Canada In The Rough and Beasly Brothers Unite Hunters

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Press Release – Canada In The Rough and Beasly Brothers Unite Hunters

Peterborough, August 19, 2009.

Paul Beasley, President of Beasley Bros. Outdoors, today announced that his firm had reached an agreement with Dancing Buffalo Productions Inc. and Thomas Pigeon, creator of the Canada In The Rough® brand to acquire broadcast, production, and syndication rights to the successful TV show. Paul noted, “We watched with awe at the success and impact that Canada In The Rough has had in connecting with hunting and outdoors viewers. It’s meteoric rise to become Canada’s most watched hunting adventure show is largely due to the vision of its creator Thomas Pigeon and his and his team’s undying commitment to creating a non-traditional, truly Canadian hunting show that documents the journey of the hunt better than has ever been done before. To that end, we have contracted Thomas to stay on as co-host of the show for the next three years and longer should he so desire. Thomas is a passionate outdoorsman and has constantly given back to the hunting community. He firmly believes that the message of the show should appeal to the entire family and excite aspiring hunters – young and old – to “get out there.”

Thomas Pigeon commented. “Interestingly, I’ve watched the rise in popularity and success of the Beasley Bros in the outdoor community with interest. From their entrepreneurial roots, where they created Ontario Monster Whitetails Magazine from the ground up, to their more recent publishing of the cherished Big Game Records of Ontario, and now with the addition of Canada In The Rough to their media suite, Paul, Keith, and Kevin Beasley are making a very bold step towards becoming a significant player in the North American communications industry. These guys are all passionate and most capable hunters, but most importantly, they are media smart and have developed a reputation for being straight-shooting, stand-up guys that have earned the respect of the industry. I’m also looking forward to having the Beasley Brothers join me on-camera as co-hosts of the show. They’ll nicely connect with the younger spectrum of our viewership. We’ve seen pretty well every corner of Canada and there is still much to come. Season 6 which goes to air in January 2010 will be a spectacular season.”

Keith Beasley stated, “Dancing Buffalo Productions Inc., producers of Canada In The Rough, will continue to shoot, edit, and produce the show under the collaborative direction of ourselves and Thomas. They have state of the art High Definition editing and filming capabilities and are committed to continually investing to ensure that the best facilities are available to us and our clients at all times. We are excited to have this team of experts join our ranks.”

Robert Fraser, Director Broadcast Sales at Canwest noted, “Canada In The Rough has and continues to be one of the marquis outdoor programs in our weekend morning line up on Global Television. It has a loyal audience and Thomas and his team have done an exemplary job of positioning hunting as an important part of our outdoor heritage. I welcome the Beasley Brothers and their involvement with Thomas and his team, and look forward to seeing their first airing in 2010 in Canada In The Rough’s traditional 8:00 am Sunday time slot here on Global, which has become an important outdoor TV viewing destination for outdoors men, women and families since its inception.”

Scott Stirling, of Wild TV went on to say, “Canada In The Rough truly captures the magic of Canada. It’s exactly the kind of programming that we want to see on our premium outdoors network, Wild TV. We welcome them and their new partnership to our 2010 roster of Canada’s finest hunting and fishing TV shows. Friday night at 7:00 PM wouldn’t be the same without them.

Paul Beasley went on to say “From its inception, Canada In The Rough attracted visionary sponsors which have made a significant contribution in helping to create this show and ensuring that hunting and outdoors-minded Canadians from Newfoundland to British Columbia to the Arctic Circle and from all walks of a life have a meeting place every Sunday morning. Canada In The Rough is that meeting place!”

For more information contact:

Paul Beasley

Phone: 705-742-0148

Fax: 705-745-3411


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  1. Hi Paul
    This message is for Keith.
    Last year he was at the Tilbury hunting show and he was scoring with my brother Dennis Laporte. I had asked him for a hat of the show of Canada in the Rough and he said you”s were having new one made and they were not ready yet, and that he would make sure I would get one. So are they ready yet.:)) and can I still get one.
    Thanks one the the show biggest fans.
    Debbie Moskal.

    • Hi Debbie, I have watched the Canada in the Rough show for 6 years, I have interviewed Host Thomas Pigeon and Paul Beasley. Perhaps one of the Beasley Brothers will reply to your hat request.
      You can also contact them on the CIR website.

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