Here are some of the reasons why you should advertise on our website:

  • Our loyal following are fishing and hunting enthusiasts
  • This site offers a wealth of information on Fishing and Hunting
  • The average session on site: 4 Minutes and 35 seconds
  • Features over 3000 fishing and hunting podcasts
  • Offers more than 1000 pages of high value information
  • Associate your brand with an influencer blog
  • Offers highly targeted exposure and reach.
  • Offers you strategic backlinks from a high PR site
  • Opportunity for product placement in our store


Our rates are among some of the most reasonable in the fishing/hunting community.   Rates are quoted in CDN and subject to HST.   Below are our rates:

Premium Advertising Spots (Monthly Rate)

Choose which opportunity suits your products and/or service.

  • Front Page Top Banner Ad: $250/month
  • Front Page Left Hand side: $150/month
  • Front Page Bottom Banner Ad: $250/month
  • Premier Real-Estate Space on the Blog: $400/month
  • Product Placement in Store: Call our rep for details.
  • Minimum 3 month ad purchase. Annual rates negotiable.

Specifications & Ad Sizes

In an effort to offer our potential advertisers the best service, advertisers have the option of submitting their ad to the specific size.
The sizes available are:


Terms of Service:

Our goal is to give our tribe the best user experience possible. In order to meet our Best in Class User Experience, we expect our advertisers to meet the same guidelines:

  1. Advertisers who publish an ad with Ripple Outdoors must meet the following guidelines:
  2. Your site must have a privacy policy.
  3. Your site must have a Terms of Service page.
  4. Your site load time must be under 5 seconds.
  5. Your website must be mobile responsive
  6. All ads must be relevant (Click bait will result in immediate termination of agreement and no refunds)
  7. You must be CASL compliant (meet double opt-in standards)
  8. We DO NOT TOLERATE spam.  If we are notified of spamming activities, you forfeit your right to advertise with Ripple Outdoors and no refund will be issued.
  9. All links must go to relevant landing page. Poor user experience may result in us declining your ad.
  10. Your ad should do 1 of 4 things: A) Make an Irresistible Offer B) Provide Value C) Educate  D) Make People Think, Laugh or Cry

Ads must be submitted to our office at least two weeks prior to the placement date for the ad.   Ads can be submitted in jpeg, giff, tiff or pdf format.   Ripple Outdoors reserves the right to offer sell the ad space until your advertising agreement is signed and returned.

Ad Creation Services:

Potential customers the option to use our ad creation team:

Ad creation: $250 (1 revision opportunity).

Landing Page Creation: $1000 (includes web form, adding remarketing pixels, conversion strategy). * please note that draft copy must be provided by customer.  

Advertising FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I advertise although my business is not in your country?
    •  YES
  • Would you consider being an affiliate for my product?
    • Yes. If you have an affiliate tracking system, we may waive advertising fees if you have a great affiliate program. However, this is on a case by case basis. Please contact Ben Rubeni for more information.
  • Do you guarantee site visitors or conversions?  
    • As with any advertising vehicle, Ripple Outdoors does not make any guarantees, warranties or representations of results. Advertising creates brand awareness, builds customer base and introduces your product or service to potential customers. However, results are based on many elements such as quality of your ads, your hypnotic copy, if your ad sells the click, and if your product offer is irresistible.
  • Why should I advertise with you?  
    • If you are trying to reach a fishing and hunting tribe, you are in the right place.
  • What if I already have an ad?   
    • Simply forward to us for review.
  • How long would it take to place my ad on the website?
    • Once artwork is supplied in the correct format and approved, we can put it in the production calendar. Estimate 7-10 days to go online.
  • How do I get started with advertising?  
    •  Simply contact us at:  Tel: 1-888-417-4411 or 


Ripple Outdoors reserves the right to alter our rates, as market forces dictate.  Ripple Outdoors  reserve the right to refuse any ads that do not meet our Terms of Service as specified above.