Sunday gun hunting in Hamilton

By Samantha Craggs, CBC News

Call your local councillor

A Flamborough man who wants Hamilton to approve Sunday gun hunting isn’t giving up.

Local hunter Charlie Bois approached councillors in November asking for the city to approve hunting with a gun on Sundays. The city planning committee accepted the presentation without acting on it.

Since then, Bois has collected about 150 names on a petition around the city. He has also spoken with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH), which will present at a planning committee meeting on Feb. 19.

Bois is determined to press the issue, which he says is needed for Hamilton hunters too busy to hunt on other days. Bois often works six days a week with his own business, Charlie’s Carpentry Services. That only leaves him Sunday for an activity such as duck hunting, which requires a gun.

“I’m really hoping that city councillors realize that a lot of people want this and it’s really not going to cause any problems,” he said. “It wouldn’t change anyone’s day-to-day life.”

Bow hunting is already legal on Sundays in Hamilton. But hunting with a gun on Sunday would require a vote from council. Currently, about 150 Ontario municipalities allow Sunday gun hunting.

Flamborough councillor Robert Pasuta, who represents Bois’s ward, has spoken to local farmers and constituents on the issue. None of them want it, he said, so he won’t vote in favour.

Farmers say they like having one day a week to not worry about the traffic created by hunters, he said. They think six days a week is enough.

“If the farmers aren’t in support of it, that’s enough for me,” Pasuta said, who is also farmer.

Bois has petitions at shops such as Fishing World on Barton Street East, Al Simmons Gun Shop on Locke Street South and Cathy’s Country Kitchen at Peter’s Corners in Dundas. He is also encouraging fellow hunters to contact councillors.


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Wild TV Grizzly Awards Canada in the Rough Team Twice

The  3Rd Annual Grizzly Awards honor the best of the hunting and fishing programs on the WildTV Network


The voting is in for the 3rd Annual Grizzly Awards honor the best of the hunting and fishing programs on the WildTV Network by allowing the viewer’s themselves to be the judges through online voting. This year, WildTV presented 10 awards. Canada in the Rough was nominated for 3 and awarded the “Best Host” and “Best Show Overall”.

“We couldn’t be more excited and feel more honored than we did Saturday night at the awards ceremony. We have a very dedicated team of professionals that make great sacrifices to produce Canada in the Rough and it is certainly rewarding to be recognized in this way.” remarked Paul Beasley, Co-Host of Canada in the Rough.

“Without the support of our families and our premium sponsors, Canada in the Rough could not perform at this level. The honor of receiving these awards is as much a tribute to their support as it is to the collective efforts of our team members,” stated Kevin Beasley, Co-host of Canada in the Rough. “We would like to thank Ram Trucks, Rocky Outdoor Gear, Sako Rifles, Beretta Shotguns, Bass Pro Shops, Yamaha ATV’s & Outboard Motors, Federal Premium Ammunition, Excalibur Crossbows, Elite Archery, G3 Boats, Advanced Taxidermy, Burris/Steiner Optics, Carbon Express Arrows, Gorilla Treestands, UWAY Trail Cameras, and BOG Gear for making Canada in the Rough Canada’s most-watched hunting documentary television show. And we can’t forget, we have to thank our viewers for their votes and their support as well.”

Keith Beasley, Co-Host of Canada in the Rough went on to say, “Filming for Season 9 is well under-way and we have many more incredible adventures from coast-to-coast-to-coast coming to your television soon!”

Canada in the Rough features the majestic mountains of British Columbia, the endless horizons of the open prairies, the mysterious bogs of Newfoundland, the mystical boreal forest of Ontario’s Canadian Shield and the desert-like beauty of the high Arctic. We take our cameras across our vast and wondrous land to bring you a hunting experience you won’t find anywhere else. Canada in the Rough is as unpredictable as the hunts it documents. Each week we feature an extraordinary hunt for a different game species. Each episode strives to educate, inform, and entertain through a unique balance of a hunting experience combined with both the human and biological interactions with the species we are hunting. Canada in the Rough airs nationally across Canada on Global and WildTV and in the United States of America on The Sportsman Channel.

Wetlands & Waterbird Ecology Field Course

Looking to learn more about waterfowl?

Long Point Waterfowl recently coordinated its sixth Wetlands & Waterbird Ecology Field Course.  Long Point Waterfowl in partnership with the University of Western Ontario and funding from the Sam Johnson Education Scholarship have been offering the course since 2005 to students from universities throughout Ontario.  The course introduces students to basic wetlands and waterbird ecology and management through site visits to several local Long Point marshes and the St. Clair National Wildlife Area.  The course also stresses the importance of organizational partnerships in wetland conservation through guest presentations from employees of Bird Studies Canada, the Canadian Wildlife Service, Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Canadian Raptor Conservancy.  This year 15 students from 5 Ontario universities participated in the field course.  For more information please visit the course web page at:


Bob Mackie Day Bar B Q and Fundraiser


Barbecue and Fundraiser

Bob Mackie has fought an uphill battle against government overregulation for close to five years.

The Mackie family, owners of Mackie’s Mountain Archery, are hard working and have created a magnificently groomed world class piece of countryside designed with native trees, described as the prototype for sound planning for the escarpment rural property.

Yet he’s been told the passive recreational sport doesn’t comply with the NEC plan, it’s not a permitted use on the agriculture-zoned land and was ordered to close the range, remove any signs related to the business and restore the property.

Bob Mackie is just one of the countless rural business and property owners that have been stifled by the increased red tape and regulatory burden in Ontario.

Bob gets emotional at the thought of not being able to fulfill his commitments to the community, youth groups, high school students or the clients of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre (BIRC) who use the Mackie facility. Despite a depleted bank account from paying lawyers for legal battles Mackie continues to “fight the GOOD fight” to keep his business open.

Come on out and give BOB your SUPPORT!

Saturday July 24th 2010

starting at 1:00 p.m.

at Mackie’s Mountain Archery

3922 Zimmerman Road, Beamsville

Eat a Subway Sub for a chance to Win Dave Mercers Bass Boat

Dave Mercer and Subway Restaurants Hook Line and Subway Contest

Starting April 5th, 2010 fishing fans will have a chance to hook the catch of a lifetime at participating Ontario Subway® restaurants with the Hook, Line and SUBWAY® contest.

This 13-week contest will award weekly prizes from great companies like Shimano, Berkley, Rapala, Fuji and Bass Pro Shops.

But the ultimate prize? Dave Mercer’s very own bass boat! A Skeeter FX20
equipped with the brand new 250hp Yamaha VMAX SHO worth over $75,000.00.

This is the actual boat that Dave uses every week on his television show, Dave Mercer’s Facts of Fishing® THE SHOW.

Lucky fishing fans simply have to visit a participating SUBWAY® restaurant, enjoy a Fresh Value Meal®, complete a ballot and they could find themselves reeling in this dream boat.

“I don’t know if this makes SUBWAY® restaurants the best sponsor or worst sponsor I could have,” Mercer said jokingly. “Because they are actually giving away my boat. I mean, I’ve seen contests similar to this in the past where companies gave away a replica prize of some sort. But this is actually MY boat!

Winning this boat will truly be a dream come true for one lucky angler
and its amazing to have such a great companies supporting our sport.

Hook, Line and SUBWAY® runs April 5th to July 5th, 2010 at all participating Ontario SUBWAY® restaurants.

So make sure to get in and Hook, Line and SUBWAY® yourself a new boat!
About Dave Mercer Outdoors Inc.

Dave Mercer Outdoors Inc. is the originator and the world’s largest producer of one-minute fishing interstitials, Dave Mercer’s Facts of Fishing, which, due to overwhelming viewer demand, has evolved into Dave Mercer’s Facts of Fishing THE SHOW. DMO Inc. also produces radio programming, and a series of highly acclaimed DVD’s.

All of these properties feature Pro Angler and fishing funny man, Dave Mercer. His unique and original blend of humor, entertainment and education has made him one of Canada’s most recognized and revered anglers.
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About SUBWAY® restaurants:
Founded in 1965, the SUBWAY® restaurant chain is the world’s largest submarine sandwich franchise, with more than 31,000 locations, individually owned and operated by local entrepreneurs in 90 countries.

With regional offices in Amsterdam, Beirut, Brisbane, Canada, Miami, and Singapore, the
SUBWAY® restaurant chain first began franchising in 1974 and opened its first international
location in Bahrain in 1984.


Tri-Tronics ENTER-TO-WIN Dog Photo Sweepstakes  winners have been selected.

One grand prize winner was selected, along with 11 breed-category winners.  The photos were voted on by Tri-Tronics employees at the company’s Tucson headquarters.

“We are truly amazed at the number and quality of photos that we’ve received,” stated Gary Williams, Marketing and Sales Manager.  “Our employees found it very difficult to select the winners.  We ultimately decided to allow for 10 separate categories. ”

Rodney Naico’s submission was selected as the grand prize winner.  His photograph featured a German shepherd, named Visum, paying his last respects to his K-9 partner.  Rodney stated that both dogs had trained side-by-side for over 5 years and Visum just reacted to seeing the casket.

As the grand prize winner, Rodney Naico may choose the collar system of his choice.  Each category winner may select either a Sport Junior or and EXP receiver/Tracer Light.

The winning photos are on display at and on the Tri-Tronics Facebook page.

Congratulations to the winners and wonderful people who sent in their best dog photos!

Brighton Man Convicted of Dumping Garbage in Wildlife Area

MNR staff track down culprit

A Brighton man has been fined $500 for dumping garbage in a wildlife area.

Paul Reddom Jr, 21 pleaded guilty to depositing material on public lands contrary to the Public Lands Act.

The court heard that Ministry of Natural Resources staff located a large pile of garbage in the Brighton Provincial Wildlife Area. Included in the garbage were some documents and a photograph. After a number of interviews and leads, a Peterborough District conservation officer located Reddom Jr., who admitted to taking the garbage to the wildlife area, after being paid to take it to the Brighton dump site.

Justice of the Peace Jack Leblanc heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice, Brighton, on March 11, 2010.

The Brighton Provincial Wildlife Area is on approximately 400 hectares of Crown land and is considered a provincially significant Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI).

To report a natural resources violation, call 1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667) toll-free any time or contact your local ministry officer during regular business hours. You can also call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Toronto Sportsmen’s Show (C.N.S.S.) awards $63,000 to outdoor focused students.

C.N.S.S. Scholarships Awarded to Support Study of Outdoors

TORONTO – March 5, 2010 – The Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows (CNSS), a non-profit organization and Canada’s largest producer of outdoor consumer shows, is continuing its commitment to supporting youth who demonstrate a passion for the outdoors. On March 17th, the opening day of the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show, CNSS will allocate $63,000 in scholarships to post-secondary students whose academic studies focus on fish and wildlife, or, marine and biology programs. Scholarships will also be awarded to summer students working for the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH).

The $63,000 will be awarded to 63 students from six Ontario universities and colleges — Fleming, Guelph, McMaster, Nipissing, Queen’s and Trent. Each school will receive $10,000 to award to 10 students of their choice attending applicable programs. The remaining $3,000 will be given to OFAH to allocate to three of their summer student employees.

“It’s such an honour and pleasure for us to play a role in helping these students achieve their life-long goals,” said Walter Oster, Chairman & CEO, CNSS. “We’re happy to continue our founder, Frank Kortright’s vision of protecting Canada’s outdoors via education and dedicated conservation.”

This donation is in line with the CNSS’s mandate to support outdoor education and instilling Canadian youth with an appreciation for nature and outdoor activity. Since the Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows was established in 1948, more than $31 million has been donated to various scholarships, projects and campaigns.

“When we encourage students to learn about the environment around them, we’re nurturing the next generation of conservationists,” said Ontario Natural Resources Minister Linda Jeffrey. “The Canadian National Sportsmen’s Show scholarships recognize young people with an enthusiasm for the outdoors and a keen interest in learning about our natural resources.”

What:               2010 Toronto Sportsmen’s Show Opening Ceremonies & Scholarship Awards

When:              Wednesday, March 17, 9:30 – 10 a.m.

Where:             Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Lobby

Who:                Walter Oster, Chairman & CEO, CNSS

Linda Jeffrey, Minister of Natural Resources

Mike Reader, Executive Director, OFAH

The Toronto Sportsmen’s Show runs March 17-21, 2010 at its new home the Metro Toronto Convention Centre following 62 years at the Canadian National Exhibition. For complete show information visit

About CNSS

As a non-profit corporation, Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows is committed to conserving Canada’s outdoors and instilling Canadian youth with an appreciation for nature and outdoor activity. CNSS uses the proceeds from these shows to support and promote outdoor campaigns and programs in Canada. Since the first show in 1948, more than $31 million has been donated. Some of the programs that have been supported include the Ringwood Fish Culture Station, Association de Conservation de la Vallee du Gouffre, Camp Winston, Kid’s Fishing Days, Credit Valley Conservation Foundation, the Pacific Salmon Foundation, the Ontario Snow Resorts Association, Friends of Toronto Parks & Trees, the Credit River Anglers’ Association, Parkview Hatchery, Project C.A.N.O.E., amongst others.

Bill C-391 Canadian Firearms Institute media release

Bill C-391 must make in through the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security

Parliament resumed today and with it the struggle to eliminate the wasteful and ineffective gun registry. Last fall Parliament took the first two steps towards eliminating the registry.  But at least three challenges remain this spring.  Bill C-391 must make in through the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security, then the Senate, and then must get a majority vote on third reading in the House of Commons.

You may not have seen this editorial in the Toronto Star (never a friend of firearms owners) on Monday.  It calls on MPs who supported the elimination of the registry to now change their vote and retain it.  Anti-gun extremist groups are also active spreading lies and misinformation on Parliament Hill in a desperate attempt to scare MPs into changing their vote and retaining the registry.  We need to counter this threat immediately if we are to finish the job.  We need your help to do four things:

1.       Open an Ottawa war room to react to lies and misinformation spread by anti-gun forces.

2.       Meet with and lobby all of the vulnerable opposition MPs to make sure they stay onside with eliminating the registry.  As of this writing, I am the only lobbyist registered specifically for this bill.

3.       Provide written materials, training and volunteer management services to gun owners who want to help in the fight.

4.       Take the fight online with an e-mail, blog and social media campaign.

We can do these things, but not without your help.  We need $50,000 over the next 90 days to wage this campaign.  To achieve this we need your donation of $50, $100 or $250 or whatever you can afford immediately. Please take a moment to visit to make your contribution.

Jim Newman,  CEO

Canadian Firearms Institute