Kawartha Traditional Archery looking for archery donations

Kawartha Traditional Archery – Fred Walker

Just a brief note to stay in contact and keep this venture fresh in your mind so you will pass on the word of what is happening in central Ontario for all traditional bow shooters.

Our shop is now an official dealer with 3 Rivers Archery supply.

This is a great move as it makes the shop much more viable a venture.  I will pursue other venues for stocking the store, especially local vendors.  It is my goal to have a VERY UNIQUE shop that will make it worth the drive and stopover both with product and shooting opportunity.

I want to have the largest used stock so if you have or know of others that have bows and or equipment they are not using perhaps you could bring to me and we can work out a deal.

HERE IS AN IDEA.  What about starting a donation process that we can give start up equipment to those that can’t afford but want to start archery shooting.

Even though archery is an inexpensive way to enjoy oneself; shooting as a family activity can be expensive.  Used equipment donated to these families that would like to learn archery but find it out of their budget is A GREAT IDEA TO KICK OFF ON “THANKSGIVING” WEEKEND.

If you have not checked out the site recently there are more photographs.

The site has expanded offering sale products, service and instruction to beginners.

Any feedback is much appreciated from anyone who loves archery.

Keep the names of your friends that are traditional shooters coming please.  The more people that know what we are doing the better the chances are for people to enjoy archery.



Fred Walker