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QDMA Whitetail Report 2014

Deer hunters need facts and solid information throughout the year when it comes to hunting deer. Download this free  QDMA Whitetail Report to make you a better hunter. The QDMA has spent its 25-plus-year history […]

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Are You An Average Hunter Podcast 1403

Host Peter Wood “Asks an expert” from the QDMA website on what an average hunter is. How do you compare? What is your hunting budget? Episode Resources Ripple Outdoors Episode Credits Voice by Kramer

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Thank A Hunter Podcast 1401

Why everyone should thank a hunter. An article by Humberto Fontova that  I totally agree with. For additional information on Humberto  The SWOC Big Buck Sportsmen Day in Tillbury April  12 2014 is discussed […]