Late Season Deer Activity, Still Time to Fill Your Tag

Get out and Hunt to Avoid that Bowl of Deer Tag Soup

Early season planing  is the key and hunting the correct wind.


Setting up a Buck trap is easily done with Buck Fever Canada Synthetic Deer Attractants like BF Pre/Post Rut Juice, BF Forehead Gland Spray, BF Vanishing Hunter Spray and Wipes.

Wear rubber gloves, and wipe down camera and gear. Make a Mock Scrape, pour in a few ounces of BF pre/post Rut Juice, spray an overhead branch with some BF Forehead Gland Spray.

Set your Spypoint Trail Cam up a few feet away, put on video, turn it on, lock it up and YOUR DONE!

Ensure the wind is correct for your entry and exit strategies

Good Luck hunting, there is still time to AVOID DEER TAG SOUP!