Opening Day Deer

I could have used that extra hour of sleep but I certainly wouldn’t want to miss opening day of the 2007 Ontario Deer controlled hunt. Climbing up into my tree stand at 5:30am with a frosty brisk breeze sure wakes you up in a hurry!
A lot of the forest has been stripped of it’s colourful foliage but its still thick in other areas, We need a good blast of winter!

Sunrise is almost here but even with a mist hanging over those bull rushes to the east I can see  Read more

Bass Pro Shop Lake Simcoe Open a huge success

October’s weather may have decided what fishing technique was going to win as 59 teams competed in the inaugural open this year. Formerly know as the the AuraBass Masters this year Bass Pro Shop Canada put it support and commitment behind this tournament.

Other great sponsors also made this  tournament possible by their support and commitment. Maple Toyota,Tracker Boats, Yamaha , Shimano, Normark Canada, Berkley, Trilene, Gulp, Rapala, Terminator FishingLures, Hummingbird, Minnkota, GE Money, Boat Smart, Strike King, Ontario Parks, Mustang Survival and of course those great tasting Johnsonville Brats.

Herb Quan president of Aurora Bass Masters and all the volunteers ensured Read more

Slugs or Buckshot?

Well what’s YOUR preference? With opening day of the 2007 shotgun hunt beginning November 5th are you ready?

 I’m sure you have sighted in your shotgun by now. Ya right! I haven’t, mostly due to enjoying time in the forest bow hunting for bucks.

Hopefully soon somewhere between upland birds, geese, bow hunting and some time on the water my shot gun will get sighted in.
Some of you are saying,,,, Read more

How can first aid in the field help you?

In this week’s podcast I chatted with Simon Ashdown , Director of Public Relations with Tender Corporation. They have awesome field medical kits available to any one traveling in the outdoors. Whether you fish, hunt, hike, ATV, kayak or just play outside you should check these handy kits out.

In fact after you listen to this weeks podcast on Friday, send an email to the email address I announce on the show with a  hunting, fishing or any outdoors tip you may win a prize package from Tender Corporation

Once each week starting Saturday October 20th until the end of 2007 I will pick ONE email and send them either an Adventure Medical Field Kit or an  Emergency Bivvy Heat Sheet.

Adventure medical kits

Uxbridge Huck Finn winners enjoy fishing trip of a lifetime

I recently had the opportunity to tag along with good fishing buddy Chris Hockley, a tournament angler and award winning writer. Between you and me he is an exceptionaly truly down to earth nice guy too. But don’t let Chris know!

During the summer at the 2007 Uxbridge Huck Finn kids fishing day numerous kids enjoyed the day fishing.

As one of the organizers for the tournament Chris and his Blitzcreek Pro Fishing  Service gave away all expense paid fishing trip to one of the 1200 kids attending the event  The event itself attracted approximately 2000 people. Pat Higgins of Canadian Tire Uxbridge is the founder of the event and runs it every year.  700 trout were stocked in the local pond for the kids to fish in.  Each year fish  are tagged for special prizes.  The rewarding thing is not only are the fish caught each year but the tags from those that aren’t end up being caught the next season all in all a great event for the kids and the community!!!  

Lucky winners; brothers 6 year old Luke & 4 year old Ryan along with grandparents Oz & Darlene boarded Terry Ward’s 40 foot Super King berthed at Bluffs Harbour in late September. An absolutely gorgeous sunrise greeted us as we slowly edged our way out past geese, swans and mallards at the harbours mouth.

Trolling lines were soon set by Terry as the kids explored his 40 foot fishing machine decked out in teak and stainless steel. This was truly an awesome boat.

Lake Ontario was dead calm with the only ripples come from the boats wake. After what seemed an eternity to the boys ( maybe 20 minutes), Ryan & Lucas each chose a “lucky lure” as Terry changed over the other down-rigged lines.

The first “fish on” had both boys running to the stern as grandpa Oz started to reel it in. Lucas helped out as Ryan searched for the net!

 Everyone aboard had a fantastic time with the few fish caught. Kudos to Terry for finding fish willing to bite on a blue bird day. Chris was engaging as ever and the young fishermen had a blast. Grandparents Oz & Darlene were delighted to participate during this special day out on Lake Ontario.

Afterwards it was mentioned Lucas wanted to buy a boat just like this one for his dad so they could get out and fish anytime they wanted!

Me, well I had the time of my life taking photos of novice anglers catching Rainbows and Kings and enjoying the view from Terry’s awesome boat on a dynamite day with a great bunch of anglers.

Lucas Chris Ryan

Elliot Lake Fall ATV Run

Imagine coming down the side of a mountain with just the glow of an almost full moon and your ATV headlights lighting the steep trail. Well about 60 avid enthusiastic ATVers did that on September 21st. during the Elliot Lake Fall Fun Run.

The next day about 130 ATVers covered over 100 kilometers of trails. Some more challenging than others. The scenery was awesome as was the weather.

 A shore lunch of fresh walleye prepared by the local experts in fishing kept us coming back until it was all gone. That evening a dance was held with some fine local music and again a great meal with some awesome turkey  and all the fixin’s dinner.

We had early night as we had to leave at 6am the next morning to catch the ferry on Manitoulin Island so I wasn’t sure who won all those terrific door prizes.

The Elliot Lake ATV Club and Tourism Board along with numerous volunteers ensured everyone had a great time. Accommodations at the Fireside Inn , Algo Inn and the  Dunlop Lodge just north of town were almost filled to capacity with this event and other events that weekend.

Elliot Lake Outfitters  were guiding the Fly Fishing Show as it filmed an episode on one of the countless rivers.

Kim Bishop and Ginnete Bedard of the Elliot Lake Tourism Board helped me during my short stay. I will definitely be headed up that soon for some hunting and fishing.

I hope to have the photo’s taken during the run up on a photo page next week after Thanksgiving so check back then.

 Shore Lunch

6th Annual Youth Outdoors Day at Luther Marsh

Fall arrived Saturday morning with cool temperatures and a biting wind. That didn’t deter about 200 kids and parents from attending the 6th year of this free Youth Outdoors Day event at Luther Marsh.

Conservation Officer Joel Pegg wanted to help kids explore and discover Ontario’s great outdoor opportunities in hunting, fishing and conservation.

With the help of numerous committed volunteers and large corporate sponsors such as Bank of Montreal, Guelph MNR, Bass Pro Shops, & Wellington County Stewardship Council it was a grand success.

Other fine organizations and individuals such as Badenoch Archery, Excalibur Crossbows, Canadian Tire, Ducks Unlimited , Stoeger Canada, Shadowear all strong supporters of our outdoors also donated valuable time and resources to ensure the kids had a fantastic time.

The displays and events through out the day had kids grinning from ear to ear. Parents also participated and enjoyed the numerous displays on hand.

Lunch time had a lineup well into the parking lot as everyone enjoyed hamburgers, hot-dogs and refreshments to continue on into the afternoon.

There were prizes donated for everyone in attendance and I saw a lot of happy kids with all the great stuff they collected throughout the day.

Alfie Stanevicius and the Dundas Valley Longbeards Conservation Club donated material  for Bluebird & Woodduck nesting box kits with numerous volunteers in attendance helping the kids put them together.

Anyone wanting additional information on how YOU can help out or start your own Youths’ Outdoors Day please contact Joel Pegg at  [email protected]

Anyone wanting any photos I took on Saturday please contact me at;

 info[at]rippleoutdoors [dot] com and I will hapy to email them to you.

Field Essentials For This Fall

Many of you anxious hunters will have already started packing or organizing your essential equipment for this years upcoming hunts. With opening day of waterfowl or moose season in sight you need to have the right gear. During my travels this year to writing conferences in North Bay and Roanoke in West Virginia I discovered some new and tried and true products aimed at the hunter or angler.

One of my favourite’s was the ThermaCELL. About the size of an extra large coffee mug, this little unit once ignited emits fumes that kept those nasty squeeters away from your location. I used mine in the boat on those hot muggy windless evening when the bugs would swarm anything standing still. It was awesome when I used a blind for turkey hunting in early spring mornings. Cost is $30 for a ThermaCELL. Included were propane cells and wicks, extras could be purchased at most outdoor retailers. For additional information 1-866-753-3837 or

Another helpful item that has a wide range of essential products is available from Tender Corp. . These highly portable functional first aid kits for hunters or anyone else in the outdoors are part of my daypack. If you did get bit, stung, or cut they have a product to cover you in a handy pouch. They also have Ben’s bug spray that worked for most of the day against any pestering tics & mosquitoes. I have used my tube of AfterBite Xtra to reduce the itch out of numerous wasp stings and countless mosquitoes bites all summer.

One product I have started to use and rely on for my forays into the forests is from It’s a customized topo map you build on your computer for any location in North America. Once customized and you have your map exactly how you want it, you simple save and order online. It’s delivered to your door in about a week. They come in three sizes in both folded or rolled format.

I have ordered a few, a wall sized one for the cottage, a rolled up one for my ATV and a folded one for my knapsack. Maps that are waterproof and durable and customized for me by me for any trip I plan. MyTopo offers a choice of paper finishes, including waterproof, glossy and full-seal laminated maps.  Every map is printed with UV/fade resistant inks.  Check them out at or phone 1-877-587-9004 to order one. Tell Paige I sent you.

For anglers that has searched slop or weedy bays for monster bass only to loose both lure and trophy to snags I have a lure for you. I know the pros use this frog for tight structure when surface fishing.   Gil Johnson a tournament angler from Tennessee was demonstrating these lures at a seminar in Roanoke Virginia. He had numerous different types of plastic frogs available to the angler. You have seen these imitation amphibians at local fishing shops, Canadian Tire or Bass Pro Shops.  A side by side comparison convinced me that Snag Proof lures were best suited to catching a large Bucketmouth overall. These lures weren’t cheap, but with Gamakatsu super sharp hooks designed to be fished weed-less and as close to snag proof as possible. A pliable body that fish didn’t let go with astounding action to entice any trophy bass. Try them yourself on a side-by-side comparison with the other frog baits and you will see why the pros use them. Check them out at 

Duck season opens up this Saturday the 22nd of September; so don’t forget to get a duck stamp at your local postal outlet. Cost is just over $18.

Bow season for Deer opens up October 1st so get your bow sighted in and ensure your hunting tips are razor sharp. Hopefully you have practised those pre-season scent control tips found at podcast episodes #12, #39 & #40. Good luck!

Bass Pro Shops Lake Simcoe Open on October 27th, 2007

 If your into tournament BASS FISHING read on!

Wil Wegman’s press release has some great information regarding the upcoming Bass Fishing Tournament taking place on Lake Simcoe October 27th.

The Aurora Bassmasters are excited to announce that Strike King is throwing its support behind the new partnership between their club and Bass Pro Shops Canada, Inc. The partnership will focus around the newly established (Annual) Bass Pro Shops Lake Simcoe Open on October 27th, 2007.

“On behalf of Strike King, we are very proud to lend our support to this exciting new event.”said Lee Branscombe, Canadian Sales – Strike King (Integrity Outdoors).  “With a world class fishery such as Lake Simcoe, this tournament will no doubt establish record weights. As we look to the future, anglers of all inclinations will be drawn by the unique nature of the BPS Lake Simcoe Open, the payout structure(s) and the opportunity to compete against some of the best anglers in Canada.” Branscombe continued. Herb Quan president of the Aurora Bassmasters added that, “On behalf of the entire Aurora Bassmaster chapter I’d like to thank Strike King for their commitment. This again will lend to the overall success of the Bass Pro Shops Lake Simcoe Open.”

As new information is made available, it will be posted on the Aurora Bassmasters’ website at Registration Forms (now available) and a complete listing of General Rules, Regulations & Liability will be made available online through the Aurora Bassmasters. The Aurora Bassmasters are one of 30 clubs across the province belonging to the Ontario BASS Federation Nation at This tournament is an OPEN event where tournament anglers from any bass circuit are invited to participate.

1st Annual Lake Erie Walleye Hunter Derby

The first Dunnville Hunter Lake Erie Walleye Derby hosted by owner Steve Hardcastle, of Fishmaster Ultimate Bait & Tackle Store

Twenty teams of top notch walleye anglers landed some impressive catches of monster walleye by the conclusion of the one day derby.

Most walleye were caught before 8am on a worm harness over 60 feet of water.

Santo Amalfi of Hamilton jigged on bottom at 1:30pm to reel in a 10 pounder plus trophy to take first place of the largest fish. 10 pounder 

Team Iceburg from Buffalo New York took top place overall with 32.2 pounds for a 4 fish limit of walleye.                

 Team Iceberg

On the left Captain Bob Rustowicz, Tom Brunn Jr with Randy Jaroszewski on the right hold up an impressive catch!

Great fishing guys!