DIY Elk Hunt In Colorado Flat Top

Hunting Elk – Check this out for your DIY hunt.

Wild Skies –  May 25, 2013 – With more than 42,000 elk in the herd, Wild Skies  of NW Colorado has two archery hunts available for the do-it-yourself hunter who is tired of wall tents and drop camps and wants to hunt in comfort and affordably out of a brand new 3500+ sf mountain retreat surrounded on three sides by the Routt National Forest and with ½ mile of private river frontage.

Opening week (August 30-Sept 6, 2013) and closing week (September 23-30, 2013) are the two best archery weeks during the season.  Opening week is ideal because the animals haven’t been pressured yet and a hunter has the option to come in a few days before the season starts to scout or plan the hunt.  The last week of archery season occurs during the height of the rut and for hunters who enjoy calling elk, it doesn’t get any better.

Archery season is the best hunting in Wild Skies’ area. This area has a 4:1 cow to bull ratio which is phenomenal for an area that offers unlimited either sex archery elk licenses. Additional, the terrain is not that difficult with the highest elevation going to approximately 12,500 and with the majority of the area you would hunt being btw 8,500-11,000 feet.

Wild Skies is located off the Flat Tops Scenic Byway and one can drive right up to the front door. Flying is easy either through the Steamboat Springs, CO airport known as the Yampa Regional Airport where rental cars from national companies can be acquired and then driven a short 45 minutes to the front door of our hunting property or to Denver, CO with a four hour scenic drive to the property.

The cost is $1950 per hunter plus taxes. If a group of 4 or more hunters books the entire lodge is yours exclusively. If five or more book, call for special pricing. If a group of four or more wants a private chef onsite to prepare meals the cost would be $350 per hunter and that includes all food and beverages except alcohol, all meal preparations and cleaning of the kitchen. A local outfitter can pack out your elk for $250 provided he can get to it with a horse and the town of Craig is located one hour away and has several meat processors with 24 hour turn-around times.

Wild Skies has offered the do-it-yourself hunter clean, comfortable and affordable cabin accommodations in NW Colorado.  In 2012 Wild Skies completed building its flagship property in NW Colorado’s GMU12 on the northern end of the Flat Tops just 4 miles from the Flat Tops Wilderness which is the first area in the United States designated a wilderness. Wild Skies has attained its place as the world’s preeminent do-it-yourself mountain retreat.

For additional information about, the upcoming 2013 Big Game hunting Season in Colorado contact Lisa Bennett at 970.926.0216 or email [email protected] or write Wild Skies at P.O. Box 2956, Edwards, CO 81632.

SWOC and OFAH Meeting Podcast #1307

The South West Outdoor Club  May meeting featured speaker was Brian McRea Club Services represenative with the OFAH. Going over the benefits of club membership and what and what isn’t covered by the 5 million dollar coverage for clubs and its members. For more information and to learn more about us and

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Why Some Hunting and Fishing Web Sites Rank Higher Than Others

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Learn How To Duck Hunt Podcast #1306

Mike Moynihan with the Rondeau Bay Waterfowlers is looking for 50 new duck hunters who want to learn how to hunt ducks this fall in a free 2day hunt on Rondeau Bay in Ontario’s north shore of Lake Erie. New hunters will be paired up with mentors to participate on Oct 5th and 6th. A presentation by Park officialsm overnight camping, breakfast, transportation to blinds with mentors, dogs, learning how to clean ducks, and lunch are provided. Participants must have a currant & valid 2103 Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit and Ontario Small Games License or Apprentice Hunter Safety Card. For more information

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CFI Range Officers Training Course

Upcoming Ranger Officer Courses with Canadian Firearms Institute

This is a comprehensive course featuring the responsibilities, requirements and procedures needed to be an effective club level Range Officer.  Graduates are certified to perform the duties of Range Officer at any CFI Partner Club’s range or as approved by individual clubs.

 Course booking now for Sundridge  and Sudbury  areas.

Sunday, June 9, 2013                                Sunday, June 23, 2013

Caswell Resort                                      Crean Hill Gun Club

Sundridge, ON                                              Sudbury, On



Course Includes: Course Material Workbook and a written multiple choice exam. Graduates of the course are issued a CFI Range Officer Certificate.


Contact Us

Jim Newman[email protected]705.384.9492



PO Box 455

Sundridge, Ontario P0A 1Z0


Request Information Package

Hunter Turns Lead Into Gold Podcast

How Dave Roberts National Sales Manager with MAAT MT2 and as conservationist and hunter his company recycles lead shot from target ranges into cold hard cash ($Gold) for shooting ranges and helps clean the property for a safer environment and healthier for the planet. Check out to find out how Dave can help your shooting trap or skeet range turn lead into gold hard cash.
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SCI Michigan Hunting and Fishing Rights

Safari Club International Thanks Governor Snyder For Protecting Hunting, Fishing Rights in Michigan

Washington, DC – Governor Rick Snyder (Mich.) signed Senate Bills 288 and 289 into law today at a ceremony attended by many Safari Club International members. The new laws 1) state that the Natural Resources Commission has the authority to designate game species and 2) protect the right to hunt and fish. SCI’s Michigan Chapters, along with other sporting organizations in Michigan, advocated for final passage of both of these bills during this legislative session.

“The out-of-state forces, like the Humane Society of the United States, had attempted to undercut the authority of biologists and professional wildlife managers with their elaborate campaign to prevent hunting in the state of Michigan,” said SCI President John Whipple. “I am very proud of SCI’s Michigan Chapters for their continued efforts to advocate for hunting and conservation in their state. I would like to personally thank Gov. Snyder and every elected official who supported S.B. 288 and 289.”

S.B. 288 extends the Natural Resources Commission (NRC)’s authority and sound science mandate to naming animals to the game species list.  At the same time the bill retains the Legislature’s authority to do the same as well as its exclusive authority to remove game species from the list. S.B. 288 also grants the NRC the exclusive authority to issue fisheries orders, which currently rests with the director of the Department of Natural Resources, and also provides free licenses to active-duty members of the military. S.B. 289 establishes the rights to hunt and fish in state law, and makes protection of those rights a purpose of Michigan’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act.

“Without the grassroots backing of all those who support hunting, and those that understand the valuable role hunting plays in wildlife conservation and management, this important legislation would never have passed. Every hunter that called their elected official should be proud of sharing in the success of S.B. 288 and 289,” concluded Whipple.

Conservation groups herald the bills as an extension of voter-approved Proposal G of 1996, which granted the Natural Resources Commission exclusive authority over game management and required it to use sound science in its wildlife management decisions.

Contact: Nelson Freeman; [email protected]

Ministry Of Natural Resources Confirm Detection Of One Grass Carp In The Grand River Near Lake Erie

Media Release – MNR , Fisheries & Oceans Confirm Grass Carp in Ontario

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO – Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, today announced the test results of a single live Grass Carp caught near Dunnville, Ontario in the Grand River, near Lake Erie. Testing has confirmed that this specimen was sterile, and therefore not able to reproduce. “The Great Lakes are important to the economic and cultural make-up of Canadians who live and work on these waters,” said the Honourable Keith Ashfield, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. “Our efforts to date have prevented Asian Carp species, including Grass Carp, from establishing in the Great Lakes system. We will continue to be vigilant and respond quickly and effectively and do what is necessary to keep them from taking over this valuable watershed.”

Biologists at Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Asian Carp Laboratory performed sampling and preliminary analyses on the specimen to determine its ability to reproduce. Confirmation was made today that the fish is sterile by the Whitney Genetics Laboratory at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

“Ensuring the health and productivity of the Great Lakes by preventing the introduction of Asian Carp remains one of the highest priorities for Ontario and for my ministry,” said Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources David Orazietti. “Since 2005, Ontario has prohibited the possession of live Asian Carp, including Grass Carp, and has vigorously enforced these regulations. We are committed to working with Fisheries and Oceans Canada to respond quickly to all threats to our ecosystem from invasive species.”

The Grass Carp was caught on April 27, 2013, by a recreational angler. The Grass Carp is 110 cm long (44 inches) and weighs 18.5 kg (40 pounds). Grass Carp is one of four species of Asian Carps, which are considered highly invasive and a significant threat to the Great Lakes ecosystem. The others include Bighead, Silver and Black Carps. All live Asian carp are banned in Ontario and Michigan. Sterilized Grass Carp are stocked in some places in North America to control aquatic plants. In the Lake Erie basin, several U.S. states allow stocking of Grass Carp if they are sterilized, making them unable to reproduce.

Updates on response efforts and findings will be posted online at

SWOC Rainbow Trout Live Release

Wheatley Harbour – SWOC and North Gosfield release RainBow Trout


Kip Brown and his dedicated volunteers towed the Port Stanley Fish Hatchery  trailer Saturday morning with a couple hundred Rainbow Trout ready for live release.

Thirty members of the SWOC and other interested onlookers watched the live release process of various sized rainbow trout from 4 to 16 inch fish.

Rainbow Trout Release

Some of the young anglers in the crowd also helped out  one to one

Hand Released Trout

Hand Released!

The SWOC members donated $1000 to the Port Stanley Fish Hatchery

The SWOC donated $1000 to the Port Stanley Fish Hatchery for conservation and fish stocking

The SWOC donated $1000 to the Port Stanley Fish Hatchery for conservation and fish stocking