What type of bow hunting equipment is best for women?

What the best bow for woman to use for Deer hunting?

Crossbow, Compound or a Traditional Bow

Trick question of course,

As all types of archery gear and bow hunting equipment for women and men works great if properly adjusted.

With a little dedication, and perfected practice time anyone can be on target and ready to hit that 10 ring spot or deer vitals in no time.

Today’s modern archery equipment is a marvel of technology. With high-speed compound bows; innovative limb, string, and wheel designs; NASA-inspired vibration dampeners; and arrows, broad heads, rests and sights it’s no wonder even a beginning bow hunter can quickly learn to shoot the bulls-eye out of a target at 30 yards consistently.

During a chat with DR Judy McFarlen about her book DIYDeerFoodPlots.com she mentioned the best thing a rookie or an archer that seldom practices would be to get some shooting instruction from a professional.

I had to agree; When I decided to get back into shooting my Bowtech compound bow after wrist surgery cured my carpel tunnel a few years ago. I had switched from a recurve to an Excalibur Crossbow back in the early 90s, as I couldn’t handle the stress on my wrists.

I save the crossbow for when I sit at ground level or when the snow is flying. Sitting in a tree stand or in my matrix ground blind I prefer my BowTech.

When I lived in Cambridge I took a basic archery course at the Bow Shop and learned that posture and good form was just as essential as a properly tuned bow.

Another useful tip was doing a few simple warm up exercises before pulling back a bowstring. I could do these anywhere, even in a tree stand.

Any local archery shop or good sporting-goods store is a great place to seek instruction. There are some awesome videos on the market that are exceptionally good to teach basics to fine tuning if you know where to look.

For Traditional Bow Shooters and Hunters in the Kawarthas try Fred’s Traditional Archery.

Compound and crossbow shooters can try Dave Gibson at Ten Point Archery over by Bobcaygeon.

If your southwest of Barrie see Barry at Wolf’s Den Sports for some great tips.

In the Kitchener /Waterloo area try The Bow Shop upstairs in Shooter’s Choice.

If you don’t live close to those ranges, then at least try to learn the basics from a friend who’s a good archer. Most archers are only too willing to help someone.”

Likely the number one reason your shots are off target is you haven’t been properly “fitted” to your archery equipment’

This is vital to accurate shooting, as the DIYfoodplots book mentions it’s like having the right golf clubs is for a beginning duffer. A bow with proper draw length and draw weight, with matching arrows, is vital to accurate shooting, and a bow pro shop is essentially the only place to get fitted properly.

When I chatted with Fred Walker about traditional and instinctive shooting with a stick or recurve bow you obviously must sight your bow differently than when using sights.

Fred attended one of the top bow shooting courses in the USA.

The Rick Welsh instruction course in Arizona has definitely increased Fred’s skill level in archery shooting dramatically

Just one more example of what some professional archery help can do.

No matter whether it’s for archery targets, 3D or hunting deer or gobblers.

Men, woman or kids can all become more proficient with a bow no matter what the age once properly fitted and instructed.

Call up or drop by your local archery range and find out how to become a better archer. Any money spent will pay back big dividends when that monster buck steps out at 40 yards or you make that 10 ring time and time again.

Make it a family event where men, woman and kids can all have a great time improving their shooting form and accuracy.

  • yeah, With a little dedication, and perfected practice time anyone can be on target .