Shellbourne Fuels

I’m  pleased to announce John Shane founder of Shellbourne Fuels has chosen Ripple Outdoors to become an authorized distributor for his new product line of fuel enhancers.


Ripple Outdoors can now offer an quaility product that will help your reduce fuel costs and emissions resulting in substantial savings  for the outdoor enthusiasts who operates any type of gas or diesel motor .


John Shane is the founder and creator of Shellbourne Fuel Additive Products. After  graduating from Western University in London, Ontario  Shane worked for oil companies over a 12-year period, of which 6 years was spent in Research & Development at Shell Canada. He was a member of the World Petroleum Conference in Japan, China, and Thailand. In 1989, he applied his skills and knowledge to establishing his own manufacturing plant in Fort Erie, Ontario.

In October 2007 Mariner’s Choice International Inc has appointed John Shane as Senior Technical Advisor for its MC-Marine product line. ply stated Shane’s products decrease FUEL Costs through fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance, as well as significant environmental benefit of reduced emissions of up to 80%.

Shane stated “ It is high time that such products be made available in light of the global ‘carbon laundering’, a term coined by Andrew Simms, a director of New Economics Foundation as he recently discussed the ecological debt that is a worldwide concern (source: Reuters, Oct. 5/07). Our motivation is to put these products into the hands of every single company and every individual that operates any type of engine for the greater good.”

 “These are some of the most progressive fuel products available on the market, and they provide benefits that go beyond just improving engine performance. Cost savings are achieved through fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance, as well as significant environmental benefit of reduced emissions of up to 80% are benefits that cannot be ignored.”

These are benefits that cannot be ignored by anyone who operates machinery or vehicles.

With the high price of fuel and worries of emmisions Shellbourne Fuels has found a Eco-friendly solution.

For additional information on our products & pricing please email [email protected]

Exploring Ontario was never easier

If you love to explore the outdoors like I do check out .

If its by ATV, Snow Machine, Boat or Motorcycle “go ride ontario” has a destination for you. 

My good buddy Chris Hockley with his son Grayden are featured having a quiet moment fishing on one of a 100,000 lakes in Ontario.

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Chris & Grayden

PRESS RELEASE – Outdoor Writers of Canada Corporate Director

 Peter Wood


I am pleased to announce that our OWC corporate members have elected me as their new representative on the OWC Board of Directors. 

“I recently took advantage of a 36 year career in the steel industry to enjoy an “early retirement” to pursue additional opportunities in the outdoor media communications field.

Foremost I’m a hunter, angler, boater, camper, ATVer and have enjoyed an active outdoor lifestyle all of my life.

As an award winning writer, photographer and podcaster I have often used OWC Corporate members products while out in the field enabling me to complete my assignments.

I have also conducted many podcast episodes featuring OWC corporate members.

I will be your primary contact, liaison, and will represent the views of all our corporate members on the OWC Board of Directors.

As the OWC Corporate Director  and voting member of the OWC Board of Directors I’m here to be the voice of our valued corporate members.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me anytime.

Peter Wood

peter.wood [at] rippleoutdoors [dot]com



Happy New Years 2008

Well was your 2007 satisfying enough for you?  Did you fill your tags and live-wells?

Were your hunting and fishing trips with friends memorable?

Did you discover new locations to hunt?

Was your fish-finder filled with new icons and hot-spots?

Have you started to plan next years hunts yet?

Did you join the OFAH, COHA, Ducks Unlimited or Pheasants Forever yet?

Make a difference in 2008 join.

Is your ATV or snow machine ready for some great ice-fishing expeditions?

My next few podcasts will feature Lonnie King as he talks about ice fishing tips and techniques. You can check it out right here at

But most of all did you share some quality time with your family and friends?

Find the time in 2008 to do just that!

Happy New Years to all the sportsmen & woman who fish & hunt.

Peter Wood

Late season Fishing & Hunting in Elliot Lake

Last week I had the opportunity to enjoy a hunting and fishing trip to Elliot Lake for late season trout and grouse. Mother Nature however had other plans in mind.

Marty Descoteaux of Elliot Lake Outfitters had invited me up when we met during the Elliot Lake  ATV Fall Run in September. Naturally I wanted to hunt and fish as well as enjoy the terrific scenery from my ATV. Read more

How can first aid in the field help you?

In this week’s podcast I chatted with Simon Ashdown , Director of Public Relations with Tender Corporation. They have awesome field medical kits available to any one traveling in the outdoors. Whether you fish, hunt, hike, ATV, kayak or just play outside you should check these handy kits out.

In fact after you listen to this weeks podcast on Friday, send an email to the email address I announce on the show with a  hunting, fishing or any outdoors tip you may win a prize package from Tender Corporation

Once each week starting Saturday October 20th until the end of 2007 I will pick ONE email and send them either an Adventure Medical Field Kit or an  Emergency Bivvy Heat Sheet.

Adventure medical kits

Elliot Lake Fall ATV Run

Imagine coming down the side of a mountain with just the glow of an almost full moon and your ATV headlights lighting the steep trail. Well about 60 avid enthusiastic ATVers did that on September 21st. during the Elliot Lake Fall Fun Run.

The next day about 130 ATVers covered over 100 kilometers of trails. Some more challenging than others. The scenery was awesome as was the weather.

 A shore lunch of fresh walleye prepared by the local experts in fishing kept us coming back until it was all gone. That evening a dance was held with some fine local music and again a great meal with some awesome turkey  and all the fixin’s dinner.

We had early night as we had to leave at 6am the next morning to catch the ferry on Manitoulin Island so I wasn’t sure who won all those terrific door prizes.

The Elliot Lake ATV Club and Tourism Board along with numerous volunteers ensured everyone had a great time. Accommodations at the Fireside Inn , Algo Inn and the  Dunlop Lodge just north of town were almost filled to capacity with this event and other events that weekend.

Elliot Lake Outfitters  were guiding the Fly Fishing Show as it filmed an episode on one of the countless rivers.

Kim Bishop and Ginnete Bedard of the Elliot Lake Tourism Board helped me during my short stay. I will definitely be headed up that soon for some hunting and fishing.

I hope to have the photo’s taken during the run up on a photo page next week after Thanksgiving so check back then.

 Shore Lunch