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Why Some Hunting and Fishing Web Sites Rank Higher Than Others

Hunters and anglers often ask me “How do my Ripple Outdoor pages get ranked so high on Google.”

You can’t obtain results this good overnight.  It does take time, effort and knowledge to get to the top of your niche market. Using  quality content with the proper keyword phrases, through text,audio, pictures and video content Google search engines can find Ripple Outdoors content with in hours. Of course understanding the who, what and why of  search engine optimization (SEO)  goes a long long way to building successful content and web links.

While Ripple Outdoors is all about hunting, fishing and the great outdoor it does take time at the computer desk to edit, compose and market any products and services offered on my site.  Podcasts have been the majority of material since 2006. Mentioning quality sponsors in each show will ensure your product or service is noticed by the listeners each week every time a podcast is downloaded or played. Articles written by me and published here or in other web  ezines, websites and magazines constantly drive traffic here every day.


As a graduate of Training Business Pros courses that specialize in Marketing, Public Speaking, Trade Show Presentations, Webinars and of course Money Day seminars I understand what needs to be done when Im not out hunting or fishing to keep Ripple Outdoors on page ONE of Google.

Generating passive income allows me to hunt and fish more often , especially when automating my website to handle mail, services and CRM.

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So now you know  why some hunting and fishing websites rank higher than others.

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Training Business Pro’s 12 Essential Internet Marketing Lessons

How do most people try and create results?”

Normally this website is reserved for anglers and hunters, however I thought this information was important enough and applied to everyone.

Paul Tobey, from Training Business Pros, is offering 12-Essential Internet Marketing Video Lessons and part of the course is a lesson on intention.


What’s that got to do with internet marketing and your web site you say?

Everything. And more!

Intention creates the results that you have.

The difference between average people and wealthy people is knowing the formula for intention and living it every day.

So, his course will not only give you the keys to internet marketing success but how to drive it with intention.

You can watch this video series, download it, and watch it again and again until you realize that internet marketing without the right intention will get you nowhere.

Here’s the link to get his Home Study Video Course either by computer or by phone.

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You can at least click the link, can’t you?

Have a great day,

Peter Wood

P.S. Please ponder this question…

“How do most people try and create results?”

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