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Canadian Firearm Institute- Hunters Helping the Hungry


If You hunt , think about helping those unable to enjoy hunting

As we head into the 2011 hunting seasons let’s not forget those less fortunate than we are. Thanks to this great initiative, hunters can donate deer and moose meat to food banks and meal programs throughout the province.

Hunters, on average provide 750 kilograms of deer and moose meat each year for hungry people in Nova Scotia. That’s a significant donation since it translates into 6,500 servings of Protein – a much needed food group. And it was made possible through Hunters Helping the Hungry, a joint initiative of FEED NOVA SCOTIA and the hunting community where hunters can donate deer and moose meat to food banks and meal programs across the province.

How does the program work? When hunters bring their deer/moose meat to a participating licensed meat cutter, they simply tell the meat cutter they want to donate and then specify the amount. They will then prepare it as ground or stew meat and package it in pre-labeled bags that have been provided by FEED NOVA SCOTIA.


FEED NOVA SCOTIA’S food distributors make regular deliveries to food banks and meal programs in the province and will pick up donated moose/deer meat on scheduled runs. It will then be distributed to food banks and meal programs who have expressed interest in receiving the meat and are capable to handle and store it safely at their facility. From there it is given out to clients who require food assistance.

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