Municipality of Trent Hills, a conservation officer inspected Kootakil and Atholi Kandy’s catch and found them in possession of 16 smallmouth bass. The season for bass opens on the fourth Saturday in June each year.


The court also heard that on May 26, 2012, at the Trent River in the Municipality of Trent Hills, a conservation officer inspected Zapatero and Acierto’s catch and found them in possession of 16 walleye, of which nine were found to be a prohibited size. The legal catch and possession limit for walleye in Fisheries Management Zone 17 is four for holders of a Sport Fishing Licence and one for holders of a Conservation Fishing Licence; all walleye caught and retained in that zone must be 35 – 50 centimetres long.


All four anglers forfeited their catch; the 16 smallmouth bass and 16 walleye were donated to the Brock Mission in Peterborough.


Justice of the Peace Allison Forestall heard the cases in the Ontario Court of Justice, Campbellford, on June 28, 2012.


For further information about fishing regulations, please consult the 2012 Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary, available at ServiceOntario/Government Information Centres, licence issuers and at ontario.ca/fishing.


To report a natural resources violation, call 1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667) toll-free any time or contact your local ministry office during regular business hours. You can also call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

Club Level Safety Instructors Shooting Course

  Canadian Firearms Institute Shooting Club Safety Course-Instructor Training.


Saturday & Sunday July 14 & 15, 2012 we are offering the CFI Shooting Club Safety Course followed by the CFI Shooting Club Safety Course-Instructor Training.
Graduates will be certified to deliver the CFI Shooting Club Safety Course at the club level.The course is approx. 14 hours and will be held over two days. 

Day 1- CFI Shooting Club Safety  Course
 Day 2 –Shooting Club Safety Course Instructor’s Training.

Take home: Instructors Manual for the CFI Shooting Club Safety Course, teaching aids, Power Point presentation on USB.  If requested The CFI staff would be happy to work with the individual clubs to customize the safety course to reflect the specific needs of the clubs.


Location: Mohawk Conference Centre, 245 Fennell Ave W. Hamilton, ON


For more information      [email protected]

**Accommodations are available at the residence, 905.385.3200, at the rate of $89.95.

There is Cafeteria on site and restaurants near by for lunch. Morning and afternoon breaks refreshments supplied.


Course Registration Fee: 

CFI Partners $160.00 ($141.60 + $18.40 HST)


Non-Partners $205.00 (includes a CFI Individual Partnership $45.00)

For more information      [email protected]

Eliminator Pro Sight Podcast # 1213

Inventor of the Eliminator Pro Sight and CEO of Extreme Outdoor Products Mitchell Schmitz talks about his “outside the box” design for bow sights and how it will allow bow hunters to shoot more accurately without a peep sight. Check out the 150 yard shot here
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