Traditional 3D Archery Event

Archery For Traditional Bows

August 14-15 and 16th is our 6th rendezvous.

Here is what you need for traditional 3D Archery

Get your bow, your camping equipment and come have a relaxing fun filled weekend with like minded traditional style archers.

Want to learn more about traditional archery?

Need archery equipment or want to learn how to shoot a bow safely?


This year we also have knife throwing and horse shoe pits for in between shooting.

Once again people are coming from all across the province and beyond.

We cut 190 bales of hay so there is a lot more room for camping and parking.

Fenelon Falls is 10 minute drive away and Lindsay is 15 minute drive if you want to stay in a motel or shop while here.

Only $10 for Friday-$20 for Saturday and $10 for Sunday or $35 for all three days.

Plus camping fee which is only $10 per night per family.

Vendors and my shop will be open.

Refreshments BBQ at lunch times.

For additional info contact Fred

Fred Walker

How To Get Paid With Bow Hunting Freedom Podcast

How to start a career in the bow hunting industry.

How to Get Paid In The Hunting Industry

Not To often I get to sit on the other side of the microphone and be asked questions so this was a treat for me with fellow media communicator Philip Havens, hunter , outdoorsman and media communicator and host of Bow Hunting Freedom.

Getting started in the bowhunting or outdoor industries can be tough. That does not mean you should give up on your dream. Join me as Philip Haven interviews Peter Wood from Ripple Outdoors Podcast provides some career tips to help you along the way.




Click Here to listen to our interview


You can contact Philip here —->

Check out the Scent Control Tactics

Scent Control Tactics

Practice Often Before The Season Starts

3D Archery a great way to get ready for the bow season


I  had a few hours to go out for a 3D event at the Wild Goose Archery Club in Kingsville this morning,

Met up with a fellow member of the SWOC and her two kids, one who was there to shoot, the other to carry the bino

Danielle Russell the web master and also her own website was there to tune up for an upcoming moose /deer hunt with hubby Scott .

Hey Greg,,,best wishes on a fast recovery for the eye too!

She had just returned  a week before from an SCI Canada sponsored Bear Hunt, one of 12 ladies participating in the hunt.

More details on that when I speak with John from SCI,

Although Danielle didn’t get her bear she had an awesome time, as did all the ladies.

She even texted me this photo from the tree stand.

Synthetic Bear Juice Attractant











 At todays 3D event she shot a decent score, me not so good with a bad miss and too many 5s!!!!

Like I said  “Its’ time to perfect your practice routine before the season starts”

NOW I know my fifty yard pin is way OFF!

Thank fully my 20 -20-40 were good as I  made some decent shots on the deer targets and two thunder chickens!

3D Thunder Chicken from the ground







 Thanks to Danielle for sending me the pic, not sure sure I wanted to know my score,,,,,

You can find her website Everything Outdoors  here

Check it out!

Fishing, Firearms and Fudge

Will you be there for Cabelas Grand Opening on July 10th?


I attended the sneak preview on media day and had an awesome time checking out the archery, firearms , fishing and fudge departments.

Yep Cabelas has a Home made FUDGE department as you can see on July 10th, See you there!

Check  the short video of my sneak peak

Cabelas Barrie Store Marketing  with some tasty fudge

How To Eliminate Peep Sight Twist

Are you one of those of bow hunters that have a love-hate relationship with your peep sight?



Has your peep sight twisted just when you’re about to take a shot?

Has your peep sight filled with moisture from snow or rain?

 Have you found bits of dirt or foliage in your peep sight?

Are you one of those archers that experiences difficulty achieving the same anchor point each time you draw your bow?

Every archer knows that a consistent draw is the key to accuracy.

Have you found using a peep sight in low light conditions just doesn’t work?

Have you ever damaged you’re sight pins while traveling?

Now there is an easy way to eliminate all those peep sight problems.


 Remove it !!!


Eliminate all those problems and install an Eliminator Pro Sight.

eliminate your peep site with an Eliminator Pro Sight

Not only with your accuracy improve but you will eliminate hand torque on your riser and obtain the same full draw position every time.

If you are left eye dominant and a right hand shooter or right eye dominant shooter using your left hand this sight will also eliminate those problems.

Eliminator Pro site installs on left-handed or right-handed bow and can be easily removed and installed again while still maintaining pinpoint accuracy.

When traveling by airlines you can easily remove your Eliminator Pro Sight and quickly reinstall before your hunt, preventing any in-flight damage.


With two styles to choose from

For hunters who prefer a horizontal site

When you want Vertical Pins

                 Available In Black or Camo

check out the Eliminator Pro Sight Podcast

Do you shoot with both eyes open

Shooting a bow with both eyes open takes some practice just like anything other eye hand co-ordination

As a hunter seeing the whole target before zoning into that one spot I find shooting with both eyes open quicker and more accurate.

Think about it,,,with your dominant eye focused on your pins and the farthest from the target with your front eye closed you’re losing about 40 % of the view, Try hol up a finger and aim with one eye closed, now try it with both eyes open.


Big difference right?

It’s not for everyone but certainly worth the time to practice shooting with both eyes open next time your at a 3D event or just shooting in your backyard.

For years I shot with one eye closed  when using any firearm or archery equipment. I often saw the experts and pros shoot with both eyes open so I decided to try it.

I used a modified approach were I started with one eye closed, squinted with it then opened it as my sight picture became clear and focused.

Try it and it just might OPEN YOUR EYES!

Video of 3D Archery Shoot

Do YOU want to be a better bow hunter?

Grab your archery equipment and head out to your nearest archery club. Many offer both indoor and outdoor 3D shooting.

Spending a few hours shooting your bow at 3D targets like deer and turkey will certainly help your aim!

Choose the most difficult position and try shooting sitting, kneeling or from an elevated position if available.

When it’s your turn to shoot draw your bow, aim and release in as quick as time as you can without loosing accuracy and maybe your arrow!

Check out the Video Hunting Tip page for more.

Knowing your bow and sights is also key to making a great shot under (imposed pressure) and time.

When allowed ( on informal fun shoots) use your Rangefinder and binoculars to become more accurate. You can’t blame your equipment then,,,

A typical 3D course of fire involves about 30 targets.