Lake Simcoe Lakers are on Fire

My good friend Tom from Fatal Force Outfittters said “The Lakers are on Fire”

Tom and Ward were out fishing Lake Simcoe for huge Lakers.

looks like they found them!


If you like to catch giant lake trout here is what to expect when fishing on Lake Simcoe.

Tom with a giant Laker on Lake Simcoe

Tom with a giant Laker on Lake Simcoe

Just so you know it wasn’t a fluke, fellow angler latches onto a dandy Laker himself

 Ward with his Laker

Ward with his dandy Lake Simcoe Laker

July is almost over. August is almost here

Don’t miss your chance to get out and do some Lake Simcoe fishing!

Any anglers that want to know what the

“secret lure is”

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Catching Lakers on 6 pound test can be a whole new experience

PhoneSkope Podcast 1310

PhoneSkope Co-Inventor and product manager Cheston Davis introduces an awesome line of products that will change the way you hunt. Seriously it will make you a better hunter. Every hunter carries a mobile phone and their prized optics on each hunt, So why not combine them to get awesome photos, videos when your scouting. As an added BONUS to hunttalk listeners if you use the promo code ” hunttalk ” when ordering your shipping is FREE. How awesome is that! Check out phoneskope products here to order yours today.

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Selecting the right gear for trout fishing is easy

Quality equipment and patience go hand in hand for fly fishing anglers

The most successful anglers I ever met were also the most patient types I knew, and I wondered if that was a coincidence. What wasn’t a coincidence, though, was the quality of their gear, i.e. the rods and reels they used. It wasn’t the most expensive equipment, but they were very attentive in cleaning, repairing and storing them carefully.

You don’t need to spend thousands buying tackle but investing in quality brands like Shimano rods is a good start. It might cost a little bit more but this gear tends to last longer and deliver a better performance. Also for anglers just learning to trout fish, using a well-designed rod makes learning to cast that much easier.

For selecting rod, reel and line, here is some guidance for getting it right:

Rod weight, length, feel

The icon of fishing all around the world, the purpose of the rod is to absorb the tension created by the fish on the line, but it also provides stability and control. I’ve already mentioned quality, but the weight and length of fly fishing rods are also essential features that affect your ability to catch fish. Aside from this, the rod also has to feel comfortable in your hands – easy to grip tightly when there’s weight on the line. Fly fishing rods for sale at the moment are made from really light graphite but some of the most beautiful vintage rods I’ve seen are bamboo, which is unfortunately a fragile material and so they’re not made much anymore.

 Well-balanced reel

When choosing a reel, the first consideration is size, by which I mean the reel should be big enough to hold sufficient backing line for the size of the fish you’re pursuing. Size and weight go hand-in-hand, but it’s important that the weight of the reel balances the weight of the rod and that the weight is sufficient to hold the line you’re using. There are some good machined reels made from polymer composites or aluminum alloys available at the moment, but an important thing to look out for are gaps between reel and spool as the fly line will jam itself in there at every opportunity!

 Light line

Like reels, selecting your line is dependent on the fish you’re after. Fly fishing line weight is ranked from 1 to 15 (lightest to heaviest). Some fly fishing veterans recommend never using any line heavier than a six-pound test i.e. the line at its weakest point can withstand 6lbs of pressure. Because trout are usually found in cold, clear water, the line is often visible to the fish. One way for beginners to choose the line is to match it with the weight of the rod and reel – so a 5 weight reel with a 5 weight rod and 5 weight line (5 line size is the most popular for trout fishing).

These are just a few of the fly fishing tackle tips that are important to have in mind. Buying proper gear is the start of what could be a lifelong pastime, but there’s only one way to get better at fly fishing and that’s by going out on the water!

Using the right gear with lots of patience is a great plan

Using the right gear with lots of patience is a great plan

Eye Pal USA Lets You Shoot With Both Eyes Open Podcast 1309

Charlie Summers CEO – Eye Pal USA allows shooters to use both eyes wide open. Very affordable and gauranteed to improve your shooting skills with firearms and archery gear. Check the Ripple Outdoors website for additional details on the EYE PAL or


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SWOC 10th Annual Kids Fishing Derby at Wheatley Harbour

The 10th annual South West Outdoors Club Kids Fishing Derby at Wheatley Harbour had lots of young anglers

Weather was awesome, hotdogs, pops ready, tackle ready, minnows and worms ready, volunteers ready, so bring on those young anglers!

The Wheatley Harbour pier was packed was anglers and parents from the main tent out to the lighthouse.

Young anglers fishing at the Wheatley Harbour

Young anglers fishing at the Wheatley Harbour

The Wheatley Scouts were set up to cook hots dogs and cold pop.


Free Food and Fishing

Free Food and Fishing

The prize tents had three long tables full of prizes for every angler

Young Anglers Picking Free Prizes

Young Anglers Picking Free Prizes


The TOP Three SWOC Young Anglers

Ryan Baker,Coden Coppola, Evan Ouellettes at the SWOC fishing day

Ryan Baker,Coden Coppola, Evan Ouellettes at the SWOC fishing day






Steady-Form Torque Eliminator Podcast 1308

How to virtually eliminate bow torque using a Steady-Form Torque Eliminator podcast. V.P. John Cowan talks about the Archery Trade Association Show and the huge success it had there. Or how over 1000 archers who field tested it and like using it. Why it works so well to improve your archery accuracy and consistency for almost any archer. Discover how You can receive get a 10% discount when you order your Steady-Form Torque Eliminator through the Hunt Talk Ripple Outdoors website or click this special Hunt Talk promo link.

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Angler Challenges Lake Couchiching to Help Orillia’s Hospital


Wil Wegman To Attempt Swim Across Lake Couchiching!


Fellow writer and angler TJ Quensel mentioned Wil’s upcoming challenge on Twitter

Although Wil Wegman of Bradford Ontario, might be more well known for catching fish than swimming with them … it’s exactly the latter that he will be doing on Saturday August 10th in the fish-filled waters of Orillia’s Lake Couchiching. “I’ll be swimming in my first long-distance lake-swim event and I’m really excited about it,” said Wegman. The annual charity event is called the Sun City Swim and is a fundraiser by the local hospital. All proceeds from the Sun City Swim 2013 will benefit the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital … supporting the tiniest and most vulnerable patients. To provide a small donation to this great cause in Wil’s name, please click on the link below.

“I have always loved fishing Couchiching and have competed in many bass tournaments there over the years. In recent tournaments, I saw swimmers crossing the lake during this event – and thought how I would love to try that some day. The only challenge was not really being much of a long distance swimmer!” said Wegman. That all changed around April of 2012 when Wegman’s home town of Bradford opened up a beautiful new indoor Pool, and Wil began swimming laps. Soon he was swimming 3, 4 and sometimes even 5 mornings a week. “Unlike so many other forms of exercise that just seem like so much work and not a lot of fun, swimming has always been enjoyable and relatively easy for me, so adopting a new routine hasn’t been that big of a deal,” he said.

Swimming the four kilometres on August 10th from Fern Resort to Couchiching Beach Park, with 60 or 70 other swimmers however, might very well be a big deal. “Lake swimming is so much different than swimming in a pool … and Couchiching is notorious for rough waters with big waves – so I’m praying for a calm day!” The 2013 Sun City Swim will attract swimmers of all skill levels including one very accomplished long distance swimmer. Annaleise Carr, who at 14 last year, became the youngest person ever to cross Lake Ontario, will be joining all the other swimmers for the Sun City Swim.

Since 2010, the event has raised over $30,000 that has gone towards equipment and programs for Orillia’s hospital. Wil is hoping his friends and family will log onto his “Giving Page” and contribute a few dollars for this worthy cause. “I don’t know for sure that I’ll be able to swim the four kilometres, but I’m sure going to give it all that I have. I just hope that I won’t be too distracted by all the nice bass I may see swimming below me along the way … but I’ll try to stay focussed on swimming and reaching the other side of Cooch, ” he concluded.

To support Wil’s attempt to swim across Lake Couchiching, please log onto the link below and follow the easy instructions provided.

Thank you very much!

2nd Annual Long Point Youth Heritage Hunt

Long Point’s 2nd Annual Heritage Hunt for Young Hunters

Sponsored by The Long Point Waterfowlers Association & Long Point Waterfowl

 This youth event will provide an opportunity for young hunters to learn more about waterfowl hunting and, most importantly, to get out in the marsh and personally

experience and enjoy the rich Waterfowl Hunting Heritage of the Long Point area.

Youth, ages 12 to 18, who are either licenced or certified

apprentice hunters, may apply to attend this event.

 Friday, September 20 

At Long Point Waterfowl’s Research & Education Centre 

5:00 – 7:00 pm: BBQ Dinner and beverages for youth hunters,

mentors and guides, courtesy of Long Point Waterfowl.

7:00 – 9:00 pm: Instruction and demonstrations on Firearms Safety, Rules and Regulations, Duck and Goose Calling, Waterfowl

Identification and Decoy Placement.

Lodging, with breakfast, is available for youth hunters and mentors (detailed information is included on the application form).

Saturday, September 21 

At the Long Point Waterfowl Management Unit.

Registration and blind allocation. Travel to assigned blinds, set up and hunt from legal shooting time until Noon (12:00 pm).

11:00 am – 2:00 pm: Demonstration on the Cleaning and Cooking of Waterfowl.

Supported by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Long Point Provincial Park, the Long Point

Waterfowl Management Unit, the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, Delta Waterfowl,

Ducks Unlimited Canada, Kent Cartridge and Winchester Canada.

Click for more details

Heritage Hunt 2103

Application forms can be

downloaded from the Long  Point Waterfowl website: