Anglers Fishing Licence Suspended

MNR Media Release – Ice Angler Fined

A Barry’s Bay man has received a $100 fine and a fishing licence suspension for a fishing offence.

Richard Yakabuskie pleaded guilty and was fined $100 for angling with more than the permitted number of lines. His fishing licence was also suspended for one year.

Court heard that on January 22, 2015, a conservation officer checked Yakabuskie while he was angling on Kamaniskeg Lake in Sherwood Township. Yakabuskie was fishing with two lines, although only one line may be used for ice fishing on this lake. A records check revealed that Yakabuskie had been charged two years earlier for angling with extra lines on the same lake. He also had other prior fishing violations.

Justice of the Peace Barry Moran heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice, Pembroke, on February 23, 2015.

For further information on fishing regulations, please consult the Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary available at


To report a natural resources violation, call the MNRF TIPS line at 1-877-847-7667 toll-free any time or contact your local ministry office during regular business hours. You can also call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Lake Simcoe Lakers Are Active

Ice Fishing On Lake Simcoe is On Fire

For those ice anglers that love the frigid cold and hot bite head out onto Lake Simcoe in search of huge Lakers.

Using the right lure and know how to find these giants is key.

While first light can be hot sometime it takes a little longer

First Light Bite on Ice










Tom from Fatal Force Outfitters figured this all out years ago.

Tom with a huger Laker









Want to know how he does it?

Its called Turn n Burn

Ice Hut Registration Required on Some Area Lakes

2015 Regulations, Registration and Removal of Ice Huts

To protect the environment and ensure safety, anglers must register new or previously unregistered ice-fishing huts on area lakes.

Calvin Perry with his Ling

Calvin Perry with his Ling

Registration is free and helps discourage anglers from abandoning their huts, which can end up in waterways and washed up on shorelines when the ice thaws.

         Huts must be registered in Fisheries Management Zones (FMZ) 9 to 12 and 14 to 20. To register your ice hut online, an individual or business can access the registration form online through Once registered, an ice-fishing hut can be used anywhere in Ontario. Maps of the different FMZ’s in Ontario are available at

          Registration numbers on ice huts must be at least 6.3 centimetres (2.5 inches) in height and clearly displayed on the outside of the hut.

         Tent-style ice huts made of cloth or synthetic fabric that have a base area of seven square metres (75.4 square feet) or less when erected do not need to be registered.

         It’s a good idea to place huts on 15-centimetre (six-inch) high wooden blocks to make it easier to remove them at the end of the season.  Ice hut owners must keep the area around their huts clear of garbage.

          Ice hut removals are dependent on location. To check the removal date for your area, call your local ministry office.

         Ice huts must be removed from lakes before ice break-up, even if it is before the specified removal date. It is an offence under the Public Lands Act to leave an ice hut after ice break-up.

Learn More

         For ice hut registration in other districts, refer to the Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary.

         For more information on ice hut registration and requirements, contact your local ministry office.



PERCHIN FOR MS –Another Lake Simcoe’s Premier Ice fishing Event




With a full field of 227 teams competing in the Third Annual PERCHIN FOR MS Fundraiser Perch Fishing Tournament on Sat. March 2…Another huge success was accomplished!  This year with the temperatures holding and winds kept to a light breeze…the 3rd Annual Perchin For MS Ice Fishing event was held on Saturday, March 2nd at Sibbald Point Provincial Park.

The event once again drew anglers from all over Ontario and into the United States.

The event saw 455 people take to the ice in the early hours of Saturday morning all in hopes of catching the big one…while helping to make a difference.


Each team paid a $50 entry fee of which half is donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  The 10 heaviest perch win the tournament.  Competition this year was tough though.  Teams had a large group to contend with and fishing was tough going.  That didn’t phase the Winning Team of Roman Runo and Janusz Kawalec known as Team Ice Fish though.


The team was able to weigh in a weight of 6.09lbs worth of perch for their big win of the Jack Link’s Jackpot of $2000.00.  The team was also proud to display their Rapala Rod, reel and lures that won them the tournament and an extra Rapala Prize pack worth $500.00.


There was also a early bird draw and a separate Pot that anglers could enter for additional contests – The Power Pro Ice Slab Advanced Challenge, Rapala 36 Award, Humminbird Mystery Weights and Lake Simcoe Message Board top prize.


The winner of the Early bird Draw for a one week Fishing Getaway to Horwood Outpost was won by the Dream Team of Steve Knox and Dwaye Anderson.

The Slab Award for Biggest Fish of the event was won by Team Fish4Reel – Andrew Barter and Ryan Lennox who caught a beautiful 1.58 lb, perch.  This earned them the Shimano Cash Prize of $500.  The Rapala 36 Award was won by Team Solo Citizen – Nick Terpselas how came in 36th place winning a $500 Rapala Prize Pack.  One Mystery weight was also hit by Team Beard – Mike Riendeau and Chuck Bymes winning Humminbird Ice 35 Fish Finders each!  And as for the Lake Simcoe Message Board prize…well it was picked up by the second place team known as “Fish On” of Kyle Howe and Jeff Mitchell, getting an additional $200 cash to add to their $1200.00 second place prize!

Roman Runo and Janusz Kawalec

Roman Runo and Janusz Kawalec


This tournament is more than just about fishing and prizes though.  Poirier started this event to fight back against MS while raising awareness and showing himself and others that life can still go on, even with a disability.

And it appears this is what it is already doing   “This event has taken on a life of its own and helped so many already.  This year I had numerous people tell me stories of how important this event is to themselves and their loved ones who have MS.  I even had one lady break down crying…she was so moved by the tournament and what it was doing!” said Poirier.


Poirier is also very pleased to announce, that with such amazing support and generous donations that the event has raised  $17,000 that will go toward the fight to End MS.


Poirier was also once again blown away by the unbelievable support from the sponsors and community and how far away people came to be a part of this event.  Anglers from the United States, Ottawa, Windsor, North Bay and everywhere in between came to be a part of it!


Doug would like to thank all of his volunteers who made the event possible as well as ALL of his sponsors especially Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, Sandy Young and Laura Rackham – Royal LePage, Triton Pro Web Design, Performance Signs, The Town of Georgina Economic Development Committee, Maunders Catering – Aurora and HT Enterprises, Humminbird, Rapala, and Shimano.


Media: For more information please contact Doug Poirier at 289-231-2132 or by email at

MS Perch Derby

Canadian Ice Fishing Championships (CIFC) Winners

The CIFC 2013 has new champions


The 19th season for the Canadian Ice Fishing Championships were held off Lake Simcoe’s Jackson Point in Georgina to crown a new team as Canadian Champion Ice Fishing anglers in 2013.

Friday night’s meet n greet was held at the Georgina arena to go over CIFC rules, regulations and sign in.

Forty nine two person teams competed over two days in both shallow & deep water challenges.

Perch were the targeted species during Saturday’s event just north east of Jackson Point. Water depth ranged from 14 – 20 feet in the fishing zone.

The 8am start had decent weather with good ice conditions and low wind.

Conditions got windier as the day progressed till the 2pm deadline.

Teams members with ATV and snow sleds checked into the entry point at Bonnie Boats for gear and bait regulations at first light. Actual fishing could not begin until 8am.

Each 2 person team had to catch 15 perch in total plus keep them alive for release after weigh-in at 2pm. Any bait could be used with no more than four hooks allowed. Only one rod per angler was allowed and team members could only be up to thirty paces apart.

Day one perch fishing started off fast with many anglers catching their quota. Most however decided to go after those jumbos and live released many of their smaller catch. The perch started to shut down on the easy bite around 8:30 am and catching a limit after that stretched all the anglers arsenal of tips and tricks.

Numerous teams failed to catch a limit by the 2pm shutdown.

Dink perch filled many pails, Jumbos were hard  to catch

Dink perch filled many pails, Jumbos were hard to catch



Gerry lands another one for the team

Gerry lands another one for the team


Perch fishing was tough all day for everyone,

both pros and and amateurs .

Drilling Perch Holes












Day two started out with great weather as anglers proceeded three kilometers off shore to the big fish zone. Three times the area as the previous perch zone. Depths ranged around sixty feet.

Most anglers hugged the perimeter of the zone marked off by blaze orange cones. Two lines were allowed per angler and again only up to thirty paces apart was permitted. Many of the larger pop up hut had both anglers huddled inside with two holes drilled outside.

The Deep Water Big Fish Zone

The Deep Water Big Fish Zone


White Fish, Lake Trout were targeted by most anglers with various typical set ups of jigging or tip-ups.  White Fish were caught by a few anglers and many marked fish on the electronics.

Greg Klatt after the  BIG ONE

Greg Klatt after the

Team 47 Chris Hiltz with his 34 inch Lake Trout

Team 47 Chris Hiltz with his 34 inch Lake Trout





Team 24 had two White Fish for a total of  188 points. Fifty for the fish, fifty for a live release and one point per inch.

Two Ling were also caught by Calvin Perry of Team 24 in the late morning.

That propelled them into the lead.

Team 24 Calvin Perry with his Ling

Team 24 Calvin Perry with his Ling



CIFC Oldest and Youngest Competitors Joe Montgomery 90 years young Never missed an CIFC

Never missed an CIFC   Joe Montgomery 90 years young

Youngest CIFC angler was Teshaun Tran at 13 years


Youngest CIFC angler was Teshaun Tran at 13 years








Thanks to the volunteers and sponsors for all their help during the weekend

and of course the huge year long effort of

Lures and Tours Team  Rosa Sharpe and Charlie Ross

Charlie Ross Rosa Sharpe Rocky Crawford and Councellor of Goergina

Charlie Ross Rosa Sharpe Rocky Crawford and Councellor of Goergina



Special thanks The Briars Staff and Hugh Sibbald

Special thanks toThe Briars Staff and Hugh Sibbald












With out the Volunteers it just doesn’t happen


They MAKE the







Team 24 Ken Prentice and Calvin Perry 2013 Canadian Ice Fishing Champions

Team 24 Ken Prentice and Calvin Perry 2013 Canadian Ice Fishing Champions



SHOW ME THE $$$$$$

Team 24 2013 CIFC Champions Ken Prentice and Calvin Perry

Team 24 2013 CIFC Champions
Ken Prentice and Calvin Perry


Please go to the Lures and Tours Website for all the pictures and scores over the two day CIFC weekend

For all the final scores of all the teams click on the links below

You can also click on these links also to see photos

HT Enterprises Inc., endorses Canadian Ice Fishing Championships

 HT Enterprises endorses CIFC


Thanks to the people at HT Enterprises Inc., an exciting new sponsorship arrangement has come our way. HT, one of the top manufacturers of equipment especially designed for ice fishing, is sponsoring the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship (CIFC) for the first time.

“We couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to support this exciting event,” said HT President Ken Grahl.  “One of the best ways for ice fishing enthusiasts to learn more about their sport and increase their productivity is to network with other knowledgeable anglers, sharing and comparing their gear, tactics, techniques and experiences. And the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship provides a tremendous opportunity to do just that in an entertaining and fun atmosphere.”

 HT Enterprises Ice Fishing Equipment


“HT Enterprises, Inc. is a company we are really pleased to see on board with the CIFC,” said Rosa Sharpe, C.E.O. of Canadian Ice Fishing Championship. She continued, “What they do for ice fishing with their innovative and quality products makes it a perfect fit. The contestants will be seeing a wide variety of HT products given away in prizes.”



For sponsorship, media and registration inquiries contact

Rosa Sharpe, C.E.O, Canadian Ice Fishing Championship

Canada’s Premiere Ice Fishing Championship Fast Approaching

Media Release – Canadian Ice Fishing Championship Update

From the recent outings of CIFC personnel on to the ice and the reports this last week coming from anglers that have been venturing out from several locations across Georgina’s shore line, it’s looking like we can have our deep water day!

No one is going to be happier than us to return to the classic two day challenge where teams have to show what they’ve got for catching big fish and perch.

February 23, 24, 2013

(Registration – Friday Feb. 22nd)

Jackson’s Point, Ontario

The location this year is Jackson’s Point, again something traditional that agrees with a lot of competitors. It is close to the amenities of town. Free, plentiful, and easy access to parking is a definite bonus. For those that don’t have an ATV or sled to get out on ice, Bonnie Boats will be running their Bombardier for $7.50 per trip, per person. A real deal!

This year we are making the Early Bird Draw more interesting by not having just one, but 26 prizes to be won; and teams increase their chances the sooner they register. Any team registering in the next week will have 4 entries into the draw bucket but that number goes down each week until February 8th. That’s your last day to be in the Early Bird Draw. The Early Bird Draws will be held during the Friday night registration and regulations meeting.

The Friday meeting and the awards night dinner take place in Sutton at the arena, just minutes from Jackson’s Point and again, free parking.

We say “THANK YOU” to the people who have already registered and extend a warm invitation to inquiring first timers and past competitors to contact us directly with any questions. Registration can be done online or we’ll take your information over the phone in just a few minutes’ time.

It says something about everyone involved, including the anglers that local people want to chip in to ensure the success of the CIFC for the nineteenth year in a row. CIFC is still receiving offers of support in the way of products for prizes and from people wanting to volunteer out on the ice. Keep it coming!!!  Both are absolutely essential for the Championship to operate and they have our sincere appreciation.


Sponsorship, Media and Registration inquiries can be sent to:

Rosa Sharpe,

C.E.O, Canadian Ice Fishing Championship

Ph: 705-304-1320  Ph./Fax: 705-738-5757  Cell: 905 251 5624

Canadian Ice Fishing Championship (CIFC) Results

  The 18th  Annual Canadian Ice Fishing Championship (CIFC) was a resounding success

Pefferlaw Ontario: The 18th  Annual Canadian Ice Fishing Championship (CIFC) was a resounding success thanks to tremendous support from competing anglers, sponsors, volunteers and the local community.

Under the new ownership of Lures & Tours the event was held February 25th and 26th on the famed hard waters of Lake Simcoe. Anglers from Ontario, Quebec and Michigan arrived in the Town of Georgina. A field of 45 teams prepared to compete for the $7,500 First Place cash guaranteed by the Town of Georgina. The Town also commissioned the design of a new Championship trophy that identifies with the nature of the tournament … a gorgeous crystal like ‘ice block’. On top of the cash payout, 2012 CIFC anglers were treated to an unprecedented Prize Table that included a vast array of fishing tackle, high end watches and week long fishing trips.


The team that came out ahead was Armando Di Martino of Keswick and his brother Freddie Di Martino of Bradford, Ontario. On day one they caught 8.48 pounds with their heaviest 15 perch by using jigging raps and minnows.  Day two they brought in 8.02 pounds for a total of 16.5 pounds.


Saturday proved to be one of the windiest days of the 2012 winter season, yet that did not deter almost all competing anglers from catching and weighing in a 15 perch limit.  Under bright blue bird conditions the next day with barely any noticeable wind, many teams thought the fishing would be much easier … however the perch had different ideas. “Although once again most of the teams managed a limit, many of them reported the fish were very finicky and they had to outsmart their finned adversaries with many tricks to get them to bite,” said Charlie Ross – Tournament Director and co-owner of Lures & Tours.



Running the CIFC for the first time, Lures & Tours wanted to set the standard that can be expected for future years. They made a decision to demonstrate their commitment by raising the payouts from 2nd Place to 10th to amounts that were in proportion to the guaranteed First Place of $7500, adding up to $16,500 in team payouts. Product and Bonus Cash prizes worth over $17,000 brought the total value competitors went home with to over $33,500. “Those payouts were well above what would be expected if we relied solely on the registration fees this year,” said Rosa Sharpe, the other co-owner of Lures & Tours. She continued, “We believe this to be a wise investment by our company. It assures the anglers, the community and our supporters that we are in for the long haul to deliver a top quality event.”

Top ten list with weights and home towns  





Home Towns



Armando Di Martino Freddie Di Martino Keswick/Bradford



Jeff Mitchell Diane Mitchell Beaverton



Kyle Perry Lance Boyd Pefferlaw/Sutton



Susie Pike Len Burden Sutton



Thad McGathy Brian Greven Bay Port, Michigan/Brechin



James Beaupre Steve Fitzpatrick King City



Ken Prentice Calvin Perry Cedar Valley/Newmarket



John Delicata Vlado Crljen Innisfil/Mississauga



Chris Ciapka Craig Lewery Aylmer/London



Andrew Graham Chris Little Minden/Lochlin




Big Fish: Susie Pike 1.33 lb. Perch

Fenwick Contingency Prizes: Fenwick® Elite-Tech ice rod and Pflueger® Patriarch reel: Team 1 and Team 4


Bill Bond Memorial Award – An Evolving Tradition

Barbara and John Sibbald were presented with the award by one of the previous recipients, Councillor Ken Hackenbrook. The Bill Bond Memorial Award has traditionally been given to an individual who has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to conserving and promoting the fishery of Lake Simcoe. For 2012, the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship is recognizing the generations of passion shown for Lake Simcoe by the Sibbald family, owners of the Briars Resort in Jackson’s Point.


The winter that almost wasn’t:

Prior to the tournament, there were many challenges from Mother Nature that were exasperated by several news reports sending misleading news  that Lake Simcoe was not safe and that folks should stay off. At 725 sq kilometres in size though – the lake never freezes the same everywhere. Organizers knew this and although poor ice conditions were prominent throughout some areas of the lake, many other areas were fine. Much of the lake was covered with plenty of ice and hut operators and anglers alike were busy on the hard waters of Lake Simcoe.


As the date neared and the original location of Sibbald Point was still not building enough ice at a time when anglers were calling in to ask if the tournament was happening at all, organizers went to their optional plans to move the tournament eastward to a location with plenty of good ice in the 14-15 inch range. RMC Argo Sales & Service of Beaverton came through as always, delivering two Argo 8 wheel drive vehicles that were essential to ferry out equipment and anglers. Throughout the weekend they shuttled staff and the media crews that arrived to cover the event.


The competition format was changed from Big Fish for Day One; main lake deep water fishing for lake trout and whitefish – and Day Two of shallower water fishing for perch …. to two days of shallow water perch fishing.  News articles, live radio interviews, on location TV interviews, direct email and social media distribution to the public let anglers and others know of the change well in advance of the event.  “It was essential to have the confidence of the anglers that we could deliver a safe fishing zone and to inform them well enough in advance to prepare for two days of Perch fishing. Having that information was appreciated as they could then decide what gear and vehicles to bring,” said Rosa Sharpe.  In conclusion, “We are grateful to Peninsula Resort who were able to accommodate our needs on short notice to allow for a successful and safe event.”


Big Fish will return

The consensus is that considering the conditions dealt to Lake Simcoe this winter, the right choices were made. Sponsors and anglers were keeping safety in mind above all else. Because of ice conditions The Big Fish Day will return in 2013, weather permitting.


The organizers are already making plans for 2013 that include more guaranteed cash payouts for several positions below First Place, which is anticipated to be raised to $10,000 next year.  Tournament information can be found at the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship website:



For more info please contact:

Lures & Tours    Ph: 705-738-5757

Fish License-free this Family Fishing Weekend

Ice fishing is still hot where there is safe ice

A mild winter calls for extra caution when enjoying Ontario’s License-free Family Fishing Weekend, says the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH).

Where ice conditions are safe, Ontario Family Fishing Events (OFFE) will be taking place province-wide from February 18 through Monday, February 20, which is the provincial Family Day. Outdoors clubs, service groups, conservation authorities and others are organizing fishing derbies designed just for children and their families. Many events are free or have minimal entrance fees.

“Ontario Family Fishing Events introduce fishing to people of all ages by offering Canadian residents the opportunity to fish Ontario waters license-free,” said Alesha Caldwell Conservation Outreach Programs Coordinator for the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. “We have been running a media blitz on the Weather Network and other television and radio stations and the excitement is growing daily.”

Ontarians spend well over a million days fishing through the ice every year, which generates economic benefits to many communities across the province. Winter or summer, fishing gives new anglers the chance to develop a strong connection with their natural surroundings and learn the importance of conservation.

The Ontario Family Fishing Events initiative is an OFAH and Ministry of Natural Resources partnership, supported by the Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association and other supporters. For more details and a complete list of events, visit