Youth Outdoors Day

10th Anniversary of Youths Outdoors Day is fast approaching.



Register by August 31st to sign up for the September 10 , 2011 event

Kids aged 6-16 are eligible to attend free to learn about conservation, wetland habitat, hunting, fishing and environmental stewardship.

Students can learn about the outdoors in a safe fun environment.

Registration is limited to the first  registered 200 participants ONLY.

All youths must be accompanied by an adult

Lunch and prizes will be provided

For more info or to register;

Youth-Outdoors-Day-10th year
Youth-Outdoors-Day-10th year


Wheatley Big Boyz Fishing Derby- Smoked Fish Contest

The South Western Wheatley Fish Festival


I didn’t have time to charter a boat or participate in the Wheatley Big Boyz Fishing Contest but I did stop by the arena to check out the smoked fish contest.

The harbour parking lot and surrounding area  was crammed with trucks and empty boat trailers. Lake Erie was a hive of activity as fishing boats of all sizes participated in the derby.

I counted over twenty boats lined up at Wheatley’s  harbor mouth around 3pm trying to get the bounty weighed in. I’m sure the boat launch area was a zoo.

We took a few minutes to drive over to Wheatley Arena where the Fish Festival was being held.

The smoked fish contest was being judged before the throng of anglers arrived.

Rob Adamson and Bugsy Lamb were well into tasting some delicious samples of Lake Erie’s finest offerings.

Wheatley Smoked Fish Contest

Rob & Bugsy sample smoked fish during contest



Outdoors in Ontario

So what do you when your spending time  in Ontario’s outdoors?

Most people I know enjoy a few hours fishing with family and friends this time of year.

National Fishing Week is well under way so get out and catch fishing!

A weekend at the cottage or camping can cool off in one of Ontario’s 100,000 lakes, Try some canoeing.

Check out fellow writer, hunter, angler and all around outdoors friend at his website S0 Outdoors for more outdoor  topics

All my hunter buddies will be have planted wildlife food plots and may have even put up a few tree stands.

I know I will be conducting Deer Camera Survey in August on a few farms that I hunt.

It’s a great way to determine the deer population in your area.

For more information on Deer Trail Camera Survey just subscribe to the tips & tactics  survey.

Planting a late season food plot?

Order some Rack Stacker Field Edge for best results

Hunt Fest will be in Orangeville July 22-24th.

Hope to see you there at the Buck Fever Booth.

Stop in and say hi.

Check out my interviewwith Jed Spiecer of Buck Fever

Buck Fever in Canada

Buck Fever in Canada

If you need some Buck Fever Synthetic Scents before then.

contact me here  buckfever(at)rippleoutdoors(dot)com to order

Vote for 2nd Annual Grizzly Awards

Hunters and anglers get your Grizzly vote in now

The 2nd Annual Grizzly Awards are taking place this July and voting is now open! If you hunt or fish in Canada then vote for the “Best Overall Canadian Show”

Here’s the link

NOTE: the Fan Favourite option is a drop-down box. Look carefully as it’s not hard to miss. Also, you must place a vote in all categories or else it won’t work.

Canada’s Great Outdoor and DIY Show

Toronto, Ontario, November 2, 2010: The pages of Outdoor Canada magazine come to life November 26-28, 2010, at the International Centre, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga during the first-ever Outdoor Canada Show.

Geared towards anglers, hunters and outdoor lovers, the show features everything you need for outdoor adventure, from lodges, outfitters and apparel to gear, electronics and more.

“We’re really pleased the event is receiving such great support from the outdoor community,” says Patrick Walsh, editor of Outdoor Canada magazine. “For anyone who loves Canada’s wildlife and wild places, this is the show for you.”

Among the many highlights, Canada’s top TV fishing celebrities will be on hand for the Fishin’ for Answers Quiz Show on Saturday, November 27 at 1:00 p.m. Expect plenty of fun as Bob Izumi, Angelo Viola, Pete Bowman, Mike Miller,

Leo Stakos, Dave Mercer and Ron James, along with U.S. legends Roland Martin and Jimmy Houston, match angling wits. And after the Quiz Show, fans will have the chance to rub shoulders with their favourite TV stars at the Outdoor Canada Lodge.

Throughout the three-day event, the Outdoor Canada Lodge will be the social hub, featuring filleting demos, sampling of wild game, shore-lunch tips, fly-tying lessons and antique decoy appraisals with expert Steven Lloyd. And on Saturday, November 27, Fish ’n Canada’s Angelo Viola will present his Outdoor Journal radio program live on the Fan 590 from 10 a.m. to noon. And on Sunday, November 28, anglers can test the strength of their fishing knots with the Berkley Knot Testing Machine.

The Outdoor Canada Stage, meanwhile, will host an ongoing series of information-packed how-to sessions for anglers and hunters. Outdoor Canada Fishing Editor Gord Pyzer, for example, will share his expert advice on the exciting sport of ice fishing. Other sessions include: selecting and training the right field dog; hunting wild turkeys and white-tailed deer; and learning about the game-changing technology in the latest fish finders.

For a chance at some free admission tickets listen to the Ripple Outdoors Podcast Episode #331 to hear how.

The Outdoor Canada Show is part of The Great Outdoor & DIY Weekend, a new consumer show that features four shows at one location for one admission price. The other shows include the Fall Cottage Life Show, the Explore Adventure & Travel Show, and the Canadian Home Workshop Show.

More celebrities appearing at The Great Outdoor & DIY Weekend are:

· Survivorman Les Stroud in the Explore Adventure & Travel Show, Sunday, November 28 at 11:30 a.m.

· HGTV renovation gurus Bryan Baeumler and Jim Caruk in the Canadian Home Workshop Show.

• Designer, CityLine expert, and host of HGTV’s new series Summer Home

Karen Sealy in the Cottage Life Show, Saturday

Check out The Great Outdoor & DIY Weekend

International Centre

6900 Airport Road, Mississauga

Free parking


Friday, Nov. 26 – 11 am – 8 pm

Saturday, Nov. 27 – 9 am – 6 pm

Sunday, Nov. 28 – 10 am – 5 pm


Adults $15 at the door, $13.00 online

Kids (12 and under) Free

Youth (13 – 17) $8


The first ten emails to info{at}rippleoutdoors{dot}com can get a free admission ticket to the show

Ontario outdoors ever more restricted

The Sault Star  outdoor column writer Tom Keenan says there is a growing dispute between the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, the Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters and the fast-growing Ontario Outdoors Recreational Alliance.

In his column he has a  problem. Tom says ” I used to snowshoe into lakes for great fishing, then along came the invention of the snowmobile and you had to spend most of your time getting off the trail so you would not get run over. Then the lakes that you used to get fish in rapidly became fished out as a lot of people could not spell the word limit, let alone abide by it. This is not everybody, but the few ruin it for the majority”.

To read Tom’s complete article click here

Contact him, MNR and NOTO if you’re an outdoors person. You owe it to yourself and your children.

Tom Keenan worked at The Sault Star for 40 years and is now a district correspondent.

Reach him at [email protected]

For more information on

Ontario Outdoors Recreational Alliance.

You can contact Brason at [email protected] and you can go to the OORA website at

Invading Species Hotline for Giant Hogweed

Beware of Giant Hogweed Plant species invading Ontario

Giant Hogweed isn’t new to Ontario, but the public has recently become much more aware of it. As a result, the phone lines for the toll free Invading Species Hotline have been ringing constantly with questions and concerns from landowners about the invasive plant that is spreading across Ontario. The hotline is a service of the Invading Species Awareness Program, a partnership of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (O.F.A.H.) and the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).

Also known as giant cow parsnip, giant hogweed was brought over to North America from Asia in the 1800’s as a garden plant, but like many nonnative species, has become naturalized. It is a perennial and can grow to five meters in height, with flowers that form an umbrella shaped top. When the sap, found throughout the plant, comes in contact with the skin it causes photodermatitis, so that when the skin is exposed to sunlight it blisters and burns. Contact with the eyes can cause temporary or permanent blindness.

Given its immense size and noxious effects, the O.F.A.H. and the Ontario Invasive Plant Council (OIPC) are urging those dealing with the plant to seek professional help in removing it, or at the very least, to learn how to safely remove the plant and fully protect themselves before proceeding.

“Giant Hogweed arrived here decades ago, when very little was understood about the potential impacts of introducing nonnative species to an environment,” says Francine MacDonald, O.F.A.H. Invading Species Program Manager. “Today, we have a far greater understanding of invasive species, yet unfortunately, we continue to allow the import of hundreds of species of plants into this country without the benefit of any risk assessment to determine if they present a threat.”

Rachel Gagnon, OIPC Coordinator, cautions gardeners to be aware of what they are bringing home. “There are over 440 known invasive plants in Ontario, and while giant hogweed is certainly not new to the province, it does appear to be spreading. One of the primary ways that invasive plants, such as giant hogweed, are spread is by people who unknowingly plant them around their homes.”

The OIPC is a non-profit, multi-agency organization comprised of conservation authorities, academic institutions, aboriginal organizations, stewardship networks, private consultants, industry and environmental non-government organizations, as well as all levels of government. The OIPC works to facilitate a coordinated provincial response to the growing threat of invasive plants. To learn more, visit

The O.F.A.H./MNR Invading Species Awareness Program works to educate and engage the public in preventing the spread of aquatic and terrestrial invasive species in Ontario. To learn more, or to report a sighting of an invasive species, visit

Or call the live HOTLINE 1-800-563-7711 weekdays 9-5