Berkley International High School Fishing Club Challenge


Launches First International High School Fishing Club Challenge

Berkley fishing tackle is going back to school. High school that is, with the launch of the first International High School Fishing Club Challenge. Beginning August 15th, high school fishing coaches can register their school to participate in the program. The program lasts through the school year and offers numerous fishing related opportunities, rewards, product samples and prizes.


“The program is designed to encourage more students to participate in fishing activities through their high schools,” says Roxanne Coleman, Senior Field Marketing Manager, Berkley Fishing. “Throughout the year clubs will be given a variety of team and individual challenges and the successful completion of those tasks will earn the club rewards and points for the team.”


The ultimate goal is to win the Berkley High School Cup. The winning team receives $4,000 in prizes for that fishing team. Berkley will also be awarding 2nd place, 3rd place and honorable mention finishers. This program is not just about catching the biggest or most fish; it’s about learning fishing skills, nature conservation and creating a lifetime hobby.


“Berkley Fishing is stepping outside the box to bring a one-of-a-kind fishing program to high schools in the US and Canada,” said Chris Hockley, Berkley Brand Marketing Manager. “Our objective is to enhance the student’s enjoyment of fishing and all that comes with the sport.”


Fishing clubs do not have to be sanctioned by the local board of education, but must be a part of the high school, just like the debate or math clubs.


For more details and to sign up team coaches (only one per school) register at


Coworkers:  Please pass this information along to any high school fishing club coaches you know.  Reminder, high school only.

SWOC Big Boyz Derby 2013 Final Results

Final Results for the 10 annual South West Outdoors Club Big Boyz Fishing Tournament


Lake Erie;s changing moods didn’t hinder the attendance for anglers after Rainbow and  Walleye for ten days.

Naturally some days were better than others, but big fish of the day came in every day.

The scoreboard changed often on the over all results, here are the final numbers

SWOC Big BoyZ 2013

South West Outdoors Club

South West Outdoors Club

Special Thanks to SWOC President Don and Joyce Wigle for 100s of hours of volunteer service during this derby.


SWOC Big Boyz 2013 weigh in



SWOC BigBoyz Derby

Don Wigle weighs in Don Dierckeens’s 9.26 pound walleye just edging out Ken Kohler 9.04 to 4th place as he look on

Wheatley Harbour Big Boyz Derby


SWOC 10th Annual Kids Fishing Derby at Wheatley Harbour

The 10th annual South West Outdoors Club Kids Fishing Derby at Wheatley Harbour had lots of young anglers

Weather was awesome, hotdogs, pops ready, tackle ready, minnows and worms ready, volunteers ready, so bring on those young anglers!

The Wheatley Harbour pier was packed was anglers and parents from the main tent out to the lighthouse.

Young anglers fishing at the Wheatley Harbour

Young anglers fishing at the Wheatley Harbour

The Wheatley Scouts were set up to cook hots dogs and cold pop.


Free Food and Fishing

Free Food and Fishing

The prize tents had three long tables full of prizes for every angler

Young Anglers Picking Free Prizes

Young Anglers Picking Free Prizes


The TOP Three SWOC Young Anglers

Ryan Baker,Coden Coppola, Evan Ouellettes at the SWOC fishing day

Ryan Baker,Coden Coppola, Evan Ouellettes at the SWOC fishing day






Never Say Never To Noodling Catfish

Kristen Monroe an avid  outdoor colleague , writer , blogger and  discovering wild Wisconsin one fish, turkey and deer at a time.

A while back in 2011 I interviewed Kristen on my Hunt Talk Show when it was published on the Web Talk Radio Network.  During our chat she mentioned how as a new hunter, angler she was always looking for new adventures to talk and write about on her blog and the Wisconsin Outdoors News. Now Kristen was certainly enthusiastic and a great guest so she did stand out a one of my memorable guests on Hunt Talk for energy.

As we chatted Kristen did say there was ONE thing I doubt she would never try. To which naturally I asked ,,,Ok I give up what wouldn’t you do?

Now you may have guessed by the title as to what she said. But if you just happened to stumble upon the Ripple Outdoors web site by some wired google search or was just surfing the pages here is what she said.

You can listen to our original interview by clicking on the link below.

Last month I got an email from Kristen to which she reminded me.

You know when I said I would never go catfish noodling,,so I replied ummm,,yes I do recall you were very clear on that topic. And I did agree not something I would be quick to do myself.

Well, and I can just imagine Kristen’s  smirk as she stated “I’m off to Southern Illinois at Rend Lake next week to go NOODLING!

Now Kristen is a tiny 5ft 2in passionate outdoor gal as this picture taken by  Dan Stefanich will show, Hopefully she will send me the link to her adventure soon

Kristen always said she would never NOODLE, well Never say Never, Way To Go Kristen!

Kristen always said she would never NOODLE, well Never say Never, Way To Go Kristen!

Thanks again for the update, you can contact Kristen at Wisconsin Outdoors News

Kristen Monroe with a giant catfish, photo by Dan Stefanich

Kristen Monroe with a giant catfish, photo by Dan Stefanich

Fatal Force Outfitters Lake Trout Fishing

Lake Trout are hitting in deep water on Lake Simcoe


Knowing where to fish for Lakers is only part of the success equation. You still have to catch them.

Fatal Force Outfitters knows how to do both. Having fished with Tom on hard and open water over the past few years I discovered early he really knows his stuff as an outfitter.

He emailed me this picture of his last outing on Lake Simcoe so I will let the photos finish my sentence.

Lake Trout on Simcoe

Tom with a huge Lake Simcoe Lake Trout

Tom with a huge Lake Simcoe Lake Trout

Canada U.S. Walleye Tournament

 33rd Canada U.S. Walleye Tournament Registration

Continuing on in the Tradition of Ontario’s oldest, original live release Walleye Fishing Tournament !  The Canada U.S. Walleye Tournament’s  33rd Community based event is organized by The Bobcaygeon and Area Chamber of Commerce.  It benefits the Ontario Fishing Industry and sponsors as well as the Town of Bobcaygeon and the surrounding City of Kawartha Lakes !

Make sure you don’t miss this event – bigger and better than last year. 125 Teams will be the total field with an amazing $10,000.00 first place prize money and cash awards down to 25th place. No reservations – payment in full only – no deposits this year – and it will fill up fast !

Get registered and get ready to bring your best game to the water on May 24, 25 and 26, 2013 !

Don’t be the one to say “I didn’t get registered in time” Registration will begin Monday October 15, at 9:00 am via the website  or in person at the Bobcaygeon Chamber of Commerce !  Chamber Office  705-738-2202

Yo-Zuri Series of Bass Lures

The bass-busting Yo-Zuri® Sashimi Series with Color Change Technology and Wave Motion Vibration are so innovative,
they have two International Patents.


The new Sashimi baits from Yo-Zuri have two features that bass find totally spellbinding. The internationally patented Sashimi Color Change Technology and Wave Motion Vibration spark an instant bite response.


The most impressive feature of the Yo-Zuri Sashimi Series baits is the ability to change colors every time the lure moves. When it swims by a predator, it changes color just like a panic-stricken baitfish–triggering an aggressive reaction strike! The Patented Yo-Zuri Sashimi Series are the only lures in the world that can duplicate this color changing behavior.


All Sashimi Series lures have a patented ribbed surface that creates distinctive wave motions and vibrations that fish can detect with their lateral lines from a long distance.


Added to the already amazing line up are:



The wobbling-rolling action of the three new Sashimi SHALLOW, MID, and DEEP CRANK™ Baits hunt fish everywhere in the water column, from shallow to deep. Their large round buoyant bodies and round lip designs help you to fish structure and eliminate snags.



The flashing profile of this flat-sided crank bait and “coffin” lip design adds to fish attracting appeal of the Yo-Zuri Sashimi FLAT CRANK. Perfect for use around structure such as stumps and rock ledges, this lure bumps & grinds while deflecting potential snags. The Sashimi Flat Crank maintains a consistent depth once it reaches its maximum depth, attracting fish with its tight wiggle.



This absolute top-of-the-line, topwater, “Walk the Dog” lure should be on your “must have” list. Sashimi Color Change Technology and internal cadence rattles create incredible drawing power big bass can’t resist. Even when the action is paused, the tail feathers pulsate like a naturalistic tail for even more heart stopping topwater strikes.



The new Yo-Zuri Sashimi Popper’s big mouth creates a huge splash, and then its ribbed body sends out higher-pitched Wave Motion Vibrations. That combined with the Sashimi Color Change Technology makes this popper irresistible. This perfectly balanced popper with a pulsating tail feather has a duel-action technique; traditional “Pop & Stop” or “Walk the Dog”. This popper’s round buoyant body sits horizontally for best presentation and easy target.


SASHIMI Minnow and Jerkbait

A new bright Metallic Finish is now available on the Sashimi Minnow and Jerkbait, adding another advantage to these already productive baits.


The Yo-Zuri Sashimi Minnow is a floating lure specifically designed for a variety fishing styles; stop & go retrieve, “twitching” technique, cast & retrieve. The Color Change feature mimics the natural behavior of terrified or stressed baitfish. The pulsating tail feathers add to the lifelike details that foster aggressive strikes.


The Yo-Zuri Jerkbait is a suspending lure with an irresistible minnow shape. The color pattern changes along with the movement of the lure, which attracts fish from long distances—especially in clear water. Perfect for stop & go retrieve and / or pause / jerk, / pause technique. The tail feathers pulsate to tempt even the most wily predator.



The most fish attracting, true-to-life Shad lure ever created, now features a new Metallic Finish that will bring fish in from long distances or in stained water.  The Sashimi Color Changing behavior duplicates that of a panic-stricken or injured Shad. Complete with pulsating tail feathers and a ribbed body that emits a fish attracting “look what’s for diner” wave motion.



New to the Sashimi Rattl’n Vibe extensive line up are three brilliant Metallic Finish colors. This lipless vibrating style of lure has a distinct high frequency rattle sound. The weight and bb’s inside the Vibe increases the distance the sound travels under the water while adding casting weight and emitting a natural shad in distress sound. This style of Sashimi color-change lure is a Bass catching machine and can be fished with different retrieves; fast, slow, stop & go, or even vertical jigged or ripped upward.



With the addition of three new Metallic Finished colors, this proven lure has a bright future. The super strong joint mechanism creates a natural fish swimming action that looks alive. The Sashimi Jointed lure has an alternating body/tail Color Change while swimming. Built to last with premium hardware, split rings, hooks and wire construction.



All of these bass-busting baits are constructed of super-tough materials that can withstand the bumps and knocks of running around the structures that hide big fish. All are equipped with rugged split rings and a pair of scalpel-sharp treble hooks.


For over 50 years Yo-Zuri has been recognized as the fishing tackle industry’s leading manufacturer of quality fishing products—for professional fishermen and enthusiasts worldwide. For more information, visit

Canada-USA Walleye Tournament

 Lures and Tours are the official go to photographers for Can/US Walleye Derby

The Bobcaygeon & Area Chamber of Commerce has announced that Lures & Tours will be providing the official photography service for the Canada/US Walleye Tournament. Lures & Tours has been a welcome presence at community and professional fishing events for years, encouraging participants and media to go online and use its website’s resource of over 6,000 photographs. That website is the first place anglers will find images that capture the spirit of any fishing event.
Many anglers have expressed their appreciation for the memorable images that record their special days. Lures & Tours photos have appeared in home town newspapers and in national fishing publications. Throughout the duration of the Canada/US Walleye Tournament they will be looking for “keeper” photo opportunities .
The Kawartha Lakes are an important part of the Lures & Tours efforts to showcase sport fishing’s role in Ontario’s tourism economy. They publish pocket sized booklets and maps full of information of interest to people who fish in the Kawarthas. The publications are free and can be found at hundreds of businesses and tourism centres across the province.
Up to date information on the Canada/US Walleye Tournament can be found at:

Canada/Us Walleye Tournament

Lures and Tours

The deadline for entries is 5 pm, Monday, June 4.

Rice Lake Fishing Festival

The first tagged fish of the Rice Lake Fishing Festival was caught Sunday May 22, 2011 on beautiful Rice Lake!


SILVER LEAF COTTAGES, sponsor of tagged fish number 22, is pleased that their cottage and boat rental prize package has been caught!  Valued at $576, SILVER LEAF COTTAGES’ award certificate was presented to the winner this morning.  SILVER LEAF COTTAGES is excited to sponsor the very first tagged fish to be awarded at the 2011 Rice Lake Fishing Festival.


The fortunate angler, Linda Richardson, and her sister, Nancy Fredericks, both of Peterborough, caught the perch just around the corner from Elmgrove Cottages, where they keep a cottage for the summer.  They like to go fishing together, catch panfish, and fry them up for dinner each weekend.


“Get your button,” Linda advises, “because you never know when you’ll catch a winner.  The button also gets you in the draws!”


The Rice Lake Fishing Festival –


(Photo taken at Elmgrove Cottages.  Left to right:  Winnie of Elmgrove Cottages; Linda Richardson, winner; Nancy Fredericks, winner’s sister; Andrea Brown, Rice Lake Fishing Festival.)


Festival Fast Facts


  • There are (4) species of tagged fish:  walleye, sunfish, perch and crappie, for a total of 50 tagged
  • The festival runs for 37 days from May 14, 2011 at 12am until June 19, 2011 at 12pm noon.
  • Registration is $20 per adult, $10 per youth under 16, and $40 per family (maximum 2 adult and 3 youth participants). Register online or at participating Rice Lake Tourist Association Member businesses.
  • Prize values of tagged fish range from $500 to $10,000.  See for the prize list and associated tag number.

Over 50 businesses have sponsored the festival through tagging fish, media sponsorships, festival draw prize donations, and Kids Day prizes