Stealth Electric 4×4

 Stealth 72 Volt “Hybrid” Nighthawk- 4×4 ALL ELECTRIC VEHICLE


The Stealth Night Hawk “Hybrid“ is the most innovative multi-functional vehicle ever designed and manufactured in the United States. Our company’s objective was to innovate the highest quality and most versatile vehicle on the market. The goal of the design was to have the ability to serve all market segments to include hunting, industrial, commercial, estate, agricultural and recreation. The key features of the product combine styling and versatility not found in any other vehicle:
 An electric powered vehicle equipped with on the fly charging using the Stealth “Hybrid” technology
 Superior range from the “Hybrid” technology
 Shift on the fly 4-wheel drive
 2 on demand mobile power outlets
 On demand 12 volt outlet
 A patented convertible “3-in-1” dump bed with the conversion capability for carrying 2- passengers The development of these key features built upon the electrical foundation of the Stealth 72 Volt Night Hawk has eliminated the limits of performance.


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The Night Hawk Hybrid is the one vehicle for the user who wants :
 A sporty side-by-side look with shift-on-the-fly four wheel drive!
 A range over 70 miles that is greater than that of any gas or diesel side-by-side.
 A range of up to 30 miles in Stealth mode exceeding other electric side-by-sides.
 The capability of a cargo bed and dump bed for work or play with a large payload!
 An on-board power plant to operate any electric tool or appliance you may need!
 Capability of carrying four passengers comfortably and safely!
 The towing ability to get the job done! Whether you want to hunt in silence, carry your friends and family, haul firewood, dump top soil, use as a portable power plant or worksite, play in the mud, or simply joy ride with no fear of how far you can go, the Stealth Night Hawk Hybrid is the only vehicle you will ever need to own.