Ontario Hunting Regulations Ready

2105 Ontario Hunting Regulations In Print

Just saw this Facebook post from Hailee Daniels,,,,worth checking out today

FYI guys, the 2015 Hunting regulations have now been released online. It’ll still be a couple of weeks before stores see copies of them. Remember, stores are only given limited quantities for people to take home, so it’s always a faster and efficient method by looking online if you’re able.

Here is the free downloadable link that will work on most mobile devices, desktops, tablets, etc. that accept PDF format files.

Good luck out there! And remember, it’s OUR responsibility to be up-to-date on this stuff and learn what’s changed. Don’t get caught with your pants down on a regulation that’s changed from a year ago.

       Cut N Past this Link Below or Click on the Book Below                                 2015 Hunting Regulations


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11th Annual Big Buck Show A Hit

SWOC Big BUCK and Sportsmen’s Show

Yesterdays 11th annual Big Buck Show in Tilbury was a hit, thanks to all the SWOC members, vendors, arena staff, kitchen, Archers Against Caner kids archery shoot, Kids Trout Pond sponsored by Liquid Force, Lally Ford, Excalibur Crossbow , FROW and of course to all the hunters, anglers, kids and everyone else that attended,,,,THANKS

SWOC Big Buck Sportsmen's Show

Change-org-Users Seek To Ban Hunting Photos From Facebook

Fight This possible photo ban on Facebook


Click  HERE for additional information from the Sportmen’s Allience

or copy n paste below



Anti-hunters from across the globe have managed to garner almost 15,000 signatures in a petition that seeks to ban photos of hunters posing with their harvest from Facebook. The petition, which was started over three months ago by change.org user Ollie Raison, has gained traction in recent days, mostly due to a series of posts floating around on the social media landscape.

Raison, who lives in London, United Kingdom, addresses hunters in the initial paragraph of his petition on change.org, saying that the document is not an anti-hunting statement because it doesn’t actually seek to end legal hunting activities.

“This is not an anti-hunting petition,” Raison says on change.org. “You have a legal right to hunt. What this petition is trying to achieve, is to have Facebook acknowledge that certain images are not suitable for social media. This includes glorifying hunting by posing for smiling photos with ‘trophies’.”

In other words, Raison wishes to see Facebook, the largest social media network in the world with 1.3 billion active users, exclusively and subjectively sensor hunters by prohibiting them from sharing post-harvest pictures celebrating their accomplishments.

“Humans have been sharing stories of the hunt through visual means since man first painted scenes on the walls of caves 40,000 years ago,” said USSA Digital Media Special Cam Pauli. “Sharing our success and passion for the outdoors is an integral part of who we are as a hunting community. Social platforms like Facebook allow us to celebrate the hunt with friends and family as people did thousands of years ago. The medium has changed, people haven’t.”


Click  HERE for additional information from the Sportmen’s Allience

Submitted Proposals By Moose Hunters In Ontario Ignored

Ontario Moose Hunters Disappointed In MNR Changes

Hunters bear burden of moose management restrictions

Moose hunting in Ontario is undergoing a dramatic change. Despite a clear lack of public support, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) has approved changes to the licensed moose hunting season in Northern Ontario.

“We’re disappointed that no alterations were made to the proposal to reflect the comments received from the public. The Ministry itself admits that the majority of public comments did not support the proposed changes,” said Mark Ryckman, OFAH senior wildlife biologist.

As part of the Moose Project, the MNRF recently proposed two significant changes to moose seasons north of the French and Mattawa Rivers. The first, to take effect in 2015, will prohibit calf harvest outside of a two-week period in October. The second change, beginning in 2016, involves delaying the start of the gun hunt by one week.

While the OFAH acknowledges that the moose resource is the first priority and that some Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) would benefit from a reduction in calf harvest, it argued that delaying the season has no scientific merit, and was not supported by the majority of stakeholders. The OFAH also argued that a two-week calf season is overly restrictive and could result in crowding, poor hunt quality, and less flexibility for hunters.

The season changes come on the heels of drastic tag reductions for the second consecutive year.

“In 2014, adult validation tags were reduced by 18% provincially and the result was 6,000 fewer licensed hunters. In 2015, we are being hit with an additional 15% tag reduction, which will almost certainly result in many people hunting in another jurisdiction, or abandoning moose hunting altogether,” said Ryckman.

WMUs in Northeastern Ontario are suffering the greatest tag reductions, with units 30, 38, and 47 being hit the hardest. Each of those units suffered tag reductions over 80% from last year. The OFAH has received a commitment from the MNRF to proceed with Phase II of the Moose Project, which will involve an examination of all factors that impact moose populations. “It’s time for the Ministry to start managing moose populations, and not just moose hunters. We expect the minister to follow through on his commitment, and turn a promise into action and results,” said Ryckman.

The OFAH will continue to insist on sound moose management that will generate the greatest benefit to the moose resource, while minimizing unnecessary impacts to licensed moose hunters.


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Peter Wood with his Limb Hanger Tom last year


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