Essential Hearing Safety Sporting Clay Shooting

Shooting a Round of Sporting Clays is Always a Blast

To enjoy and get the most of out of this fun sport of Sporting Clays choosing essential safety gear to protect your hearing is key.

Almost any shotgun can be used especially hunters shotguns as this is what Sporting Clays is all about. There is of course a huge selection of firearms to choose from.

As with any shooting sport safety first when sensitive hearing is involved!

Common sense is required when ears may be affected and  a round of Sporting Clays is no exception.

Sport Ear Muffs

Ear protection is essential when 50 to a 100 rounds of shotgun are fired. When standing behind other shooters a shotgun blast can still affect your hearing.

You can typically go with a few types of hearing protection,,,,,and no fingers in your ears just wont cut it!

Depending on your budget and number of times you plan on shooting may of course influence your choice of ear protection.






There are Pros and Cons for hearing protectors.



As what to become was a life long hobby and shooter I invested early in my shooting gear to protect my senses.

After all I had to use and wear safety gear at work so why not when  I played!

My first choice is the head muff with extras. A Sport Ear muff a huge pro factor.

ProSounds also has a fundraising page that you can get in on a special order


With up to 8X sound amplification you can enjoy total control over both volume and frequency, allowing you to zero-in on just the sounds you want to hear. You can block out their noise with the twist of a dial.

Plus I can also use them in the garage, around the shop or cutting the lawn or listen to music!


The M-Series earmuffs also have an auxiliary port where you can plug in any phone, tablet or listening device making this the easiest way to integrate technology into your activity without any complications. This feature gives you the freedom to listen to music, the radio or a phone call without taking the earmuffs off.

The M-Series offer reliable industrial hearing protection and is the best option for hunting, shooting or any other recreational activity that involves potentially damaging high levels of noise.


Other Options include:

While protecting your ears can be as simple and affordable as using throw away ear plugs there are drawbacks

They come in numerous styles and colours. Just roll them up, insert into ear.

They provide decent hearing protection and cost less than a buck a nice pro. But big con is they are  easily lost .

disposable ear plugs

disposable ear plugs












For budgets a little more flexible you can try a set of custom crafted personal ear protectors typically around $100 – 200

When looked after, cleaned and stored in their protective pouch they last for years and are comfortable to wear.

They do block normal conversation but if your going to be in a noisy environment all day they will do the job.

Just don’t loose them as they are one of a kind to fit your ear.












By far the most favourite choice at the gun range is a set of protective ear muffs. Some are plain simple muff while other models have a few unique features worth looking at.

Prices range from $20 – $200.

PFW_0068The Sport Ear provides a lot of bang for your buck, with out the noise!

They have added features like a noise reduction while allowing you to hear conversations.

You can check out the complete line up of hearing protection and also check the crowd sourcing on Indigo Here






If you want to go all out,,,,,and why not it’s your hearing.

Check out Ghost Strike from Axil Pro, for premium protection and comfort.

Click here for additional information

Top of the line comfort and ear protection

What If Hunters United As An Army

Imagine what hunters today could accomplish as one unit.


A  hunting friend of mine passed along this link below that describes how hunters across North America could unite .

AS a Canadian and a hunter I have to agree with the Matts blog. Now If only hunters could just get past any bickering over styles of hunting, seasons, quotas . legalities and ethics just imagine what they could accomplish as a combined group of individuals.’There is no need for force when a well armed nation can defend itself if provoked or attacked. I for one am thank full for my neighbours to the south. With gun control firmly entrenched in Canada, Great Britain and Australia I wonder how many hunters could combine to come together as an “army”?

 Support the Canadian Firearm Institute  the NRA and SCI

Check out why Matt-Hughs Blog supports hunters like you and me.

or cut and past this link below

Thanks to all the Vets who continue to support the public across North America

RANGE OFFICER Certification Course

Range Officer Certification Course at Burlington Rifle & Revolver Club

Contact Jim Newman

Jim Newman
[email protected]

PO Box 667
Barrie, Ontario L4M 4Y5

The objective of the Course is to ensure that our members are provided with Range Officer training that exceeds the requirements of the Federal Government and the Chief Firearms Offices across the country.

Graduates are certified to perform the duties of Range Officer at any CFI Partner Club’s range or as approved by individual clubs.


Course Includes: Course Material Workbook and a written multiple choice exam. Graduates of the course are issued a Range Officer Certificate.

Sighting in a Rifled Shotgun with Two Shots

Ok so it fired three shots but I called that flyer!


Hunting season will be here before you know it, will you be ready?

Have you cleaned your shotgun lately? I mean have your really cleaned it of all copper, lead and  plastic residue?

A clean rifled barrel will reduce your groups size dramatically. Yep group size matters, just ask a deer hunter.

Ensure scope mounts are tight as they do come loose using heavy loads.

To cut down costs on sighting in with ammo I use Slammer Hunting Innovation target sight in system that is simple to use and only fire two rounds to do it.

Ok so I said I had a flyer,,,it happens especially when firing with out a solid rest

Naturally your firearm should be bore sighted first and be on the paper at 25 yards.

Use a solid rest for your gun and take your time before squeezing that trigger.

I use a Vortex Strike Fire Red Dot mounted to my Browning BPS rifled slug barrel for deer hunting in the controlled deer hunt season.

Hornady SST 12 gauge sabot slugs will reach out accurately to 175 yards if you do your part.

Using a solid rest works wonders on accuracy.


Will you be ready for deer this year?

Archery Korean Long Distance Shoot

Media Release – Steve Tomson is hosting an unique Korean Long Distance archery shoot


Kawartha Traditional Archery forwarded this media release – check it out!


The details are below please let Steve or Anne know you are coming so they can plan their food.

I believe he is going to teach how to make a good flite arrow as well.

No charge just come and enjoy something different.

The  shoot at our farm will be Saturday June 4,2011. It’s a long distance shoot; 500ft. target to target using traditional Korean targets.

Any traditional archery bows can be used and the field will be open for practice in the morning and start time for the event is 2pm.

After we have a potluck BBQ so bring a salad and dessert and chairs. We will supply the meat usually chicken or pork.

We will also discuss any interest in possibly starting a flight shooting group here in Ontario.

That’s a very different type of archery. It’s a fun day, no charge, anybody is welcome. Just let us know if you are planning to come, so we can arrange enough for the BBQ.

Steve and Annette Thomson

RR#7, Woodstock, Ont.

N4S7W2.  (near Innerkip)

(519) 469-3467

[email protected]

Canadian Spokesperson for ic-WiSH

It is with great pride that Canadian Firearms community announces that Pyper Unitt is the Canadian Spokesperson for the International Coalition for Women in Shooting and Hunting (WiSH).

“WiSH is an international coalition of women who hunt & shoot. We have almost 200,000 Canadian women and families who support us and it is a great honour to have the opportunity to represent them here in Canada,” states Pyper Unitt, Vice Chair & Assistant CEO of the Canadian Firearms Institute.

As a coalition, WiSH emphasizes support rather than membership.

WiSH urges all its supporters  to take practical, grassroots action – by contacting local politicians, writing to local newspapers, lobbying for increased funding for women’s health care and essential services, and if able, make donations to bodies who are really trying to help women.

WiSH works on a volunteer basis, is totally self funded and prefers people make donations towards the objectives it supports – it’s not about the individual members of our community, but about improving services and support for those who most need it – WiSH just asks that our supporters try to do their bit to raise awareness, and work toward positive social change.

“The anti-gun lobbyists around the world have cynically used women to further their cause – and muddy the waters with emotive rhetoric”, states Pyper Unitt – “It’s going to take a group of like minded women working together to effect real positive social change, to counter this rhetoric – and – with the help of all of the rest of the organizations that represent our proud community – re-gain the respect for our sport and our heritage that we deserve.”

If you would like to know more about ic-WiSH, please visit their website – You can also sign up to their mailing list by emailing [email protected]

TOP SHOT skilled marksmen compete for $100,000 prize package

TOP SHOT TV show premieres June 6th

Whether it’s William Tell using a crossbow to shoot an apple off his son’s head, or Annie Oakley using a hand mirror to make a shot with a rifle slung over her shoulder, history is filled with legendary tales of amazing marksmanship. Now, HISTORY is tapping into these inspiring feats of sharp-shooting for its first-ever competition series, TOP SHOT, premiering Sunday, June 6 at 10pm ET.

Sixteen of the nation’s most skilled marksmen have been carefully selected to compete in the new 10-episode series. Some have professional shooting experience, some are amateurs –all will showcase breathtaking timing, speed and accuracy in their quest to win the $100,000 prize package and title of “Top Shot.” The winner will ultimately have to be skilled in everything from muzzle-loading muskets and modern pistols to slingshots and throwing knives.

The series is hosted by actor, adventurer and athlete Colby Donaldson, a born competitor whose experience as a contestant on Survivor brings a unique perspective to HISTORY’s first elimination series.

Each week, contenders will face both team and individual elimination challenges until one winner remains. In the series opener (Sunday, June 6), contestants are immediately divided into two teams and then compete in a “Rifle Relay,” an obstacle course using standard-issue rifles from four different wars. In the elimination round, two contestants go head-to-head in “The Long Shot,” a long-distance sniper challenge which will send the first person home.

In episodes 2 and 3 (Sunday, June 13 and Sunday, June 20), contestants’ skills with the pistol and bow and arrow are put to the test. From muzzle-loading muskets to throwing knives, every challenge will focus on weapons, technologies and techniques of different eras in history as high-speed HD cameras capture the skillful execution of each test in extreme slow-motion.

TOP SHOT is produced for HISTORY by Pilgrim Films & Television. Executive Producers for HISTORY are Dirk Hoogstra and Paul Cabana. Craig Piligian is Executive Producer for Pilgrim Films & Television.

The HISTORY web site, located at , is the leading online resource for all things history.

Gun Registry Vote

Vote now for the Gun Registry – Yes or No

CTV news is conducting a poll.  “Do you support the registry?” (Yes/No)  So far we’ve got the lead – let’s keep that way.

Please find a link below to a CTV public opinion poll on the long gun registry.  With Bill C-391 due to be heard at the Standing Committee on Public Safety starting May 4, 2010, and the Liberal opposition members on the committee blocking the appearance of groups, organizations and individuals representing hunters, farmers and recreational sport shooters, it is important to continue to let the government know of our support for the bill, and to send a strong message to the opposition parties who are seeking to block it and turn the committee hearings into a one-sided discussion.

If you support the repeal of the long gun registry we would appreciate your assistance by visiting the website and voting NO.

Please take a moment to vote & then pass this e-mail or link on to others.

Go to

Many thanks,

Peter – Ripple Outdoors

Kawartha Traditional Archery looking for archery donations

Kawartha Traditional Archery – Fred Walker

Just a brief note to stay in contact and keep this venture fresh in your mind so you will pass on the word of what is happening in central Ontario for all traditional bow shooters.

Our shop is now an official dealer with 3 Rivers Archery supply.

This is a great move as it makes the shop much more viable a venture.  I will pursue other venues for stocking the store, especially local vendors.  It is my goal to have a VERY UNIQUE shop that will make it worth the drive and stopover both with product and shooting opportunity.

I want to have the largest used stock so if you have or know of others that have bows and or equipment they are not using perhaps you could bring to me and we can work out a deal.

HERE IS AN IDEA.  What about starting a donation process that we can give start up equipment to those that can’t afford but want to start archery shooting.

Even though archery is an inexpensive way to enjoy oneself; shooting as a family activity can be expensive.  Used equipment donated to these families that would like to learn archery but find it out of their budget is A GREAT IDEA TO KICK OFF ON “THANKSGIVING” WEEKEND.

If you have not checked out the site recently there are more photographs.

The site has expanded offering sale products, service and instruction to beginners.

Any feedback is much appreciated from anyone who loves archery.

Keep the names of your friends that are traditional shooters coming please.  The more people that know what we are doing the better the chances are for people to enjoy archery.



Fred Walker