Sport Expo Show-DIY Food Plots Podcast 1418

Mastering The Hunt Seminar details. Andrew Adams – North American Windsor Sport & Hobby Show details with info on how to win free admission tickets. Spring Turkey Hunting Opener . DIY Food Plot Tips in todays Hunt Talk Online Radio Podcast Show.

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Spring Turkey Opener

This is the fourth time in my 25 years of hunting spring gobbler that I never got out opening day.


That said a few  of my hunting buddies did get out to bag Toms, way to go guys

pening day Tom 8 yards

Opening Day Tom IMG_20140425_090839

SWOC Big Buck Day and Trout Pond

The 9th annual SWOC Big Buck Sportsmen’s Show is in the books.


Over 1300 in attendance ensured a very successful show for everyone.

The 35 vendors and displays were busy all day right till closing time.

The Trout Pond outside was stalked with wild rainbow trout and proved to be a handful for young anglers

They did however limit out in the end  as the pond was drained.

SWOC Trout Pond








 Inside the Tilbury Arena a 3D archery range sponsored by the Wild Goose Archery Club hosted  lots of new and young archers all day long,

FROW measured racks and sheds all day long and were very very busy .

Vendors displayed everything from fishing tackle, custom knives, DIY food plot seeds, synthetic deer attractants, hunting clothes, archery gear, taxidermy mounts of all kinds. ATVs, boats and trucks filled the arena.

A live band and a tables of door prizes kept all attendees busy and entertained al day.

Check out the for pictures and videos about the day.

A fantastic effort by all the SWOC volunteers and local business ensured next year will be even better.

SCI sponsored a Wild Turkey Hunting course all day and was filled to capacity. They ran one extra course to get all the new turkey hunters certified.

Check out the article in the Tilbury Times about the show

How The Real Wolf Killed Hunting Podcast 1417

The Real Wolf Author – Ted Lyon discusses past myths, present dangers and future actions of the introduction of Canadian Wolves. Will wolves decimate wild game animals herds, end sport hunting and continue to threaten  farm livestock in the lower states after this controversal introduction by the US Fish and Wildlife Service 30 years ago. How non hunting and non profit groups capitalized on a multi million tax dollar fight. Fifty wolf diseases that will affect you. For a copy

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Moose Tags Slashed by MNR

Moose Hunter Need to Voice Their Concerns

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) is shocked by the decision of the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to drastically reduce moose hunting opportunities for licensed hunters, which in certain Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) will result in fewer moose tags being granted and no Guaranteed Group Size this year.

For example, WMU 13 (Thunder Bay Area) will see an 87% reduction in adult moose tags available this year compared to 2013 and WMU 28 (Kirkland Lake area) will have a 93% reduction.

The OFAH is concerned about declining moose populations throughout northern Ontario, the causes of which are unknown in many WMUs, but hunters are growing increasingly frustrated with the Ministry’s lack of progress on its review of moose management in Ontario.

The OFAH is calling on the MNR to look at the full suite of factors acting on moose populations, including reproductive rates, predation, poaching, disease, habitat quality (in the wake of fire suppression efforts and declining forestry activity), overlap with deer populations, and harvest by Aboriginal hunters. The OFAH recommends the MNR increase Moose Aerial Inventories and assess the impact of the above factors.

“We don’t believe the MNR exhausted all its management options prior to hitting moose hunters so hard,” OFAH Senior Wildlife Biologist Mark Ryckman said.

While the MNR has made recent changes to its moose tag transfer policy, hunters feel there have been too many rounds of consultation without any major progress on the real issues affecting moose management. Many hunters are tired of being the only management option the MNR relies on to manage moose populations.

“Fewer moose hunting opportunities means fewer moose licences are sold and less money is contributed to the province’s Special Purpose Account (SPA),” Ryckman added. The SPA is dedicated to the management of fish and wildlife resources and cannot afford any further declines.

With more than 100,000 members, subscribers and supporters, and 720 member clubs, the OFAH is the province’s largest nonprofit, fish and wildlife conservation-based organization and the VOICE of anglers and hunters. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@ofah).

Want more BIG Bucks closer this season?

Buck Fever Synthetic Forehead Gland Spray Brings Bucks Closer


Go you have a favourite tree stand location?

Do you want more mature bucks closer to you’re hot hunting spot?

Make a BUCK TRAP with Buck Fever Synthetic Deer Attractants.


Buck Fever Forehead Gland Spray works


Stop by the BUCK FEVER Canada Booth and pick up some BF – Forehead Gland Spray, Pre/Post Rut 

Ask about the show special and save a few bucks! 

 What is your Buck Fever story that you want to tell me? 

Check out  MASTER THE HUNT Seminar , coming to an outdoor club near you this summer.

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Turkey Tactics Seminar Podcast 1416

Host Peter Wood using GobbleStalker calls during his Turkey Tactics Seminar at the South West Outdoor Club meeting. Call demonstrations, tactics that work on Toms, plus Kevin Barkley Founder of Gobble Stalker Game calls interview from the Toronto Sportsmens Show as he demonstrates purrs, yelps and clucks calling on his Turkey Call. Check out the short video of Kevin demonstrating his gobble call using a mouth diaphram on  later this week. Please subscribe to this podcast on Itunes and leave a comment.

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Turkey Tactics Seminar at the SWOC meeting

Thanks again to all those members that showed up to the Turkey Tactics Seminar.

This is the link to the audio for Turkey Tactics podcast

I had an awesome time talking turkey with everyone.

We all enjoyed the subs!

 Many thanks to Leo for his photography skills!

SWOC Members







Thanks to GobbleStalker Calls for donating a pot and box call, they will be shipped soon.

Gobble Stalker Calls

Door prizes Won!

Dale Wiper won the POT Call

Ken Koehler won the BOX Call





Also given away as door prized by  were 12 turkey target patterning sheets

Winner of Turkey Target










During the seminar I demonstrated the different turkey sounds you can make with  a Gobbler Stalker Pot Call

Peter Wood with Gobble Stalker Pot Call


My secret HECS Weapon for hunting

HECS Ny Secret Weapon










Len Had Questions and the answers on wild turkeys

Len Hunter