Ontario Black Bear By Bow

Photo of a possible new Canadian record for black bear taken with a bow.

Tom a friend and  fellow hunter bow hunter, who also happens to be an awesome hunting guide and outfitter stopped by to show me a photo of a possible new record black bear he took with his Bowtech in central Ontario.

A complete pass through both lungs and heart shot using Pro Hunter arrows and G5 tips had this huge boar pile up after running thirty yards from his tree stand location.

With a weight of 526 pounds, 7 foot – 8 inches in length , and a 22 inch skull.

This boar will definitely score well!

Tom's Bowtech Ontario Black BearCongratulations to Tom on his awesome Ontario Black Bear

Tom has guided professionally for almost half his life. He often travels as both outfitter and guide for TV hunting shows across North America.

You can find Tom at his Face Book page  Fatal Force Outfitters