Gun Grab At High River Alberta

Did you watch the Gun Grab at High River?

An excerpt from the CFI On Target website worth repeating

High River Update

In CFI On Target article they talked briefly about what has become know as the High River Gun Grab by Alberta RCMP and rather than rehash everything here again I will just make a few comments and give you a few links. First this is a situation that we should all be worried about, that a police force could decide that during an emergency situation to take advantage of the opportunity to search homes under the guise looking for people or pets that might need rescuing and seizing firearms instead.

As you read the articles and watch the video the video you will see that it was not a rescue operation but a targeted search and seizure operation. Not all of you may be fans of the Sun News Network but they at least are not letting this be forgotten. You will notice the contrasting conclusions of the CBC and the Sun News articles but read them both and draw your own conclusions. The documentary is quite well done but spends the first 25 minutes or so laying out the situation in High River but again watch it through and let others know about it. Just copy and paste the links into your browser to go to each of the pages.

So what are your views and comments?

Do you thing CBC covered this without a biased approach?

What would Toronto residents do if this happened to them during the ice storm?

What would you do?

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