Do you shoot with both eyes open

Shooting a bow with both eyes open takes some practice just like anything other eye hand co-ordination

As a hunter seeing the whole target before zoning into that one spot I find shooting with both eyes open quicker and more accurate.

Think about it,,,with your dominant eye focused on your pins and the farthest from the target with your front eye closed you’re losing about 40 % of the view, Try hol up a finger and aim with one eye closed, now try it with both eyes open.


Big difference right?

It’s not for everyone but certainly worth the time to practice shooting with both eyes open next time your at a 3D event or just shooting in your backyard.

For years I shot with one eye closed  when using any firearm or archery equipment. I often saw the experts and pros shoot with both eyes open so I decided to try it.

I used a modified approach were I started with one eye closed, squinted with it then opened it as my sight picture became clear and focused.

Try it and it just might OPEN YOUR EYES!