King Of The Woods Contest

Winner Week 8 King of the Woods Contest

Got a call from the Beasley Brothers the other day regarding my awesome buck that I entered into the King of the Woods Contest (KOW) contest in December 2015.

So after confirming details and facts, I won week 8 of the King of the Woods Contest I sent my photos in.

I’m elated for a chance to compete with the other 12 hunters on May 20th.The green score was 173 5/8 and indeed my best buck ever in over 40 yrs of deer hunting.

The fall weather this year was certainly not typical for our area. Normally snow covered and bitter cold.

Not the mild temperatures we experienced all season.

Fortunately the day before flurries and cold were forecasted and I knew I would see deer wandering, thanks again to my Buck Fever Synthetic Scents.

I will get my full story out once the SWOC Big Buck Sportsmen Show is over and gobbler season is off my list.

I look forward to the King of the Woods Contest will be fun time indeed on May 20th.

My KOW buck

Mature 10 point buck with some kickers taken by Peter Wood during the controlled shotgun hunt Nov 30 -Dec 5 2015












The Nooner Buck mount work by Jim Branch

The Nooner Buck

Was Your 2015 Deer Season A Success

My Deer Hunting Season Was A Success, Was Yours?

Considering I only saw 5 deer all season from the stand I also have to say luck had some input to be sure.

Practise from the ground and in the stand

Practise from the ground and in the stand it all helps to have a successful deer hunting season

You have to out there to see whats going on


When does your hunting season begin?

Do you practise often?  Target Practise Pays Off

Enjoy some 3D Archery Events

to help make your season a success

Practise with a few arrows at home if possible every day.

Shoot at unknown distances when possible.




Shooting DOTS Helps

I Practice Shooting Dots with Reinhart Targets

I Practice Shooting Dots with Reinhart Targets










Weather was a huge factor all season where I hunt,,,how about your location?

Foggy morning Does on a walk about near my spypoint cam

Foggy morning Does on a walk about near my Spypoint cam



We had little to no snow.

Temperatures seldom dropped below freezing and only at night.




In the end I got lucky from a tree stand location I seldom used.

It pushed my boundaries closer to their sanctuary area to right on the edge

It was a last chance opportunity as time was running out.

I moved a tree stand at 11am and was in the tree by 11;25

Luckily this 5 1 /2 year old buck was on the prowl for  hot doe at 11:46.

My deer hunting season ended 11:47

Buck Fever Canada Helped make my 2015 deer season a success

Buck Fever Canada helped make this my best buck ever

Buck Fever Canada helped make this my best buck ever


My Best Buck Yet

Been hunting deer for 40 years , enjoyed hunting every season.

This year I got my best buck yet!

I hunt hard every year and always enjoy some venison in the freezer before the season ends.

This year with the windy warmer weather it was a challenge to see any deer in the daylight hours.

Trail cam pictures on my Spypoints indicated indeed many deer were nocturnal on the farms I hunted.

On those days I did hunt there were only does and small spikers wandering around.

Daytime Scrape



My Buck Fever synthetic scraps and rubs were being visited constantly, some even mid day.

Just not the Buck I had in mind at least on this trail cam spot.




I knew there was a dandy 3 1/2 year old 10 pointer I had in my bow sights the previous year,.

Last year he was broadside but no shot opportunity with a Maple tree covering his vitals.

I never did get him on trail cam pics ever over 3 years. But he did have a core area I never entered.

I refreshed and set up fours Buck Fever Canada scrapes and rubs again this year so I could hunt the wind close but not in the core.

When November  rolled around there were 16 scrapes that I counted all within 40 yards of the funnel entrance to his core area.

Numerous other bucks were competing for dominance it seemed.

Buck Fever Canada

Buck checking BFC scrapes at night




Not the one I was looking for, but a nice buck indeed.





Bow season would be closed again for the controlled late season shot gun hunt second week. It had been closed Nov 2nd – 7th just a few weeks previous.

Several hunters all filled tags during that hunt but I hunted with my bow in another area that was strictly bow only.

Did I mention it was warm and rainy?

Temperatures close to 12c or for my American friends mid 50s!

Never saw a deer all week where typically numerous sightings every day ( Thats why I go there!)

Decided I would try and fill my shotgun tag in the December hunt as time was running out and weather was indeed a factor.

Hunted the day before opener with my bow as archery season still valid with no sighting,

Until I was walking out and saw deer on the rise across a pond.

Next morning mild and windy, sat in stand till 11am, no deer.

Came out for lunch and back in from 1pm till last light at 5:11, no deer, but I could hear them behind me just past the thicket close to that magic core area.

You know the place were you should’t enter unless absolutely necessary!

I did a quick check on two Spypoint Cams at two different scrapes but no new sightings.

Spypoint Trail Cameras









The next morning another hunter would be sharing the farm with me during the shotgun hunt so we texted back and forth to set up safe areas to hunt.

He had a proven location that always had action, I know because I set up a Buck Trap with an active BFC scrape over the last 3 years.

It was in fact the same location I had a chance at filling a bow tag last year on this 3 1/2 yr old. 10 pointer. A very nice deer.

Had him at 48 yards with a large Maple Tree on his vitals when he simply walked away presenting no shot.

Tuesday morning wind changed direction right at first light, I knew I would have to move when it switched from S.E. to the N.W. but wanted to give it another 20 minutes just in case.  As it was shotgun season I knew my Browning BLR was good out to 159 yards with Hornady SST slugs and my Vortex Optic Red Dot scope.

Browning BLR and Vortex Optics

At 7;40 I heard three shots from Paul’s location about 300 yards north of me, followed by a fourth shot!.

I waited for his text to see if he needed help dragging out what ever he had shot.

After 10 minutes I texted him,,,,,,well??????

His reply said it all,,,I missed a giant ,,,,,,,4 times!!!!

I promptly packed up and set out for his location. He wasn’t happy when I got there.

We checked for any sign of blood,,,nothing, just hoof marks headed off towards the north east.

We figured that would be the last we saw of that buck this season.



I asked him if his shotgun was off,,,,,he replied “it was ok three years ago when sighted in.”

Suggested he head home and check the gun, his ammo and his aim before continuing his hunt. He declined as it was a 90 minute drive one way.

We talked for another 20 minutes then I headed back to my stand.

I decided right then I was moving my stand now that wind had shifted another 40 yards closer to “the funnel”

Between where my stand was and there were another 12 active scrapes, thickets and swamp. I had only been back this way once this year in early September for a quick look then twice last year looking for sheds.

I didn’t take long to bring down the summit and set up in a more favourable tree with the right wind right at the funnel.

Summit stand




Thanks SUMMIT and Hunter Safety Systems





Moving my stand and setting up took from 10;45 till 11;15. surprisingly fast with just a few tinkles of metal on metal from the Summit steps.

I had planned to be sitting there until last light and try and fill my buck/doe tag for the freezer today.

Just before noon I heard a deer coming down the trail rather quickly from the west on my left, not the right as I anticipated from the north.

Being a lefty it never fails, always the wrong side.

The funnel was actually a four way intersection, great for a bow as the farthest shot would be 40 yards.

As this mature doe appeared about 25 yards away and was coming towards me I reached for my cell phone as I though I would take a fast picture.

That was until I heard a tending grunt still in the thicket from which she nervously appeared.

Back to plan A as I reached for my Browning BLR.

Mere seconds had passed since she appeared and I heard the grunt when the buck broke through the thicket.

The doe hopped a few paces as the buck froze behind some saplings grunting again.

Tunnel vision kicked in as I zoned in on his vitals

The buck took three more steps as by body contorted to swing to my extreme left.

The Vortex red dot was on the quartering away bucks vitals when he  was eight yards away as I squeezed.

I immediately saw red as he stumbled trying to dig in for traction.

The sound of cedar branches breaking followed by a loud thud about 30 yards away sealed the deal.

I could just make out where he lay through the cedar trees.

In all  of about a dozen seconds my 2015 controlled deer hunt was done.

By the time I was on the ground and unhooked my Hunter Safety Vest there was a text message


Texting back ” BBD”

I had already taken a selfie when Paul appeared. He offered to take some pics and shook my hand.

Mature 10 point (with junk) best buck taken by Peter Wood during the controlled shotgun hunt Nov 30 -Dec 5 2015 - Green Score 160

Mature 10 point (with junk) is his best buck taken by Peter Wood during the controlled shotgun hunt Nov 30 -Dec 5 2015 – Green Score 160 estimate 5 1/2 yr old. Over 200 pounds.



Headed back again next week to try and fill my last bow tag, looks like the weather is changing.

No snow yet this season!!

How about your season?

Did the weather have an effect?

Let me know

[email protected]


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Deer checking out a Buck Fever licking branch and scrape

Buck Fever scrapes and licking branches are used by both Does and Bucks

A mature doe checks out this Buck Fever licking branch and scrape at a junction of deer trail.

A mature doe checks out a Buck Fever Scrape and Licking Branch


One of my tree stand locations is next to a Rack Stacker food plot which is about 60 yards from this Buck Fever Scrape and Licking Branch location

Spraying Buck Fever Forehead Gland on a Licking Branch

Making a new deer scrape with Buck Fever Pre-Post Rut

Buck checks out scrape and licking branch


All photos were captured on  my Spypoint Tiny W

Photos were transmitted to my remote receiver located

about 60 yards away close to my tree stand.

Easily accessed to check out photos and never leave any scent on this well used deer trail.

With the RUT just days away I expect a lot of deer traffic in this location.



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Heavy 8 Pointer Down

Rattling some huge antlers  and a well placed Buck Fever Synthetic Scrape were all that was needed.

Alfie set up 120 yards east of me to rattle the antlers. We could easily cover the entire area south of with our rifled  slug guns during the  controlled shot gun deer hunt.

In late October I set out a Buck Fever Scrape line was along a well worn deer trail between the both of us. SpyPoint Pro-X Trail photos confirmed activity mostly in the morning on their way to a bedding area.

Early morning fog and zero wind were ideal for rattling in a an eight point buck the day before checking out the Buck Fever scrape and licking branch we set out the the week before.

So we thought why not try for buck number two as fresh tracks and rubs were present.

A North West wind should still work for our location.    8 point Buck caught investigating our Buck Fever Scrape and licking branch on SpyPoint Pro-X Trail Cam


Alfie tickled those well worn antlers at 06;45 and in seconds out stepped a huge 4 1/2 year old bruiser directly east 120 yards away.

He raised his head to scent and looked in my direction 170 yards away. Advancing into the clover field another 10 yards.

The Buck Fever Rut I had spayed in a well worn scrape forty minutes earlier had gotten his attention and certainly  had his attention or riled him up.

He then caught site of  Alfie raising his Browning Auto up and turned toward the safety of the hardwoods.

A single shot echoed across the clover field  as the buck turned to flee then quickly disappeared into the cover of the  forest edge.

We gave the buck some time before starting our search as it was only 7 am

Tracking a fresh blood trail is often time consuming and requires persistent patience.

Twenty minutes later  after widening the search for signs of blood I was about eighty yards into the pine forest where it became hardwood and found a good blood trail that was more easily followed.

Until then there were doubts about the hit. Luckily it was still early in the day, no rain forecast to eradicate any fresh blood trail.

There are tools available to track wounded deer but we didn’t require any at this time. A roll of toilet paper worked just fine on this trail. When heavy rain is active sign is often difficult to spot.

The buck was headed to the low lying swamp and had only stopped in three spots.

We continued our search now about 250 yards from where it was shot.

The hardwood gave way to river swamp area with four foot high reeds and swamp grass.

The blood trail was still visible on the pushed over reeds and grass.

Movement about 60 yards into the swamp caught my eye.

The almost invisible antlers edged slowly away from our position through the long brown grass.

We backed off to allow the buck to expire instead of pushing it deeper into the swamp.

Twenty minute later the buck was located under a cedar tree.






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8 pt valley buck

Buck checks out licking branch amongst a Sumac grove