Airsoft and More Cool Outdoor Father & Son Activities

The father figure is of tremendous importance in a child’s development, regardless of social status and environment. However, the connection between a father and his son is crucial, because it teaches the boy the values of manhood and it helps him develop in a loving and stable environment.

Of course, this connection needs to be worked on over the years, so it’s best to start from a young age. According to specialists, one of the best ways to connect with your son is to find activities you both enjoy. And since our kids spend a bit too much time indoors, today we’ll give you several examples of cool outdoor activities to do with your son.


This activity is iconic for the bond between father and son and the ones of us who were lucky enough to share it with our own fathers can vouch for it. There is something in learning how to rig a line or how to hold the rod that seems magical over time!

A child will definitely remember the moment he catches his first fish and looks into his father’s eye only to find pride and love! This is a moment for a lifetime and it will settle the ground for your future relationship.


If you’re into playing war games there’s nothing more fulfilling than passing on the passion! Teach your kid about airsoft guns, strategies, military tactics, and buy him some cool weapons that will spike his interest.

Start with plinking in the backyard and slowly introduce him to the beauty of the game. There are tons of accessories that make this game cooler than it already is and he can make lots of new friends when playing with kids his age.


While this activity is not just for boys and their fathers (actually none of them are), camping with just your son(s) can be quite fulfilling. You can teach him about raising a tent, picking up mushrooms, building a fire, and cooking a meal from over the hot coals.

Just like with fishing, the time you spend in nature teaching your kid how to use and protect the natural life will make a huge impact on his later development.


This works best when the kids are a bit bigger and they can walk long distances on their own. Hiking is a way to get the kids out of the house and into the beauty of Mother Nature. Not to mention that you give them the chance to refresh their Instagram posts!

Hiking teaches about resilience and creates strong connections between participants because the mind is no longer distracted by modern devices. It’s just you and the forest so you have to find ways to communicate effectively.

Building Stuff

Men like to tinker on stuff so it’s only natural that a project that requires manual labor and mind power will be fantastic for a father and his son. Start with stuff your kid likes and move on to bigger and more complex things. For instance, you could start by building a rocket from Legos and move on to building a function rocket model that you’ll launch together.

Teach your kid about fuses, solder, wiring, gluing, and so on and he may grow up to be an engineer. Or, if you’re just as clueless as he is, learn together; this will show him that it’s never too late to learn new things.

Go See a Game

If you have the opportunity, take your son and go enjoy a game of your favorite team. This way you’ll enjoy supporting your team from the stands while your son will learn about sports and the power they have in a man’s life.

Later on, you can play a one-on-one round in the backyard and initiate the kid in your favorite game. This way you both get to exercise and you’ll have a fun activity to do together for the rest of your lives. The child will always remember the first day you took him to see a game and bought him a jersey and a hotdog!

As you can see, it doesn’t take too much to create a connection with your son; you just have to be willing to include him in your favorite activities.

Article by Liam Brown:

Liam likes to shoot pretend guns and gear up like a commando. In other words – he is a huge airsoft fan. He runs a blog called AirSoftPal, reviews different gear & guns and  writes about general airsoft topics.

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