National Action Pistol Program

CFI National Recreational Action Pistol Program

CFI National Recreational Action Pistol Program

Canadian Shooter Action Pistol Program

 To all Canadian Pistol Shooters   

A new Action Pistol program CFI is introducing this fall.

This is a new Canadian wide program for action pistol is designed to offer the clubs across the country courses of fire that can be shot by all levels of recreational action pistol shooter, while at the same time bringing a level of continuity to the sport and an opportunity for competition on a national basis.

These courses of fire, the ranking, and classification will be offered to all clubs/shooters county wide and CFI membership will not be a requirement, however there will be benefits for membership that are not offered to non-members.

The purpose is two-fold: the first is to provide the clubs with a group of standardized courses of fire that can be grouped together to form matches that can be used by them to strengthen their club’s communal nature and encourage growth.

The second is to encourage the overall growth of the community by providing a standardized internationally accepted system for classification and ranking as well as an opportunity for interested individuals to compete on a broader level.

The structure and rules of this program have been adopted from the NRA Action Pistol Program with their permission.

There are currently 7 other countries using this system.

There are roughly 19 courses of fire – 13 of which can be shot indoors and a couple use steel.

Three Categories of Firearm – Open (includes Rim fire), Metallic, and Production.

Ten different types of matches – open, restricted….squadded and unsquadded… team or individual.

There are several different categories of shooter – grand senior to sub junior, women, men, civilian, and non-civilian.

It is an excellent action pistol program that offers flexibility to the sponsoring club or organization in terms of; match design, firearm preference and skill level; giving them opportunity to adopt a standardized system that can be shaped to meet their needs and those of their members.


CFI will offer two kinds of Tournaments Registered or Approved.


A Sanctioned Tournament must be registered for national ranking and liability insurance purposes only – so that would include – regionals, provincials, Nationals or any other Tournament for which the sponsoring organization would like to have the scores included for national ranking/record making purposes.  These are run in a more regimented way to ensure that there is a paper trail for the winners and that scoring is done correctly and in most cases will be sponsored by CFI clubs and or affiliated provincial organizations.

Approved Tournaments – are for classification purposes.  The system used for classification has been adopted from the NRA Action Pistol program with their permission and assistance and allows us to create uniformity, nationally and internationally.  These can be run by any club, league, or organization and includes postal matches.


CFI will host a Canadian Cup which will be the culmination of the year for The Canadian CFI Action Pistol Program as a whole and then take a team to the Bianchi Cup which is essentially the top of the pyramid for the program on an international level.  Canadian cup will be open to all levels of competitor and offer several different prizes.

The program will not be launched until September 2015 – to allow us time to ensure that our processes are in place and the program runs smoothly.

Raising the awareness of the sport in Canada, create a positive perception of it and encourage growth – we need to do whatever we can as organizations to support the clubs and the shooters.  By creating a national recreational shooting program, we involve more people in the sport recreationally and can then create a revenue stream to help support those that wish to represent Canada on an international level. This AP program is the first step in the development of our recreational shooting program.

CFI National Recreational Action Pistol Program



We are reaching out to clubs, organizations and individuals across the country to raise awareness and participation in this program.

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