Guns Seized In Flood Zone

Could your guns be seized in Ontario by the OPP?

I caught this news item on Sun Tv about how residents in flooded High river were forced to evacuate and not  allowed to return after eight days. During that time RCMP inspected homes for possible victims, crime , looters and in the process removed any firearms found in their inspections.

Is that legal?

Residents were not allowed to return back to their own resident during the eight days RCMP went from house to house.

Check out the Sun Tv video here






MNR Lake Surveys To Manage Fisheries

MNR will be conducting fish management on a lake near you.

Fisheries crews from the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) will be on Ontario’s lakes this summer monitoring fish populations, taking water samples and checking for invasive species.

If you’re on a lake that is being monitored and see MNR buoys, please don’t lift the nets or buoys, and avoid recreational activities between and around the buoys. All nets will be clearly


Information gathered through these surveys will be used to help make decisions about managing fisheries, including setting fishing seasons and size limits for anglers.

Five-year monitoring cycle

These lake surveys mark the start of the second five-year cycle to collect information for fisheries management. Approximately 630 lakes will be targeted across Ontario. In the past five- year monitoring cycle, the ministry has sampled approximately 700 lakes.

In southern Ontario, crews will conduct netting surveys on 24 lakes in Fisheries Management Zones 15, 16, 17 and 18 (Bancroft, Midhurst, Parry Sound, and Peterborough Districts).

Lake surveys are done by MNR staff with the support of summer field staff hired from colleges and universities, and local communities. Approximately 1.3 million anglers fish in Ontario each year, spending more than $2.5 billon annually on fisheries-related products and services.


  •   Find out more about Ontario’s aquatic resources and the great angling opportunities they provide, and check out the Fish ON-Line website at
  •   See the list of lakes that are being netted for the broad-scale fisheries monitoring program across Ontario in 2013.

Never Say Never To Noodling Catfish

Kristen Monroe an avid  outdoor colleague , writer , blogger and  discovering wild Wisconsin one fish, turkey and deer at a time.

A while back in 2011 I interviewed Kristen on my Hunt Talk Show when it was published on the Web Talk Radio Network.  During our chat she mentioned how as a new hunter, angler she was always looking for new adventures to talk and write about on her blog and the Wisconsin Outdoors News. Now Kristen was certainly enthusiastic and a great guest so she did stand out a one of my memorable guests on Hunt Talk for energy.

As we chatted Kristen did say there was ONE thing I doubt she would never try. To which naturally I asked ,,,Ok I give up what wouldn’t you do?

Now you may have guessed by the title as to what she said. But if you just happened to stumble upon the Ripple Outdoors web site by some wired google search or was just surfing the pages here is what she said.

You can listen to our original interview by clicking on the link below.

Last month I got an email from Kristen to which she reminded me.

You know when I said I would never go catfish noodling,,so I replied ummm,,yes I do recall you were very clear on that topic. And I did agree not something I would be quick to do myself.

Well, and I can just imagine Kristen’s  smirk as she stated “I’m off to Southern Illinois at Rend Lake next week to go NOODLING!

Now Kristen is a tiny 5ft 2in passionate outdoor gal as this picture taken by  Dan Stefanich will show, Hopefully she will send me the link to her adventure soon

Kristen always said she would never NOODLE, well Never say Never, Way To Go Kristen!

Kristen always said she would never NOODLE, well Never say Never, Way To Go Kristen!

Thanks again for the update, you can contact Kristen at Wisconsin Outdoors News

Kristen Monroe with a giant catfish, photo by Dan Stefanich

Kristen Monroe with a giant catfish, photo by Dan Stefanich

What If Hunters United As An Army

Imagine what hunters today could accomplish as one unit.


A  hunting friend of mine passed along this link below that describes how hunters across North America could unite .

AS a Canadian and a hunter I have to agree with the Matts blog. Now If only hunters could just get past any bickering over styles of hunting, seasons, quotas . legalities and ethics just imagine what they could accomplish as a combined group of individuals.’There is no need for force when a well armed nation can defend itself if provoked or attacked. I for one am thank full for my neighbours to the south. With gun control firmly entrenched in Canada, Great Britain and Australia I wonder how many hunters could combine to come together as an “army”?

 Support the Canadian Firearm Institute  the NRA and SCI

Check out why Matt-Hughs Blog supports hunters like you and me.

or cut and past this link below

Thanks to all the Vets who continue to support the public across North America

Greg Horoky Walleye Tips Podcast # 254

Greg Horoky gives some great advice on walleye fishing tips during the SWOC seminar and meeting. To view Greg’s short video tips during the seminar please goto video Or click on the Links to Greg and the South West Outdoors Club the video link


Episode Resources

Ripple Outdoors

Episode Credits

Voice by Chuck Lefleur
Music by Jon Schmidt from the Podsafe Music Network

Fatal Force Outfitters Lake Trout Fishing

Lake Trout are hitting in deep water on Lake Simcoe


Knowing where to fish for Lakers is only part of the success equation. You still have to catch them.

Fatal Force Outfitters knows how to do both. Having fished with Tom on hard and open water over the past few years I discovered early he really knows his stuff as an outfitter.

He emailed me this picture of his last outing on Lake Simcoe so I will let the photos finish my sentence.

Lake Trout on Simcoe

Tom with a huge Lake Simcoe Lake Trout

Tom with a huge Lake Simcoe Lake Trout

Fines for Snowmobile and Ice Angling Offences

 MNR NEWS  June  12 2013 – $2,000 in Fines for Snowmobile and Ice Angling Offences


Two men have been fined a total of $2,000 for a number of snowmobile and fishing-related


Brian Truelove of Westport pleaded guilty and was fined $500 each for setting hook lines

and for failing to remain within 60 metres of his ice fishing hole while angling. Kyle Faarup

of Oshawa pleaded guilty and was fined $500 each for setting hook lines and for failing to

register the snowmobile he was operating. Equipment seized from both men was forfeited

to the Crown.

The court heard that on March 10, 2013, a Ministry of Natural Resources conservation

officer patrolling in South Frontenac Township inspected set hook lines on Garter Lake

where there is no winter fishing for lake trout. Upon investigation, it was concluded that the

four hook lines had been set the previous day. Truelove and Faarup, who arrived a short

time later, were observed checking the lines. They also set an additional line and failed to

remain within 60 metres of this line. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that

neither of the snowmobiles the men were driving, both of which were owned by Faarup,

had been registered.

Justice of the Peace, Jack Chiang, heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice, in

Kingston, on May 28, 2013.

Ice anglers are reminded that setting hook lines and failing to remain within 60 metres of a

set line are offences under the Ontario Fishery Regulations.

For further information on

fishing regulations, please consult the 2013 Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary,

available at

2012/2013 King of the Woods Hunting Triathlon Results

Lee Nilsen Takes King of the Woods Triathlon Contest Again

Beasley Brothers and Ontario Monster Whitetails King of the Woods Crown  Winner Lee Nilsen for the second time in this years Monster Whitetail KOTW event

June 1st – Peterborough

Check the final standings for Lee Nilsen  second time championship for King of the Woods Contest.


Winner of the King of the Woods Triathlon Contest 2013/2014
Winner of the King of the Woods Triathlon Contest 2013/2014

Swiss Rifle Re-classification Video

Do you own a Swiss Arms PE Classic Green Rifle?

John Evers – Canadian Shooting Sports Association – Rifle Reclassification of the  Swiss Arms PE Classic Green Rifle

Will the RCMP grab your Swiss Arms Rifle after reclassifying then prohibit or  ban it?

Is it possible  YOU may be a criminal?

Check out the

Sun News Video on Swiss Arms PE Classic Green Rifle

or cut n paste  the link below

Does the RCMP have the legal rights to ban a rifle due to it’s appearance?

Call or email your local MP and ask!