Canadian Ice Fishing Championships (CIFC) Winners

The CIFC 2013 has new champions


The 19th season for the Canadian Ice Fishing Championships were held off Lake Simcoe’s Jackson Point in Georgina to crown a new team as Canadian Champion Ice Fishing anglers in 2013.

Friday night’s meet n greet was held at the Georgina arena to go over CIFC rules, regulations and sign in.

Forty nine two person teams competed over two days in both shallow & deep water challenges.

Perch were the targeted species during Saturday’s event just north east of Jackson Point. Water depth ranged from 14 – 20 feet in the fishing zone.

The 8am start had decent weather with good ice conditions and low wind.

Conditions got windier as the day progressed till the 2pm deadline.

Teams members with ATV and snow sleds checked into the entry point at Bonnie Boats for gear and bait regulations at first light. Actual fishing could not begin until 8am.

Each 2 person team had to catch 15 perch in total plus keep them alive for release after weigh-in at 2pm. Any bait could be used with no more than four hooks allowed. Only one rod per angler was allowed and team members could only be up to thirty paces apart.

Day one perch fishing started off fast with many anglers catching their quota. Most however decided to go after those jumbos and live released many of their smaller catch. The perch started to shut down on the easy bite around 8:30 am and catching a limit after that stretched all the anglers arsenal of tips and tricks.

Numerous teams failed to catch a limit by the 2pm shutdown.

Dink perch filled many pails, Jumbos were hard  to catch

Dink perch filled many pails, Jumbos were hard to catch



Gerry lands another one for the team

Gerry lands another one for the team


Perch fishing was tough all day for everyone,

both pros and and amateurs .

Drilling Perch Holes












Day two started out with great weather as anglers proceeded three kilometers off shore to the big fish zone. Three times the area as the previous perch zone. Depths ranged around sixty feet.

Most anglers hugged the perimeter of the zone marked off by blaze orange cones. Two lines were allowed per angler and again only up to thirty paces apart was permitted. Many of the larger pop up hut had both anglers huddled inside with two holes drilled outside.

The Deep Water Big Fish Zone

The Deep Water Big Fish Zone


White Fish, Lake Trout were targeted by most anglers with various typical set ups of jigging or tip-ups.  White Fish were caught by a few anglers and many marked fish on the electronics.

Greg Klatt after the  BIG ONE

Greg Klatt after the

Team 47 Chris Hiltz with his 34 inch Lake Trout

Team 47 Chris Hiltz with his 34 inch Lake Trout





Team 24 had two White Fish for a total of  188 points. Fifty for the fish, fifty for a live release and one point per inch.

Two Ling were also caught by Calvin Perry of Team 24 in the late morning.

That propelled them into the lead.

Team 24 Calvin Perry with his Ling

Team 24 Calvin Perry with his Ling



CIFC Oldest and Youngest Competitors Joe Montgomery 90 years young Never missed an CIFC

Never missed an CIFC   Joe Montgomery 90 years young

Youngest CIFC angler was Teshaun Tran at 13 years


Youngest CIFC angler was Teshaun Tran at 13 years








Thanks to the volunteers and sponsors for all their help during the weekend

and of course the huge year long effort of

Lures and Tours Team  Rosa Sharpe and Charlie Ross

Charlie Ross Rosa Sharpe Rocky Crawford and Councellor of Goergina

Charlie Ross Rosa Sharpe Rocky Crawford and Councellor of Goergina



Special thanks The Briars Staff and Hugh Sibbald

Special thanks toThe Briars Staff and Hugh Sibbald












With out the Volunteers it just doesn’t happen


They MAKE the







Team 24 Ken Prentice and Calvin Perry 2013 Canadian Ice Fishing Champions

Team 24 Ken Prentice and Calvin Perry 2013 Canadian Ice Fishing Champions



SHOW ME THE $$$$$$

Team 24 2013 CIFC Champions Ken Prentice and Calvin Perry

Team 24 2013 CIFC Champions
Ken Prentice and Calvin Perry


Please go to the Lures and Tours Website for all the pictures and scores over the two day CIFC weekend

For all the final scores of all the teams click on the links below

You can also click on these links also to see photos

Algonquin Land Claim Meeting for the Public

Media Release for Algonquin Lands Claim Public Meeting Monday 25th 2013


OFAH/CSIA/FOCA to host public information meetings on Algonquin Land Claim
Stittsville meeting scheduled for Monday, February 25

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH), the Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association (CSIA) and the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations (FOCA) will be hosting public information meetings on the Algonquin Land Claim settlement.

“The purpose of these meetings is to let the people who live, work, hunt, fish and recreate in the land claim area know what’s at stake. To date, the government has not provided the public with the opportunity for consultation, which is inexcusable,” said OFAH Executive Director Angelo Lombardo. “Collectively, we feel it is our responsibility to make the public aware of the details of this land claim and how they may be affected.”

The meeting will take place Monday, February 25, 2013 from 7:00pm-9:00pm at the Royal Canadian Legion Stittsville & District Branch 618, located at 1481 Main Street in Stittsville. There will be presentations from the OFAH, CSIA and FOCA and an opportunity for the public to ask questions. No prior registration is required and everyone is encouraged to attend.

“If you enjoy the use of public lands or are impacted by the claim in any way, this meeting will provide you with some background information and prepare you for government sessions in March where you can ask questions and demand answers,” said Lombardo. “The opportunity to hunt, fish, boat, hike, cottage, trap, canoe, camp or ATV in the land claim area is on the line.”

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters is Ontario’s largest, nonprofit, fish and wildlife conservation-based organization, representing 100,000 members, subscribers and supporters, and 710 member clubs. To learn more,

First Aid Kit Designed for Hunters and Anglers

What to look for in an Outdoor First Aid Kit

First Aid Company (FAC) tongue-in-cheek motto is …we sincerely hope you never have to use any of our products“, but what they are really about is manufacturing a quality lightweight First Aid kit designed for the outdoors.

Every one at some time in the outdoors will need a first aid kit or first aid care. You know it and I know it.

FAC First Aid was established in 1999 but their roots go back long before that. Glenn saw the need for a First Aid kit for outdoors and wilderness applications back in the late 1980s and couldn’t find anything on the market.  I  know we hunted together for over 20 years.

So his company FAC designed one, together with an ER physician and a senior EMT trainer. Other hunters, anglers, hikers and other outdoor people saw theses kit or were treated by theses kits and asked if they could buy them — and the First Aid Company evolved from those beginnings.

Having the means on hand to treat any injury often helps prevent further injury or worse not being able to continue what ever you were doing. Better yet making it back to your car, home or hospital to continue treatment if required.

For more information on first aid kits check out the full page on the Outdoors In Ontario link

I will even provide a promo link to get 10% off your own  Wilderness Outdoor First Aid Kit

Sunday gun hunting in Hamilton

By Samantha Craggs, CBC News

Call your local councillor

A Flamborough man who wants Hamilton to approve Sunday gun hunting isn’t giving up.

Local hunter Charlie Bois approached councillors in November asking for the city to approve hunting with a gun on Sundays. The city planning committee accepted the presentation without acting on it.

Since then, Bois has collected about 150 names on a petition around the city. He has also spoken with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH), which will present at a planning committee meeting on Feb. 19.

Bois is determined to press the issue, which he says is needed for Hamilton hunters too busy to hunt on other days. Bois often works six days a week with his own business, Charlie’s Carpentry Services. That only leaves him Sunday for an activity such as duck hunting, which requires a gun.

“I’m really hoping that city councillors realize that a lot of people want this and it’s really not going to cause any problems,” he said. “It wouldn’t change anyone’s day-to-day life.”

Bow hunting is already legal on Sundays in Hamilton. But hunting with a gun on Sunday would require a vote from council. Currently, about 150 Ontario municipalities allow Sunday gun hunting.

Flamborough councillor Robert Pasuta, who represents Bois’s ward, has spoken to local farmers and constituents on the issue. None of them want it, he said, so he won’t vote in favour.

Farmers say they like having one day a week to not worry about the traffic created by hunters, he said. They think six days a week is enough.

“If the farmers aren’t in support of it, that’s enough for me,” Pasuta said, who is also farmer.

Bois has petitions at shops such as Fishing World on Barton Street East, Al Simmons Gun Shop on Locke Street South and Cathy’s Country Kitchen at Peter’s Corners in Dundas. He is also encouraging fellow hunters to contact councillors.

HT Enterprises Inc., endorses Canadian Ice Fishing Championships

 HT Enterprises endorses CIFC


Thanks to the people at HT Enterprises Inc., an exciting new sponsorship arrangement has come our way. HT, one of the top manufacturers of equipment especially designed for ice fishing, is sponsoring the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship (CIFC) for the first time.

“We couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to support this exciting event,” said HT President Ken Grahl.  “One of the best ways for ice fishing enthusiasts to learn more about their sport and increase their productivity is to network with other knowledgeable anglers, sharing and comparing their gear, tactics, techniques and experiences. And the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship provides a tremendous opportunity to do just that in an entertaining and fun atmosphere.”

 HT Enterprises Ice Fishing Equipment


“HT Enterprises, Inc. is a company we are really pleased to see on board with the CIFC,” said Rosa Sharpe, C.E.O. of Canadian Ice Fishing Championship. She continued, “What they do for ice fishing with their innovative and quality products makes it a perfect fit. The contestants will be seeing a wide variety of HT products given away in prizes.”



For sponsorship, media and registration inquiries contact

Rosa Sharpe, C.E.O, Canadian Ice Fishing Championship