Practice Often Before The Season Starts

3D Archery a great way to get ready for the bow season


I  had a few hours to go out for a 3D event at the Wild Goose Archery Club in Kingsville this morning,

Met up with a fellow member of the SWOC and her two kids, one who was there to shoot, the other to carry the bino

Danielle Russell the web master and also her own website was there to tune up for an upcoming moose /deer hunt with hubby Scott .

Hey Greg,,,best wishes on a fast recovery for the eye too!

She had just returned  a week before from an SCI Canada sponsored Bear Hunt, one of 12 ladies participating in the hunt.

More details on that when I speak with John from SCI,

Although Danielle didn’t get her bear she had an awesome time, as did all the ladies.

She even texted me this photo from the tree stand.

Synthetic Bear Juice Attractant











 At todays 3D event she shot a decent score, me not so good with a bad miss and too many 5s!!!!

Like I said  “Its’ time to perfect your practice routine before the season starts”

NOW I know my fifty yard pin is way OFF!

Thank fully my 20 -20-40 were good as I  made some decent shots on the deer targets and two thunder chickens!

3D Thunder Chicken from the ground







 Thanks to Danielle for sending me the pic, not sure sure I wanted to know my score,,,,,

You can find her website Everything Outdoors  here

Check it out!