Calling In Two Toms With My GobbleStalker Glass Pot Call

A Quick Gobbler Hunt At First Light.

After a twenty minute walk into my location I had just got set up and was ready to let out those first few hen wake up calls of clucks and purrs.

There were about twenty Oak trees up on an elevated plateau to the north that always had roosting turkeys. I had to walk across two fields then around the base of this 400 foot hill to a small valley entrance. An old logging trail headed north west along the back side of the plateau. I only had to walk in about a 100 yards.

I knew the area well having hunted here for a few seasons. It was still dark as the forest slowly came alive and changed from night sounds to early morning wake up calls. Sunrise was in another nine minutes at 6;04.AM. The Turkeys wake up tree calls had echoed down to me as they called back and forth for the last twenty minutes. I could hear them as they flew down, wings flapping and branches snapping landing on the ridge line above me.

A few soft strikes on my Gobble Stalker Glass Pot call was all that it took to get a response from a Gobbler.

Here’s how that hunt turned out


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CarrieZ Turkey Talkin Hunting Podcast #1304

CarrieZ the Podcast  Huntress talks all about Turkey Hunting with Host Peter Wood. Listen in why lady hunters get the big gobbler down every spring and how they get it done. Check out CarrieZ podcasts here and here to learn more about the huntress from Milwakee.
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OFAH – MNR to deliver the Community Hatchery Program

Community Hatching Program (CHP) Renewed

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) has partnered with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to deliver the new Community Hatchery Program (CHP). The MNR will provide $250,000 annually over a three-year agreement for OFAH to deliver the CHP. The CHP will offer a more targeted approach to funding and technical support for Ontario’s community hatcheries.In Ontario, fish production for stocking purposes occurs at nine MNR hatcheries and many community-based fish hatcheries throughout the province. For decades, community hatcheries have enabled members of the public to actively participate in fish culture projects that stock millions of fish annually and provide direct benefits to Ontario’s fishery resources. In the past, the MNR’s Community Fisheries and Wildlife Involvement Program (CFWIP) has offered funding to community fish culture and stocking projects. The CHP will use the funds typically allocated to community fish hatcheries through CFWIP to provide a new delivery process and support system specifically for community fish culture and stocking projects. The remaining annual CFWIP funding ($300,000) will be offered through another new program, the Land Stewardship & Habitat Restoration Program (LSHRP), which will be administered by the MNR. Collectively, the new CHP and LSHRP will replace CFWIP as the government funding sources for community-based fish and wildlife projects in Ontario.In addition to allocating funding, the new CHP will work directly with community hatcheries to provide better support and guidance for the successful rearing and stocking of fish. This will include assistance with obtaining the required permits, as well as support during the planning and operation of community hatcheries. The MNR will continue to be responsible for setting stocking targets, reviewing and issuing permits and licenses, providing eggs and fry, as well as brood stock and fish stocking locations.”Fish stocking and community involvement are two incredibly important components of successful fisheries management in Ontario. Through the CHP, we have an opportunity to strengthen the community hatchery program in Ontario,” said OFAH Executive Director Angelo Lombardo. “The OFAH has numerous long-standing and successful partnerships with the MNR, including the Ontario Hunter Education Program and the Invading Species Awareness Program. This new partnership will not only provide greater certainty and support for Ontario’s community hatcheries themselves, but will also provide enormous ecological, social and economic benefits by helping to improve our fisheries.”

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters is Ontario’s largest, nonprofit, fish and wildlife conservation-based organization, representing 100,000 members, subscribers and supporters, and 710 member clubs. To learn more,

Media Contacts:

Dr. Terry Quinney
Provincial Manager of Fish & Wildlife Services
705-748-6324 ext 242
[email protected] 
Matt DeMille
Assistant Manager of Fish & Wildlife Services/Fisheries Biologist
705-748-6324 ext. 249
[email protected]

Long Point Waterfowl’s Hunting Course

Hunting Course For Future Wildlife Professionals Now Accepting Applications


Long Point Waterfowl is a non-government organization that is dedicated to wetland and waterfowl research, conservation and education in the Great Lakes region. We developed our Hunting Course for Future Wildlife Professionals to provide college and university students in wildlife programs with the opportunity to increase their awareness of, and participate in, our hunting heritage. The workshop also teaches students that hunting is an important and cost effective wildlife management tool. The Hunting Course for Future Wildlife Professionals includes 6 days of hands-on activities, training and mentorship
in hunting, wildlife conservation and management. Participants stay at Long Point Waterfowl’s Research & Education Centre and receive all the required training to hunt in this cost-effective, one-stop workshop.

Long Point Waterfowl decided to offer this course to provide future wildlife professionals with a cost-effective way to get their hunting licenses as well as the opportunity to learn more about the ecological, economic and social importance of hunting. This course is open to students currently enrolled in wildlife management programs at universities or colleges in Ontario.


Activities include:

Retriever training
Waterfowl decoy placement Calling and taxidermy
Target shooting
Game preparation and cooking

Dates are: 20-25 July
and 17-22 August, 2013 Cost is: $450, which includes housing, food, instructor
fees and training materials

For additional information, please contact

Ted Barney, Biologist
1-888-448-2473 ext. 151

[email protected]

Participants receive lots of great gifts and one year memberships with: Delta Waterfowl
Ducks Unlimited Canada

Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters Quality Deer

85th OFAH Fish and Wildlife Conference A HUGE Success

The 85th Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters Annual Conference

The Mississauga’s  Delta Meadowvale Conference Centre was the host location for the 8th year.

Over 400 OFAH members attended this yearly event.

Top guest speakers included Tim Hudak, Leader of the PC Party of Ontario, Andrea Horwarth Leader of the NDP of Ontario and Joe Dickson Parliamentary Assistant to the Ministry of Natural Resources.

OFAH Conference Workshops seminar speakers included David O”Toole Deputy Minister of Natural Resources.

Matt Demille, Manager of Fish & Wildlife Services/Fisheries Biologist – Research into Ontario’s freshwater fisheries. Water level all time low.

Rob Southwick – President of Southwick Associaties – They developed the Angler & Hunter Surveys.

Tim Danson, Solicitor Recht & Voudouris –  Native Land Claim concerns and facts. Williams Treaty how it affects Ontario.

Eric Boysen Directory Biodiversity Branch & Renewable Energy Program. – Crown Land Management & Wind Turbines.

John Winters Retired Algonquin Park Superintendent, – Algonquin Land  Claim update on proposed of 117, 500 acres.

Darrel Rowledge President Alliance for Public Wildlife – Public Policy of Chronic Wasting Diseases across Canada.


Awards for Ontario’s TOP conservationists.

East Elgin S.S. were winners of the OFAH Leadership Program Award

East Elgin S.S. were winners of the OFAH Leadership Program Award




Why cast iron fry pans cook great venison burgers

How to cook the perfect venison burger

Tasty juicy venison burger from a cast iron frypan

Tasty juicy venison burger from a cast iron frypan

How to make your own Venison Burger


Why use a cast-iron frying pan for cooking?

As a Hunter I often get to cook whatever wild game that I harvest during the hunting season. With several deer tags each season my meat freezer has it’s share of venison steaks, roasts, loins and lots of venison ground meat. Properley butchered and now frozen and vacuum packed deep in the freezer.
Once deer season has ended with winter snows and cold winds gripping frozen ponds, forests and fields I get out my crockpot, smoker and often fire up the barbecue depending on the cut of meat.
AS winters grip slides by week after week my bounty of wild game dwindles. Naturally the tenderest tastiest choicest cuts go first.
As my dwindling supply of chosen cuts become smaller and smaller and my mound of frozen venison hamburger seem to say “ it’s time to bring out the cast iron fry pan”.

There’s just something about a cast-iron fry pan that brings out all the juices and just enhances any cooked wild game meat especially venison burgers.
Available in all sizes,  cast-iron fry pans range from six-inch up the 30 inch (that’s very heavy). I prefer about a ten inch diameter one or eight inch for side dishes and single burgers.
Of course you have to keep your cast-iron fry pans properly cleaned and seasoned to bring out the best in any meal.
Options to clean range a cast iron fry pan range from muscle scrubbing power to a super hot auto oven clean cycle. Just never foregt to keep a drip pan on the bottome of the stove!
Speaking fron experience you might have a smoke alarm sounding off so be prepared!

Once a pan is properly seasoned its ready to place on the stove. I prefer natural gas to electric but both work well.

Preparation is the key to have all your ingredients ready before you start cooking your venison burger.

Gather and prepare all your ingredients before fire heats the pan

Gather and prepare all your ingredients before fire heats the pan

As any good outdoor chef knows meal preprations and timing is the key to get everything cooked correctly at the same time,

After all who wants the meat overdone while your waiting for the onions to carmalize for another five minutes.
Get every thing ready from bowls, knives, plates, cast iron fry pan and of course the yummy stuff.


Frying up Shittake Mushrooms and caramelizing sweet onions

Frying up Shittake Mushrooms and caramelizing sweet onions


My list of ingredients
three quarters of a pound of venison hamburger

plus 1/4 pound of plain hamburger to add some mositure.

one egg
some liquid smoke
Chipoltli sauce

sprinkling of dried breadcrumbs
2 oz sliced shiitake mushrooms
one sweet onion , sliced thinly

multigrain hamburger buns






Frying up sliced Shitake Mushrooms and caramelizing sweet onions in butter will certainly enhance your venison burger.

Maple bacon is of course another option to add, it crisps up nicely in a cast iron pan.

Two or three strips are enough for each burger. Set aside under a paper towel.


One option I like is to bake a whole garlic bulb at 400 degree F with the pointed top lopped off and drizzled with some Olive oil. Remove any of the paper skin first. Takes about 30 minutes.

Simply squeeze a few cloves into the burger mixture before cooking. YUM.

Time is the key to the onions browning and bringing out their caramelized sweetness.

Low heat gently sautéed thinly sliced onions for perhaps twenty minutes.

Mushroom wont take as long to prepare, don’t over cook them.

As these ingredients are cook prepare the venison.


Mix dry ingredients first with venison and regular burger. Add, salt, pepper, liquid smoke and a few drops of Chipotle sauce to taste. Mix in one egg along with bread crumbs to hold it all together.

Form a paddy with about 1/3 pound of burger maybe an inch thick and four inches in diameter.


Your cast iron fry pan is of course pre heated on medium heat with a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Lay the burger in gently and cook about 4 minutes before gently flipping it over.

When you get to the three minute mark its time to add a layer of Swiss cheese.





You can of course lay the bacon strips, mushroom and onions under the cheese before melting it or add after the cheese is melted.

Sliced Swiss cheese melted overtop your burger under a glass lid will have everyone drooling.


To toast the hamburger bun I use a 4-slice toaster and lay it on top. You can use the oven or a toaster over for the same results.

Don’t BURN it!


Now for the final build, very simple of course to slide a tender juicy venison burger from your cast iron fry pan onto the now toasted bun.

You can load the top full of your favorite condiments, mustard, relish, tomato’s, hot sauce or lettuce.

Hopefully the maple bacon, Shitake mushrooms, caramelized onions don’t slither off from atop your juicy venison burger.

Enjoy,,,,double YUM with a salad, or  side dish of your choice.


Deluxe Venison Burger

Deluxe Venison Burger

Big Buck n Bull Day Podcast #1302

The Big Buck n Bull Day Show on April 6th 2013 is at the Tillbury Arena 10-6pm. Canada In The Rough Hosts Beasly Brothers will be on hand to help FROW score all the antlers, sheds, bear skull, moose racks and gobblers brought in. The South West Outdoor Club ( hosts this annual event often with over 100 deer racks being scored. A FREE Trount pond for the kids and some 3D archery will keep them busy. The Wheatley Scout Troop will be cooking up a storm. Live entertainment will keep everyone tapping their toes. Lots of vendors and sponsors on hand for every one involved with the outdoors in Ontario.


South West Outdoors Club

South West Outdoors Club

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19th Annual Canadian Ice Fishing Championship a Huge Success

The CIFC looks ahead to 2014 after a huge success this year.

Jackson’s Point, ON: Lake Simcoe is home for the annual Canadian Ice Fishing Championship (CIFC) and on February 23rd and 24th 2013 the team of Ken Prentice (Cedar Valley) and Calvin Perry (Newmarket) were crowned Lake Simcoe and Canadian Ice Fishing Champions. For their victory, they take home a total of $3,456. They weighed in a nice limit of 15 perch on day one but it was truly day two that stood out for them.

With 48 two person teams fishing in the controlled one square kilometer zone out off of Jacksons Point, you would think that it would be anybody’s game out on the ice. “Anglers knew the average depth throughout the zone was about 65 feet and there really weren’t any shoals or key areas within that zone. However our champions did everything right- from picking the right spot to place their portable hut to choosing the right lures,” said Rosa Sharpe, CEO of the CIFC. Of all ten big fish that day Calvin Perry caught four of them – two big ling and two whitefish … truly a remarkable catch.

In second place were Denes Szvercsok and Chris Hiltz. They were leading after day one with 4.51 pounds of yellow perch and caused some excitement the next morning by calling out for an official measurement of a beautiful 34 inch lake trout, barely into the second hour of competition. All big fish at CIFC tournaments are measured on the spot and released. For their efforts Denes and Chris took home a $1,440 cheque … plus an extra $530 for the big lake trout caught by Chris. In third were Kyle Perry and Lance Boyd who were given $960. The biggest perch of the event was worth $600 cash, weighed 1.03 pounds and was caught by David Cordeiro.

In addition to the cash awards totaling over $10,000, about $23,000 in prizes were given out during the entire event. Nobody went home empty handed. During the final evening of the event, anglers gathered in Sutton for a roast beef dinner and the awards ceremony.

The following notables were recognized that evening:

Spiro Agouros of On Tour Productions acted as Master of Ceremonies throughout the weekend.

Wil Wegman received the Bill Bond Memorial Award, presented by Ken Hackenbrook, Town of Georgina Councillor and a previous recipient of the award. This is presented annually for dedication to conserving and promoting the fishery of Lake Simcoe.

Wil Wegman for his years as ambassador of Lake Simcoe also received fisherman’s artwork by Murray Henderson.

A special thank you is due to Charlie Ross for his valued assistance. Charlie has dissolved his partnership with CIFC and Lures & Tours, but will continue to stay on as an adviser and work on special projects.

Rocky & Laura Madsen received a Murray Henderson painting as part of the presentation acknowledging their passing of the CIFC torch to Lures and Tours.

Joseph Montgomery received a special award from the CIFC for his years of dedication and service to the CIFC, plus a custom painting by Murray Henderson portraying Joseph on the ice. He also received a framed certificate from the Mayor of Georgina. All anglers celebrated Joe’s 90th year, 84th year fishing – with the presentation of a large birthday cake. 


Teshuan Tran received honours as the youngest angler at 13 years of age. He fished with his uncle Barry Swales – both first time competitors from Toronto. York Simcoe MPP Julia Munro presented Teshuan with a recognition certificate.

Both Teshuan and Joseph Montgomery were the subjects of broadcast news coverage on the ice, which must have been a memorable experience for this novice angler at his very first ice fishing competition.

Husband and Wife Team – Mike Riendeau and Lesley Stefek Riendeau of Jackson’s Point. Female Team – Leona Creber (Kirkfield) and Sandra Chiovitti (Toronto)
U.S.A. Team – Ross Benton and son Paul from North Tonawanda, NY
Out of Province team category – Kevin Page and Dale Page from Quebec.

Thank you to our Sponsors:

HT Enterprises, Berkley, Town of Georgina, Lucky Strike, Williams Lures, Rapala, SAIL Outdoor Superstores, Reno Viola Outdoors, Briars Resort, Merland Park Resort, Happy Days Houseboats, Lower Twin Lakes Lodge, Kashaga Lodge, Murray Henderson Art, Heat in a Click, RMC Argo Sales & Service, McDonald’s Keswick, EverStart, Sarox Heating and Air Conditioning, Somerville Construction, Aztech Communications, Three Islands Motel, Georgina Music, Gypsy by the Lake, Hank Heyink Fish Huts, the Home Hardwares of Fenelon Falls and Sutton, Lake Simcoe Arms, Bridgenorth Sports & Marine, Outdoors Plus, Portable Toilet Rentals, Red & White Diner, Anchor Restaurant, Best Buddy LLC, Magna Sportfishing, Bonnie Boats Marine, South Paw Trading Post, Trombly’s Tackle Box, Port Bolster Inn, Randy’s Fish Huts and Black River Contracting & Equipment Rental.


Doug Carr, Tyler Evans, Kevin Gittens, Wayne King, Brandon Levesque, Rocky Madsen, Laura Madsen, Steven Marles, Ted Rennie, Bob Swain, Dave Wheeler, Tom Hunt, Wendy Hunt, Ruthann Wilson, Estelle Lemaire, Marilyn Pelley, Monica Nagy, Gerry Heels, Peter Worosz, Karen Freels and Joseph Capobianco.


Weigh-In Services: Top Bass Catering: River Garden Restaurant

Media and Communications:

Bill Schwarz – Outdoors Unlimited, KC Colby – CTV News Barrie, Heidi Reidner – Georgina Advocate, Bob Sexton – Outdoor Canada, Tom Otto – Angler & Hunter Radio, Wil Wegman, Karen Palmer, Reno Viola Outdoors Radio, Peter Wood – Ripple Outdoors, Phoebe Ho – XinHua News Agency, Suzanne Sholer, Grant Smith.

Municipal and Regional Representatives:

Julia Munro, MPP York Simcoe

Town of Georgina Mayor Robert Grossi, Councillor Ken Hackenbrook, Economic Development officials Karyn Stone and Karen Palmer.

Official results and photos can be found at

For more information on this event please contact:
Rosa Sharpe,
C.E.O, Canadian Ice Fishing Championship and Lures and Tours
[email protected] Ph: 705-304-1320 Ph./Fax: 705-738-5757 Cell: 905 251 5624



CIFC Photo Album –

CIFC Facebook with posts of photos for comments and sharing –

CTV News Barrie segment on the CIFC –   advance the timeline slider to 5:15 minutes

XinHua News Agency – Photos –

Ripple Outdoors on location podcast –


PERCHIN FOR MS –Another Lake Simcoe’s Premier Ice fishing Event




With a full field of 227 teams competing in the Third Annual PERCHIN FOR MS Fundraiser Perch Fishing Tournament on Sat. March 2…Another huge success was accomplished!  This year with the temperatures holding and winds kept to a light breeze…the 3rd Annual Perchin For MS Ice Fishing event was held on Saturday, March 2nd at Sibbald Point Provincial Park.

The event once again drew anglers from all over Ontario and into the United States.

The event saw 455 people take to the ice in the early hours of Saturday morning all in hopes of catching the big one…while helping to make a difference.


Each team paid a $50 entry fee of which half is donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  The 10 heaviest perch win the tournament.  Competition this year was tough though.  Teams had a large group to contend with and fishing was tough going.  That didn’t phase the Winning Team of Roman Runo and Janusz Kawalec known as Team Ice Fish though.


The team was able to weigh in a weight of 6.09lbs worth of perch for their big win of the Jack Link’s Jackpot of $2000.00.  The team was also proud to display their Rapala Rod, reel and lures that won them the tournament and an extra Rapala Prize pack worth $500.00.


There was also a early bird draw and a separate Pot that anglers could enter for additional contests – The Power Pro Ice Slab Advanced Challenge, Rapala 36 Award, Humminbird Mystery Weights and Lake Simcoe Message Board top prize.


The winner of the Early bird Draw for a one week Fishing Getaway to Horwood Outpost was won by the Dream Team of Steve Knox and Dwaye Anderson.

The Slab Award for Biggest Fish of the event was won by Team Fish4Reel – Andrew Barter and Ryan Lennox who caught a beautiful 1.58 lb, perch.  This earned them the Shimano Cash Prize of $500.  The Rapala 36 Award was won by Team Solo Citizen – Nick Terpselas how came in 36th place winning a $500 Rapala Prize Pack.  One Mystery weight was also hit by Team Beard – Mike Riendeau and Chuck Bymes winning Humminbird Ice 35 Fish Finders each!  And as for the Lake Simcoe Message Board prize…well it was picked up by the second place team known as “Fish On” of Kyle Howe and Jeff Mitchell, getting an additional $200 cash to add to their $1200.00 second place prize!

Roman Runo and Janusz Kawalec

Roman Runo and Janusz Kawalec


This tournament is more than just about fishing and prizes though.  Poirier started this event to fight back against MS while raising awareness and showing himself and others that life can still go on, even with a disability.

And it appears this is what it is already doing   “This event has taken on a life of its own and helped so many already.  This year I had numerous people tell me stories of how important this event is to themselves and their loved ones who have MS.  I even had one lady break down crying…she was so moved by the tournament and what it was doing!” said Poirier.


Poirier is also very pleased to announce, that with such amazing support and generous donations that the event has raised  $17,000 that will go toward the fight to End MS.


Poirier was also once again blown away by the unbelievable support from the sponsors and community and how far away people came to be a part of this event.  Anglers from the United States, Ottawa, Windsor, North Bay and everywhere in between came to be a part of it!


Doug would like to thank all of his volunteers who made the event possible as well as ALL of his sponsors especially Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, Sandy Young and Laura Rackham – Royal LePage, Triton Pro Web Design, Performance Signs, The Town of Georgina Economic Development Committee, Maunders Catering – Aurora and HT Enterprises, Humminbird, Rapala, and Shimano.


Media: For more information please contact Doug Poirier at 289-231-2132 or by email at [email protected]

MS Perch Derby