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The QDMA has spent its 25-plus-year history continually learning more about biologically sound deer management and passing that knowledge along to hunters and managers. Now, we want to share what we know about the threats, concerns, successes and challenges that will shape the whitetail’s immediate and long-term future – and that of the entire hunting industry. The Whitetail Report is intended to be a useful resource for communicators, media members, industry leaders and hunters.

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Rutting Activity 2012 Deer Season

Spypoint Trail Camera catches Race Car Buck named Son of Tall-One at the starting line


He avoided me during the controlled shotgun hunt,staying in thick cover, but now due to M.R.I. ( Most Recent Information) I have narrowed his travel patterns down.

With the help of my Spypoint Trail Cams, Buck Fever scrapes and last years Rack Stacker Food plot I know where the Does and Bucks are travelling to at first light.

Check out Son-of-Tall-One recent activity on my Spypoint Tiny W cam


Product Review of Spypoint’s Tiny W 2 Trail Camera

 Spypoint’s  newest cutting edge for today’s hunters, get the shot and make the shot.

The TINY-W2 surveillance camera has quite unique features. Its wireless backup system allows the user to retrieve a remote copy of each photo taken by the camera. Based on the compact design of the TINY series camera, it has a 2.4″ viewing screen and three motion sensors. Its many features makes the TINY-W2 one of the most complete cameras among Spypoint products.


Spypoint Tiny W2 Specs:

  • 8.0 Megapixel picture quality
  • High, medium or low wireless photo transmission
  • 250 ft wireless range to the receiver (5x improved)
  • Built-in 2,4″ viewing screen
  • 3 sensors for a total of 7 zone detection range
  • Tiny size (4,7″ x 3,5″ x 2,7″)
  • Sliding mount for easier handling
  • 38 infrared LEDs for night time illumination
  • Automatic infrared level adjustment
  • Video recording from 10 to 90 sec. (640×480)
  • Color pictures by day, black and white by night
  • Adjustable period of operation
  • Time-Lapse mode
  • Multi-shot mode up to 6 pictures per detection
  • Instant trigger time in electricity mode1
  • Date, time, moon phase and temperature stamp on pictures
  • Camera requires an SD/SDHC card up to 32 GB,
    the receiver requires 8 GB (not included)
  • USB and TV port (NTSC/PAL)
  • Adjustable distance detection sensor (5 to 50 ft)
  • Camera requires 6 alkaline AA batteries (not included)
  • Camera can be powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack
    (not included) and maintain it’s charge by a solar panel
  • 12 volt or Solar panel / External trigger jacks
  • Receiver requires 6 alkaline AA batteries (not included)
  • User friendly menu
  • Kit includes: TINY-W2 camera, blackbox (receiver),
    installation strap, USB and video cables, user manual.

Get more deer photos this season, leave no scent or make any noise that may spook deer.

Maximum safety with the Blackbox

The distance of transmission between the TINY-W2 camera and the Blackbox receiver now extends to a wireless range of 250 feet. It is therefore possible to retrieve your photos while staying away from the monitored area. If stolen, this system of wireless backup can be very effective.

2011 QDMA Whitetail Report

Deer hunters need the most up to date information on deer.

If your a QDMA member you know the value of the Whitetail Report that comes out every year with  fact filled information on deer.

QDMA - Kip Adams, one of the expert authors of the 2011 Whitetail Report

QDMA - Kip Adams, one of the expert authors of the 2011 Whitetail Report

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QDMA Canada Members

Whitetail Report 2010 available now.

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Today, visitors to the QDMA Canada website – www.QDMA.ca – will notice a change: The site has a brand new, enhanced look.

“Our goal was to create a more user-friendly, bilingual site that would enable visitors to easily view featured articles from Quality Whitetails journal, learn about upcoming functions in Canada, shop the QDMA store, and peruse the best deer and habitat management information available on the web, ” said Matt Ross, QDMA’s Certification Programs Manager, and employee liason to Canada. “It mirrors the appearance of www.QDMA.com, but offers information relevant to QDMA Canada members.”

In addition to an entirely new look, the website boasts updated features and a user-friendly layout that will make navigating the site easier than ever. It’s also available in French and English versions, simply by the click of a button! QDMA’s restructured e-commerce portal – the all-new QDMA Shed – is also directly linked on the site, and offers the latest QDMA apparel and merchandise. The addition of the QDMA Canada Calendar makes finding a REACH Banquet, field day, or other QDMA event in your area simple. Post your photos and management experiences on the QDMA Community Forum, which also features a new look, and check out dozens of articles pertaining to deer management and hunting from Quality Whitetails journal.

Antlerless Buck – pass or shoot – take the survey

Most deer hunters are faced with this situation at some time.

Do you fill your bow only buck tag on a buck that has already dropped his antlers?

Spending many sub zero days on stand or in a blind can make for a long sit especially if the wind is howling and deer are hunkered down.

While a lot of hunters only purchase one tag; many deer hunters also purchase numerous tags to seal on a downed deer in a single season.  Ontario has numerous wildlife management units enabling hunters to have up to seven game seals.

How about you?

Last year I posted a podcast on Deer Tag Soup, were you one of those deer hunters who enjoyed a bowl like me?

This year I had two awesome bucks feeding on some Rack Stacker Deer Feed and Fixation Deer Attractant at the back of my property. See Bucks shed antlers early in a previous post.

I have venison in the freezer from our controlled shot gun hunt and was hoping to fill my bow tag with mature trophy buck.

That brings me back to my original question?

Would you fill your tag on an antlerless buck this late in the season?

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

Buck sheds antlers early in Ontario

Finding antler sheds before the season ends makes me wonder of the health of the deer herd.

Has anyone else found deer sheds yet?

This is the second year a local buck chose to drop it’s antlers on my property. Now three and a half its looking to be a an awesome looking buck.

A rough check on this years shed score roughly at 150 if both antlers are symmetrical.

Spy Point Trail cam photos show this buck just got lucky with no head gear now.

He walked up to a pile of Fixation near my feeder last night with no antlers.

Often bucks loose antlers fighting and sparring but this dropped antler was in pursuit of some Rack Stacker Deer Feed. I will be on the lookout for the right side antler.

I still have a shooter buck visiting my feeder according to my Spy-Point-Camera.

Hopefully he will be sporting his headgear when I’m there with my Bow-Tech

Possible 170 class buck checking out my Rack Stacker Deer Feed

Deer rut survey for Quality Deer Management Association

Q.D.M.A. is surveying Deer hunters across the U.S. and Canada.

The majority of the rut is nearly over across much of the whitetail’s range. It doesn’t peak until December, January or even February in some southern regions, but it’s played out for most deer herds. Based on recent discussions with hunters, 2010 has been a strange year with respect to breeding activity for some and “business as usual” for others.

Q.D.M.A. survey will gauge the level of breeding activity you witnessed in the woods this fall. Unfortunately Canadian provinces were not included due to a glitch but feel free to take the survey anyway.

This information for an upcoming Q.D.M.A. Kip’s Korner article and he would really appreciate your help. Please take one minute to answer the four questions in the survey below.

Click here for the Rut Survey